Fixated Trump Is Still Trying To Overturn The 2020 Election 1

Fixated Trump Is Still Trying To Overturn The 2020 Election


Professor Jen Golbeck, who monitors the dark corners of the web where things like QAnon lurk, discusses what MAGA world is saying online about Trump's continued efforts to try and overturn the 2020 election.
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    1. they are self projecting. TDS has hit stage 3, 1 more and they start throwing poop at the walls

  1. When you’re talking about a guy who’s been out of office for months and is banned on every social media platform but accuse him of being fixated. Oh the irony.

    1. @Nate Kyng tantrum? I don’t think you know what that means. No I KNOW you don’t know what it means.

    2. @Andrea Smith Just take a very close look on each side Andrea. They want things completely opposite of what the other side wants. This ensures the fighting among us. Think about it. Right side is anti-abortion because they cherish life the left side wants abortion because well.. my body my choice. The right wants Capitalism The left wants Socialism and Marxism. Think about it.. this ensures fighting among each other in the nation.

    3. @Andrea Smith So, what you’re saying is that you racist Democrats voted in much larger numbers (180 million) for an old racist white man who was a supporter of KKK member Robert Byrd, than our first black president. Yea, I guess that could be true.

    4. What’s the point of constantly trying to prove he “won” the election, and believing that somehow there’s a way to retrieve his “reward”- except that there’s no constitutional means of doing it, and no likelihood of even putting together any credible “proof” for his case in the first place- except for out-and-out fixation. What do YOU want to call it? The Presidency is a JOB, not an award, and We all voted for someone to do the job better. All 81 million of us. We’re real people.

    1. @A Mills you have a point. Every news outlet is free to talk about what they want though. Do not like it – do not support them by clicking. Cheers.

    2. @nsbioy And ppl haven’t. The media is Hemorrhaging viewership without their targeted bullying of a literal senior citizen.

    3. @nsbioy And ppl haven’t. The media is Hemorrhaging viewership without their targeted bullying of a literal senior citizen.

    4. @No Name maybe you are right. I do not have data on that, but it seems to me NYT, CNN, etc, are doing just fine. Fox might be doing fine, too, although Trump base may not be as favorable to Fox nowadays. No outlet will go out of business because Trump is no longer front page.

    1. Elections can’t be overturned.

      The Dems wanted the election investigated. Big difference

    2. @Mike Eberhardt EXACTLY! The Democrats just wanted an investigation. The Republicans wanted… wait, now I’m confused. The Republicans didn’t want an investigation?

    3. Zero seconds. Hillary conceded. DNC accepted the results. Rank and file Dem supporters across the country admitted they had to deal with the worst President in their lifetime for at least 4 years. Investigating and impeaching the sitting President is not equal to “overturning” his election win.

    4. @Nymrawd it’s been investigated. Numerous amounts of times.

      They even find the occasional instance of fraud. Amusingly it’s been mostly Trump supporters committing fraud

    1. All tyrants view themselves as heroes. This includes the nazis, the Al’qaeda terrorists, ISIS, the communists of the soviet union.

      They all see themselves as “of the people” because its what makes it possible to cope with their horrible actions

    2. The people above are the propagandists. They mocked auditing which alone overturns nothing unless it finds something. There is is no objective argument against auditing when there is real doubt and there is. They then just went on to mock and ridicule and remind each other of how much power they have and futile it is to stand against it. King George was the exact same way.

  2. If they had the internet in the garden of Eden the lie that the Devil told Eve would still be circulating.

    1. It still is friend. It’s called “Free Will”. That was the lie. Try trusting in God instead of your Will and see your soul…

  3. The people that voted for Trump’ continue the effort to try to reveal what happened in the 2020 election.

    1. Thats cause he won and you have to be a moron to not see that just by the way Dems are trying to block it every which way. Why if it was free and fair shouldn’t they want us to check to prove us wrong. But o thats right they know they cheated.

  4. If the audits prove what they say has been happening, the media involved in the coverup should also be charged with treason.

    1. Media is in Bed with the Socialist Liberals & 3rd Worlders who support Creepy Jo & Kwamella Harry (BLM, Anteefa, Smelly Hippie’s Etc)!

  5. The media will never stop talking about him, it will be the year 2100 and they will still be talking about Barron Trump’s Kids!!!

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