FL Doctor At Pediatric Hospital On What She’s Seeing Amid Delta Surge 1

FL Doctor At Pediatric Hospital On What She’s Seeing Amid Delta Surge


Covid-19 cases are up across the country, and the most serious of those cases are among those unvaccinated. Dr. Nahid Bhadelia and Dr. Normaliz Rodriguez join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss what can be done to combat the politicization of vaccines, and why the best way to get more people vaccinated is empathy – and not blame.
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  1. If Trump spent a fraction of the time promoting the vaccine that he spends lying about the stolen election, he could save enough republican lives for them to win another election some day.

    1. @Ellen Doyle Trump said the vaccine was only good while he was in office? What is your source for this information? That sounds like what Kamala did, not Trump.

    2. That makes too much sense, Trump is all emotion. He never has a plan, he just reacts on whatever he’s feeling.

    3. @Faux Que LOL!! You ran away as you have no leg to stand on. Shocker. MAGA folks often have nothing so have to insult, pivot and lie

    1. That’s actually a good analogy.
      If we were on a boat would personal freedom allow a few to drill holes in the boat or would the rights of the majority prevent them?

    2. @Grogery 1 Get the F off our boat is what the majority of us who aren’t delusional plague rats are thinking. Unfortunately we don’t have a quick fix for ignorance and those who’ve been swayed by emotional rhetoric and misconstrued information where they’re refusing to take the virus seriously and now refusing to be vaccinated while not taking anything seriously.

    3. @Grogery 1 It’s persuasive and makes for good drama for sure. But strictly from a moral/logical standpoint, I think it’s a poor analogy. Because there is no boat. If there was a boat then you could argue someone else owns the boat and you don’t have a right to damage the boat without permission. If the boat is owned collectively, then the collective agreement formed at the onset would have specified what could and couldn’t be done to that boat. But even if there was a boat, we’re not talking about doing damage to the boat. We’re talking about asking the passengers to donate some of their skin to plug the holes of a boat that’s already sinking.

  2. The Governor is right how would the unvaccinated people feel if the doctors and nurses refuse to treat and try and save their lives or treat them after people who have heart attacks and car accidents are taken care of first….
    Well anti-vaxholes tell me how would you feel?

  3. Maga please wear your red hats again so kids can stay away from you! Give kids a fighting chance against covid! Thank you!

    1. I wish it were that easy but unfortunately even though that would make up the majority of plague rats, there’s still other demographics who are insisting on being the same with this whole virus and vaccine situation.

    1. Im white old and wealthy and government is not going to tell me to take any vaccine, the vaccine is a liberal agenda , I want to own the libs.

    2. @thegreen iguana – You want to own the libs? And to do this you would punish yourself, your family and friends? That you’re old is a plus then as the delta variant is more likely to result in your demise. Unfortunately this is true of those around you. That you’re wealthy proves that money cannot buy intelligence. That you declare the color of your skin suggests some other ugly truths about you. You will not be missed.

  4. I’m out of empathy, compassion, and tolerance for the anti-vaxxers and anyone else who still thinks COVID is overblown. At this point, I’m happy to blame them for this surge, the pressure on medical care workers, and continuing deaths. What fools!

    1. @James Miller Are you claiming that unless one has a medical license, one can’t research empirical data? The fallacy of appeal to authority is not a substantive rebuttal.

  5. Nurses are getting harassed and called liars and crisis actors so I can’t see how they can continue to have empathy for some of these ungrateful patients.

    1. @james mcgreevey – you said “empathy comes from within and isnt determined by outside factors”

      You may believe this to be true but I think you are denying reality here. Front line nurses are human and must maintain empathy often while daily facing uncooperative or abusive patients and their families. This takes a tremendous amount of emotional energy. Compassion fatigue is a very real phenomenon and at some point the well of compassion runs low and some nurses find they must reserve that emotional energy for those who are willing to participate their own care. With all due respect to you this is not a reality you can wish away by bald assertion.

    2. @wickedcabinboy It is also a quality which you have or you don’t. Trump lacks empathy. There is as much chance of infusing empathy into Trump as there is in infusing Clorox into the body to fight Covid.

    3. @Nancy Ross – I don’t agree that it’s as black and white as that but that people have varying degrees of empathy. I do agree the former guy has as close to zero empathy as is possible. I also think he should give that Clorox injection treatment a try.

  6. In Oregon, our governor Brown has been speaking to the public for every 2-3 weeks for more than a year.
    EACH & EVERY TIME, she has stressed the common good & praises those who are thinking of not just themselves, but all their fellow citizens!! She has stressed the WE, not the ME!!

    1. And yet, the mask mandates have been removed for vaccinated people, but it is on the honor system. She needs to restore mask mandates, or require people prove their vaccination status at the door. Our numbers are climbing again.

    1. She’s not making excuses for the unvaccinated! But presenting the facts.
      Explain how YOU would deal with the issue. You have no solution, just complaints. This helps no one!

  7. These kind of segments won’t help. People need to know they are at fault, STOP BABYING THESE KILLERS.

  8. I have approximately as much empathy for an anti-vaxxer as I have for someone who insists on driving drunk.

    1. @james mcgreevey – Agreed. Many willfully unvaccinated are preventing their children from being vaccinated. This is unconscionable in the way that not ensuring their children wear seat belts in the car or helmets while riding ATVs or motorcycles is. This is neglect.

  9. If all you anti-vaxxers don’t want to listen to actual trained health professionals, don’t expect their help when you’re sick. You can set your own broken leg, or remove your own appendix at your leisure. After all, why go to a doctor if none of them are trustworthy?

    1. Not only do I expect their help, I will sue them out of business if they even try to deny me medical assistance. They took an oath

    2. @Faux Que You are a part of why the United States is in the shape it’s in. You won’t accept medical help when it is offered, but want to destroy anything that doesn’t agree with your selfish ways. Typical.

  10. √ GOP you say your pro-life, but you encourage no masks. 
       —  How does that make sense?

  11. I’m sorry for the healthcare professionals who will have to deal with covid patients, but liberals are mostly vaccinated while it’s been the conservatives who’ve refused them, so it’s the conservative voting base that is going to be hardest hit. I’m okay with that. But it was extremely shortsighted of the gop politicians to wipe out those who would have voted for them! However, that’s Darwinism for you. This should lead to record numbers of Democrats being voted into office over the next decade or more. Hooray!

  12. Appealing to folks sense of community won’t really work on people who think they are defending their individual rights will it?…

  13. Every caring Socialistic society has large numbers of people who are happy for other responsible people to use their taxes caring for them when they abrogate their responsibility to themselves and their fellow-humans. The USA had 74 million at the last election.

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