FL Resident Reacts To Building Collapse: I Still Can’t Believe What I Saw 1

FL Resident Reacts To Building Collapse: I Still Can’t Believe What I Saw


A 12-foot condo collapsed early Thursday morning in Surfside, Florida. MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by Fiorella Terenzi, an associate professor at Florida International University and Surfside resident to discuss the collapse.
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  1. This has a Florida Man story in it somewhere. Florida Man forgets something obvious while building an apartment complex…

    1. Lol what does this have to do with infrastructure? Infrastructure is roads bridges pipelines not private property

  2. Instead of thoughts and prayers, how about electing competent governments that enforces build regulations, rather than corrupt clowns

    1. Reminder Operation Mockingbird is still imbedding literal C.I.A. agents in corporate media outlets to spread controlled-opposition propaganda and divide/distract the public from establishment interests.

      You can watch the Congressional hearing here on youtube with the testimony on the former president of CBS. Can also read up on the declassified documentation on Senate(dot)gov.

      Congress is an inherently corrupt swamp of career shills, plagued by a mass dual-citizenship epidemic and can ultimately vote on their own Congressional term limits, lobbyism regulations, salaries, audits, etc… Don’t expect much.

  3. On Google Maps, you can see that many of the balconies have large cracks in them. The pictures are from January this year. I will let you jump to your own conclusions.

    1. Not only that there is large cracks running up the side of the building at least a inch wide wow unbelievable.

  4. Imagine being on top of that one bunkbed you don’t wake up Until you feel the breeze on you and sun on you … I know I’d be sleeping through it ..Depends how deep your sleep is

  5. That’s what happens when the building owners pocket all the profits and ignore maintenance. It’s the American way these days. $ > Human Life.

    1. Well, technically the condo unit owners own the building. Many, I’m sure, lived in those units.

  6. When I worked construction in Florida decades ago, anytime concrete was laid such as in footers, a moisture barrier first had to be installed before the concrete was poured so I would not be surprised if that step was skipped in the construction of this building where eventually the concrete gave out.

    1. Interesting. Something I just noticed on google maps is that the very large building to the south is brand new construction. Total speculation, but if the building was already in a weakened condition, could that have disturbed things enough to cause this?

  7. the last thing needed in a Red State like FL is job killing regulations and building inspections. i know the realtors are excited that new land is now open for development. wonderful

  8. What’s being done for the survivors..do they have a place to go..basic needs being supplied for them? They just lost everything

  9. Natural thunder or lighting don’t take a building down… unless instead, it was a DEW Strike.

  10. Wow. Will Florida get more money to compensate ?
    What was the ratio of nationalities ?
    Why weren’t there any warnings during inspections ?
    Definitely a distraction from the major events in politics.
    Those people did not deserve to die that way.
    My condolences to the families.

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