First Public Impeachment Hearing Presents Triple Threat To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

First Public Impeachment Hearing Presents Triple Threat To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Rachel Maddow reviews how the first public hearing in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry not only tied Donald Trump to the Ukraine scheme and emphasized how dangerous that scheme was to U.S. national security, but it also debunked the Trump team's accusations of wrongdoing against Joe Biden. Aired on 11/13/19.
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First Public Impeachment Hearing Presents Triple Threat To Trump | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. when you disrespect another person YOU may be looking in the MIRROR at YOURSELF at the same time. Are YOU a FAT PIG?

    2. You really believe that, don’t you? I’m sure someone hearing something said by someone who heard a thing possibly will get him *_this time._*

  1. Say what you want about the Clintons, but Bill? Testified. But but but Hillary? Testified. Bone spurs? Bone spurs.

    1. Say what you want about Trump, but Bill? Lost his law license, lied to several grand juries, intimated witness, and ultimately paid a few hundred thousand to Paula Jones in a civil suit.
      Hillary, aww. If I need to inform anyone that doesn’t know about ANY of her heinous crimes and boldfaced, media protected lies then we’re in a sad sad state, sheeple.

    2. Katie Kane oh how sad. Katie, do some deep thinking on your statement all by yourself. One was clearly overt and protecting oneself from a self inflicted injury. The other, looking into the others wounds.
      Grow up.

  2. I bet sondland regrets throwing that million straight into the bin. He’s looking at jail time. 1 million to become a jailed laughing stock. Well spent cash indeed.

    1. @B.J Cameron dude…. You owe China trillions of dollars and the only reason you’re in the middle East is to steal oil. No other reason. Get with the program.

    2. The fuhrer must make his move . Machiavelli would be admonishing Trump for letting his enemies gather . A quick and surgical maneuver could guarantee that Trump stays in power instead of going to jail which is the option if he loses power .

  3. Just imagine… Trump tries to dirty up Joe Biden. Puts his presidency on the line. And Joe may not even be the nominee.

    1. @bluebirds4me no kinda like the lying Clintons. Remember when bill Clinton said ” I never had sexual relations with that woman ” lmao

    2. @Dave Ponsford if u feel less triggered by calling documented facts exposing Biden’s guilt a conspiracy then go ahead. Mainline that
      Btw trolling for dnc comes with a price.

    1. In’it hilarious when people are so mad that they have no facts to make an argument they’re forced to reply with “STFU”

    2. @chilly willy Actually he’s right fat boy . Its high school drama. Now quiet down or I will ninja drop kick you and make you poo. Lol. Poo .

    3. I feel the same way. In there lies the issue. The transcripts of the phone call do not definitively point to wrong doing. The entire investigation is open to interpretation and is 100% based on political biased. Those who hate Trump think he’s guilty, those who support him believe he’s innocent, with zero “grey area”

    4. TRUTH WILL BE CLEAR see the evil confusion as LIES
      God and country is the Path away from Lies by Morons and Sick dictators

  4. “We also got this masterclass in how our foreign policy is supposed to work and why it’s supposed to work that way and how that benefits us as a country and how somebody screwing with it for corrupt purposes not only hurts our allies it also hurts us too and it helps our enemies.” — Rachel Maddow

    noun [ U ]
    triː.zən/ us  /ˈtriː.zən/

    (the crime of) showing no loyalty to your country, especially by helping its enemies or trying to defeat its government
    (Cambridge English Dictionary)

  5. its funny how they take such small sections of testimony, but when you watch the hole testimony i think it is clear. They know most people will just watch the full thing.

    1. What delusional land are you living in? Biden’s image has been smeared and Trump has raised record campaign donations because talk of ‘impeachment’ galvanizes his base.

  6. So, I’m just supposed to take her word for it? All I saw was a diplomat saying that Biden didn’t do anything. Cool story, where’s the testimonies against the current President?

  7. Problem is it’s all heresay. Need some real evidence. Other problem is Ukraine did not nor hold on finds until 5 weeks call. Looks weak.

  8. This woman Tales so many Lies that it’s hard to keep up with them we all heard what Joe Biden said out of his own mouth. It’s never going to happen never y’all are all nuts.

  9. ” I heard it from my grandmother’s friends sister who heard it from their dog watchers nephew who’s cousin heard it from the guy who sells loose cigarettes who heard it from his uncle that sells wallpaper at Sears. Know if that doesn’t show bribery I dont know what is.”

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