First Week Of Trial In The Death Of Floyd Marked By Powerful, Emotional Testimony | Rachel Maddow

First Week Of Trial In The Death Of Floyd Marked By Powerful, Emotional Testimony | Rachel Maddow 1


  1. So the legend goes: if you say Fentanyl three times in the mirror, CandyFloyd appears and burns down your local Advance Auto Parts.

    1. @Tanel Viil He’s not a leftist, he’s a serving Lt. on the Mn. police force. Your little conspiracy theory is dumb, just like you

    2. @Tanel Viil you are listening to conspiracy theories, again, aren’t you? Did you Americans not learn ANYTHING from tRump and conspiracy theories? Grow up, little one.

    3. @Areyou kiddingme viil is an evil foreign copypaste trollbot. even the replies are generalized copypaste.
      ( nothing against ‘foreign’ )

  2. brilliantly said, ty both. it has been traumatic for every human being to watch that murder and learn the details but we must or else nothing changes. and unless convicted, chauvin will be back out on the street… and it will embolden others like him.

    1. @Tanel Viil You literally copied and pasted this comment under every post. 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️

    2. @Tanel Viil im sure you have a whole book full of generalized copypaste replies. you are not clever. you are indeed evil. you some how assume i believe in what conspiracy exactly?

    1. You’re dumb Gf is a character witness, whose Chauvins? His wife? No she’s divorcing his racist a*

    2. @BadPanda15 😂walked into that one. Good point, but it wouldn’t be one if the media hadn’t influenced this since day 1. People called him a murderer before any facts came out

    3. @mlilof84 I said emotional people…which is pretty much the only thing the media shows you. Yeah.. she divorced him from day one because chauvins actions are not what she liked, and she knew if she didn’t, her life would be destroyed by the mob too.


    1. @Areyou kiddingme I mean, he’s right. You can’t even say “its okay to be white” without people trying to cancel you. Cahuvin got thrown under the bus by his department and city just because he was white. f it was a black-on-black death, nobody would care.

    2. @isturbo1984 he’s NOT right. That’s just America hating on itself. Do you see victims of WW 2 whining continuously about being victims? Or victims of Genocide? COME ON. AMERICA THRIVES on poor poor blacks RACISM. YOU LOVE IT. Blacks in America seem to (mistakenly) believe they are THE ONLY IMPORTANT victims in history. GET OVER YOURSELVES. YOU are the only melting pot IN THE WORLD where ONE COLOR holds the entire country by the short and wiries. BLACKS.

    3. @Areyou kiddingme Your comment didn’t exactly warrant a detailed response. You’re just wrong if you think we’ve achieved racial equality in America, the 1964 Civil Rights Act unfortunately didn’t magically get rid of racism. Even King knew that at the time… Also, why did you expect an unintelligent response?

    4. You will NEVER convince me that BLACKS don’t have full control of all of you. That ginormous chip they carry on their shoulders? That chip gets used as a weapon every single time someone glances at them the wrong way. RACISM RACISM I SCREAM RACISM…because Im black and I can. Right, America?

    5. @Areyou kiddingme This is literally just you screeching about your own feelings at this point. It’s pretty cringe. You should stop and seek help or something.

  4. Unfortunately, he’s not going to get the time he deserves (life), if any time at all. This is the cruel and crooked government we have 2 deal with smh

    1. i believe anyone in law or law enforcement should be given max penalty. 40yrs on this is possible

  5. Even though he reported it he still have to repay it back to Cup Food, he has moved from living up stairs, also quit working there

    1. The Covid 19 Vaccine Has Been Weaponized To Destroy Your Imune System.. Google Anthony Patch He Has The Breakdown…

  6. I think the last time there was such a volatile case being tried for police brutality was the Rodney King trial.

    Heaven help this country if this trial ends in the same manner. While the defense still has its witnesses to call, I truly do not see how they’d be able to justify Chaivin’s actions between all of the witnesses and even to have the Lt of the police force saying he saw no justification for this excessive use!

    Many people don’t understand the fear this situation ignited for some of us. To hear Chauvin make comments about having to use the force he did simply because of George Floyd’s size is terrifying to me! My 2 year old grandson’s is a very big guy. So far all the doctors use the growth charts to predict my grandson will easily hit 6’4”, 250 pounds! Knowing there are people in uniform with badges and guns who could just as easily see my grandson as a threat simply because of his size and his skin color gives me nightmares I wouldn’t wish on anyone! This behavior has to stop! This justification has to stop!

  7. This is not an open and shut case. The drug dealer took the 5th and we only know the culmination/last stages of the occurence.. We didn’t see how the deceased resisted arrest and fought with officers in the police car and had to be removed from the cruiser. The girlfriend has addictions, etc.. – Still Chauvin could be convicted due to his rocking on the neck.

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