FL Gov. DeSantis Raises Millions From Donors As State Grapples With Covid Surge 1

FL Gov. DeSantis Raises Millions From Donors As State Grapples With Covid Surge

Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, who is a candidate for governor, joins Ali Velshi to discuss Gov. Ron DeSantis fundraising off of his failed Covid response and the 'war' he’s waging against children by issuing bans on mask mandates in schools.
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    1. ……….they would never do that…………..right?….they’re waaaaaay too moral and principled.

    2. @Danny Aikin You are right… The Democrats and the Republicans sleep together. They all push the envelope. I don’t trust the government. What I’m seeing with Joe Biden there something wrong with him. VERY SAD.

    1. Til they start getting Covid and begging antivax family and friends to get vaccinated after 18 months of acerbic antivax rhetoric. Then they change their tune real quick. Phil Valentine, here’s lookin’ at you.

    1. @Vet On The Verge oh your siting the single poll? 43 percent. Sure. Not suprising that it came out right when him and biden started going at it. I can site multiple polls that put him at 55 percent to 63 percent.

    2. @Vet On The Verge the 43 percent is a single poll with a small sample size. It also over samples democrats but no point in getting in the weeds. Besides polling has already shown that Republican are under counted and democrats over counted. Bc if the polls were right. Hillary would have won by 10 million votes and Biden wouldnt have did so poorly in congress. Ill quote Breaking Point “Whatever the poll is, drop the democrat number by 4 points” and Breaking Point is very left leaning.

    3. For context 873 counties is 22 percent of total counties. Biden won like 16 percent of the counties in america but got 81 million votes. B…S….

    4. @Joe Mama Polls are just temporal snapshots of a segment of the population, which is presumably answering questions honestly. They have been horribly wrong and incredibly accurate, and for different reasons. Whether DeSantis has a 1 or 99% approval rating, don’t be surprised if about the same thing that happened in Georgia happens in Florida: historic Democratic wins. Why? Republican politicians under Trump have been pandering to a fringe group of fanatics and big-money donors. Didn’t work in 2020, and based on the way these Republicans are handling the pandemic, should not at all work in ’22 and ’24.

      Still believe that Trump won in ’20? If you didn’t get the point in that question, you will either sometime this year or next.

  1. This sorry excuse for a man has used his office to go after those that disagree with him, it is time to open an investigation.

    1. A sorry excuse for a man, is a man who has been in politics for haft a century & thinks he can fix something now

    2. @Tonito Rodriguez I have small children that are not protected against the virus, I have lost three family members to it as well (one of them being my brother), and there are those that cannot get a vaccine even if they wanted to because of pre-existing conditions.

      I am vaccinated and still wear a mask for all of them, because I care about people no matter who they are; I hope you can come around to caring too.

  2. “.. seems to be on COVID’s side…” couldn’t be said any better.

    People in Florida might be revolting right now but it won’t matter if they don’t vote him out. What good is a democracy when we have states that are being run by dictatorships?

    1. Recall him or vote him out. Stop donating to him. Are your children guinea pigs? Or “sheep going to the shearer and lambs to slaughter while the oppressed owner remains dumb?” Isiah 53:7

    2. @NOEL MOITRA vote him out for letting parents have the choice? Democrats seem to be the only ones mad about this. Y’all power hungry trip ain’t working.

    3. @Peda Peda Not mad. Apalled at your organized religious-like-stupidity. “Parents” who CHOOSE to let their kids endanger themselves like this, ought not be producing and raising kids.

    1. @Joe Mama That won’t hold if his unvaccinated sheep keep dying and can’t vote for his re-election in 2022. FL’s nearing 40k deaths under his “leadership”.

    2. @Jeezum Crow and 95 percent of those deaths were when we had no vaccines. Thats why every state that is larger than Florida has more deaths. Wonder how that works. And wonder why those states (cali and new york) dont get the same heat. But since biden took office covid deaths took a sharp decline. They are counting the deaths accurately now. Only counting people that come in for covid and then die of covid or people that where known to be sick with covid who pass. Last year they literally, no joke, counted every single person that died in a hospital with covid as a covid death. Insanity. So people who would get in car crashed for example and come in to the ER and die, if they test positive would count as a covid death

  3. Ron Desantis is going to make Donald Trump look like a saint, just like how Donald Trump made George W bush look like a saint.

  4. The most disturbing thing about hearing a phrase like “the war on children” is that it sounds like some ridiculous Republican non-existent wedge issue…and then you find out that they’re the ones who are making it real

    1. It IS a f’ing war and crimes against humanity, if you haven’t been clued in yet this is a global power grab, takeover, weapon – biological warfare. No conspiracy theories here… and don’t say I don’t believe it doesn’t exist. It’s intentional. Look up ‘Lockstep. Do it and then come back. This whole thing as well thought out over three decades. Plenty of proof do your homework.

    2. Max Boot & Conservative commentators say that, for decades Republicans have used culture war issues for fundraising!

      *Every FAKE outrage topic promoted on Fox News* Is accompanied by GOP fundraising Emails & Texts from people like Majorie Grifter Greene, Gaetz, DeSantis & Don Jr – It’s big business!

      That’s why they’re obsessed with nonsensical attacks on mask mandates, Trans kids in sports, CRT, BLM, & FAKE wars on Burgers, Steaks, Dr Seuss, Merry Christmas, Cancel Culture etc…

  5. There’s only one Ron DeSantis and many of you! DeSantis is outnumbered, so stand up to this pre-meditated murderer and remove him from office!

    1. And thank God for him leading the way in this fight for freedom. Bunch of communist took over the office. Hate this country and trying to destroy it. Controlled demolition.

    2. DeSantis 2024
      Hopefully it’s not too late for this great nation. Sadly It’ll probably be unrecognizable by then

    3. Wi V DeathSantis will be know as a bully and authoritarian. Someone who grabs power from the little guys. Big Government over all else. God help America if he ever gets to the White House because State rights will be eliminated. Just look at him now.

  6. DeSantis argued about parents freedom of choice, but what about the choice of innocent children.

  7. I am so sick that the Wealthy are determining the Lives, HEALTH, and well-being of People JUST FOR POLITICS and GAINS=GRIFTING. Stop this hateful behavior.

    1. @Wild Bill Yes they both can run the country from prison because that’s where they belong, Trump killed over 600,000 people ignoring covid calling it a hoax and De Santis is following right behind him ignoring covid and letting people die on his watch also, DeSantis is a Trump minion.

    2. @Bruce well go do what biden and pelosi said when trump closed the borders to china.. go to china town and hug everyone

    1. @Oliver B; Well, you see innocent minors are at grave risk, so for most normal caring adults American’s this can cause some concerns.

    2. @Oliver B you will be the one crying when someone you love gets Covid. ( I pray that doesn’t happen to anyone you know) People like DeSantis IS killing his own state with his retoric and the way he acts EXACTLY like Trump. He IS a danger to the state of Florida AND America. So, think about that. Would you want to live where there are people like him that are supposed to be working FOR the people who vote these idiots in to office and are now putting everyone’s lives at risk for the sake of THEIR own personal political future???

    3. @Justin B you’re obsessed with Trump. I voted for him but it doesn’t mean that I’m going to do or believe everything he says. He was the one the introduced the vaccine however most of us are not taking it because we’ve decided not to. My entire family lives in central and south Florida and we already caught covid. My uncle caught it twice and guess what? It was like having a mild flu. None of us got vaccinated and we don’t plan to. We continue to live our lives and continue to socialize and dance every single week. Check out all the social events on Facebook for Florida and you’ll see that I’m not lying. I go out dancing and go the beach every weekend. We will never change our way of life no matter how much you liberals cry and yes, we love our governor. He is doing exactly what we want him to do, which is not to mandate anything and let us have our freedom to choose.

  8. Newsom in California is up for recall because Republicans didn’t like the way he handled the pandemic, yet DeSantis is still running around like a bull in a china shop. Go figure.

  9. “Donors” lol of course they shall all go unnamed. What a crock of **** it seems that you don’t need voters to run a state, just mystery people with deep pockets.

  10. Deathsantis clocked out. He is focused on running for President. Reminds me when (you know who) gave up in the middle of the pandemic.

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