Flames And Tear Gas Break Out At Minneapolis Protest | The Last Word | MSNBC

Flames And Tear Gas Break Out At Minneapolis Protest | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


  1. If there was a system where you knew cops like these would face justice, a lot of this wouldn’t happen. But how often is it, cop kills unarmed black man and gets away with it.

    1. @zombie boss Because people generally are smart enough to understand that if an armed black or white man was shooting at the cops, there is some justification if that person got killed. Now an unarmed man, handcuffed on the floor, isn’t a danger.

    2. @Dave Ponsford how about “unarmed man” why is it a big deal that he’s black? I think people just want something to look racist and Im not buying it. police put up with a lot more than those thugs do. maybe if people weren’t crowding around and hassling the police in the first place, they would have been able to get that criminal into the back of the car sooner.

    3. @Dave Ponsford, there’s statistics on that, it’s about 0.7% that are prosecuted and convicted for killing civillians.

    4. @zombie boss Well what was his skin color? Are we to describe him as white so we don’t upset you? Its not as if this is a one off when it comes to Non whites. Now when a white cop kills an innocent unarmed black man, then yes people will think racism, especially when you add everything else into it.

    1. @Doug LoweI think you need to do some serious research on what underbelly of Europe look like. You just watch American media.

    1. @A B, nah, democrats are the ones who act like a Karen. So, stop being a Karen, Karen.

    2. @Have a nice Dave a simple no would of sufficed I was already aware of you abilty to provide elementary playground bully banter and still remain unimpressed.

    1. Твоя мама горячая твоя собака гомосексуалист says:

      Justice is an ongoing process it will never be perfect. You needed to accept that 300 years ago kid…

    2. @ThePooPooPeePeeMan drag them out of their houses put them on trial .
      Which they will get away with murder that’s justice in the USA.

    3. What the fluck does his house have to do with anything? Burning down his house won’t being George Floyd back!

    1. MotorcycleMan yea wait until their house is the one being burned, their car set ablaze, and their business looted and burned

  2. Old same strategy.
    Inaction—— wait for protests to turn ugly and actually allow it ——public opinion turned——more condemnations for the protests than for the actual cause of the protests
    Then they can get away with what they planned to do

    1. Sorry America, but we brought in Bill Barr to cover it up, er . . . “investigate,” the matter. Almost like they, “want,” civil unrest? . . .

  3. all those destruction who is gonna build back … protest like this ain’t for justice . justiceforGeorge

    1. Their just protesting because they can and think it is fun. But wait until their the ones having their cars burned.

  4. This society I swear, it makes no sense if a “white” person murders a person they call it a “death” and they loose a job. Of ot was a black officer ohhh no they will go all out, he would go to jail and they would call it a “murder”

  5. Arrest the murderer and his accessories and this will come to an end. Citizens of all colors are protesting and sending the message that they want justice for George Floyd.

  6. Both Republicans and Democrats have allowed this (actually, created this situation) to happen by protecting murdering thugs in blue!

  7. Why is the murderer cop being protecte then? 🖕the police until justice is done. Corrupt government.

    1. Because the crowd would lynch him, which is not something that’s allowed for many reasons.

  8. This THUGS with badges r above the law. Just like the big orange THUG in the W.H. nothing will change. Vote blue in Nov.3 2 take back the W.H. and senate to change policies in police brutality and put fair judges in the supreme court. Not far-right wingers.

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