FL Condo Collapse Leaves Up To 99 People Unaccounted For, Police Say 1

FL Condo Collapse Leaves Up To 99 People Unaccounted For, Police Say


Watch as smoke envelopes a collapsed condo in Surfside, Florida. The Miami-Dade County Police Director confirms there are up to 99 individuals unaccounted for. 
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  1. These buildings are supposed to be hurricane proof, it’s very suspicious that no tectonic movement was felt or an explosion was heard prior to the collapse, so there has to be a prompt investigation into why this has happened. I hope more people are found alive. Earthquake victims have been found days after collapses. Sympathies to the families of those who have sadly died.

    1. @John Yost Excuse me! @Costituent A… is entitled to speculate and comment. Get a life, what’s your speculation?

    2. @Paul Ferrante I don’t speculate. I wait for people trained in the field of expertise necessary to determine the real cause. Based on the pictures there is no sinkhole although that doesn’t preclude the possibility one exists underneath. I’m not saying you are wrong, just premature. I would bet though that is a common occurrence for you.

    3. @John Yost I didn’t “speculate” anything. Just listed some particulars that indicate why it is not “suspicious”.

  2. A building built to withstand hurricanes surely doesn’t collapse like that. Something significant must have caused it. So, unless it was a bomb, or the bldg had had flawed engineering and/or materials, but its hard to process ‘cause I thought this only happened in 3rd world countries.

  3. Getting buried is got to be one of the most scary things that could happen to anyone ……beyond sad.

    1. Well we’ll all have to face it one day. I’m being buried with an extra long straw….. Just in case

  4. i really hope people in surrounding buldings leave. for real its either terrorism or shoddy work. and considering its just a random building of no strategic, political or financial value then its prob shoddy work meaning the other buildings are at risk.

  5. Shady construction? I wouldn’t be surprised. When you see how fast some of these buildings are built you sometimes wonder.

    1. @Scott Johnson 40 years is a young building, it really shouldn’t require maintenance yet. At least not in countries with building codes worth something.

    2. @Scott Johnson Yes it can, but the concrete and iron should still last at least 100 years. We do have coastlines too.

    3. @MsAnpassad you don’t wait 40 years to maintain a building, structures regardless of location and or use need to be consistently maintained. Hence the definition of maintenance.

    4. @I Buy Digital I think you are mistaking inspection for maintainance. Buildings should get inspected on a regular intervals, but only maintained when the inspection show problems.

  6. Infrastructure anyone? Builders getting around construction codes? There was no earthquake. Was there a gas-line disruption or a sinkhole that caused the collapse? This is completely unacceptable!

    1. Sad. Too much building in areas likely meant for trees and wildlife or too close to water or other building codes. What happens for remaining residents or the building itself? Prayers for them.

    2. It’s next to the ocean. The saltwater degrades metal and probably other materials. But, of course, I don’t know if it does so to this degree.

    3. Well it was a 40yo building undergoing its regular certifications & updates
      Sounds like it could be geological due to shifting soil.
      I feel so bad for those people and the loved ones left behind
      It makes you wonder if someone is deciding who stays and who goes?
      Can you imagine if you had just gone out for milk and you come back to that?

  7. So so shocking, god I hope they find many many more alive, what a terrible accident, it’s mind blowing, praying for you all from Australia

    1. Makes you wonder when something horrible might happen at anytime, but I guess this is normal for America. All those gun shootings are pretty unpredictable too.

    2. Excellent questions. I am not sure what department at the Federal Level who would oversee and investigate this catastrophe but apparently with present circumstances it may not be properly investigated by the State of Florida.

  8. I wonder how many warning signs there were prior and for how long i.e. creeks, cracks, door sticks, elevator problems.

    1. Yeah it reminds of the Sampoong shopping mall collapse, but then again the Sampoong shopping mall didn’t stand for 40 years.

  9. Just a guess, but maybe rotten rebar? Being 40 years old, be about the right timescale. Hope they find some more of those missing.

  10. Please drop the name of the company that built this building. I don’t want to live in any of their structures when I move to Miami

  11. Everything in this country is crumbling but hey real estate developers like Trump are making a killing literally

  12. Where’s the loud mouth governor DeSantos? Haven’t heard a peep out Mr. I’m a tuff talking guy.

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