Flash Flood Warning for Jamaica | Hospitals Buckling Under Covid Pressure – August 26 2021

Flash Flood Warning for Jamaica | Hospitals Buckling Under Covid Pressure - August 26 2021 1


  1. The community in Portland that is being affected terribly by various issues including attacks on the females, that whole community needs to withhold their votes at next general elections as the basic amenities are not being provided. That police officer how could he say the phone line is operational when the resident are saying that calls to the number goes unanswered, so, why is the phone not being answered. The whole problem is the community is not holding the MP, and the police to account.

  2. I think there was a misunderstanding as it relates to what the PM uttered. He did not mean to sound insensitive. People need to put lines upon lines and not just run with one statement.

    1. 22 percent of people voted for him. He is a minority government. He should be forced to resign. I know he wont cas he loved power.

    2. He’s a PM and should know wha him ah seh will have an impact just like he targeted the corner shops🤦🏿‍♀️He’s made made many rubbish statements.

    3. Its not misunderstanding, its just that some are really looking a reason to do this, while some other nurses are working from there hearts with all honesty, I did not hear the Priminister said what they accusing him of, opportunistic nurses these

  3. Portland Police especially those port Antonio the only place you can find them is bar them not have no use them no serve no purpose I don’t know what they are for

  4. The figures does not reflect the amount of people living in Jamaica.
    Are we exaggerating ?

    Anyway I think we Jamaicans must comply with government rules and regulations, wear your masks and social distancing yourself from others, have a bath or shower every day and tan a yu yard.

  5. What happen to fugi bottle made with bottle, kerosene oil and papers or cloth.
    Also travel in groups of 5 – 10 , neighbourhood watch.

  6. Why can’t you guys go live like the other Media houses? We NEED you to be LIVE and direct on all social media platforms

  7. Be not deceived by the numbers/stats. More are they that are with us than they that are against us. Nature is reacting to what is going on globally. God is in control of Jamaica and all will be revealed in due season. Draw near to God and stay safe family.

  8. The nurses need to be properly paid. Tge MP are being handsomely paid and dem not doing anything. Pay up the nurses and pay dem good.

  9. In a time like this ppl still a struggle fi electricity and water. Dem politicians ya only know ppl when election a come. Dats y mi done wid voting. Weh it good fa.

  10. I went through the press conference, can someone tell me where the Priminister said nurses will not get preferential treatment if they get covid? In a time like this people must not be opportunists especially in this field, there are still other real nurses working from there hearts, thanks to them, keep it up guys!

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