Flashback: Kushner Predicted U.S. Would Be ‘Rocking’ By July | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. “falling into graves”

      Elections have consequences, and Since the Election of Ronald Reagan, Americans have been electing traitors to high office.

      In a Democracy, the electorate get the government they deserve.

  1. Greed power and stupidity before country. Jared will be remembered as the creepiest son in law in White House history.

  2. Jared hopefully will get to meet Subway Jared soon. They could be roommates.

    1. Vendicar Kahn it sounds as if you take this news broadcast as a personal attack which is odd for 2 reasons. The first is that this snippet of news didn’t attack anyone at all. It simply showed a clip of kushner making a forecast and then proceeded to list the numbers that showed the forecast was inaccurate.

  3. Jared and Ivanka, the Dunning-Kruger wonder twins.

    Dunning-Kruger twin powers, activate!!!

    Jared: “Shape of….a box of hammers!!”

    Ivanka: “Form of….a can of black beans!!!” πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚

  4. OH Get him off. I’m with DOCTOR FAUCI. Someone we can trust. I do NOT see Doctor before Kushner’s name, nor – what’s his name – yeah, -rump.’ WE NEED LONG-TIME PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE right now. We need PROFESSIONAL HELP. – NOW!

    1. Sherry Stewart it seems nobody is running our country right now. Everything trump touches dies. Lord have mercy!

  5. Perhaps Jared meant “teetering” and not “rockin”. Teetering on the edge of an astronomic calamity, led by the impeached president and narcissistic sociopath, Doctor Death himself, Donald J. Trump.

    1. @j welsh Of course Trump is doing decades of damage. That’s what Vladimir Putin hired him to do.

  6. Yeah we’re rocking, with the largest virus infection, in the world and if nothing is done it’s going to rock on for two to three years or more. But it has come to show, that the white House cults, don’t know what to do, to handle the pandemic.

    1. Carolyn Robinson , I am sure trump will blame Dr. fauci , other medical experts and maybe Biden too.

    1. Congress Investigate Jared for his PPE mishandling during Covid Crisis. That will open door to Administrations STUPID Choices & Corruption.

    2. He’s a con-man like his father (a convicted felon) and his father-in-law (a fraudster)…trump university ($25 million settlement) and his fake charity for kids with cancer…($2 million settlement)

  7. Every time Jared opens his mouth he proves that his degree from Harvard came with a receipt for the money donated by his father. I wish some of these effete snobs would have to try to make it scholastically at UC BERKELEY. A donation won’t help you get admitted, and if you cannot cut it, you flunk out.

  8. We’re rocking alright πŸ˜ πŸ–•! With more people dying & States pondering on re-closing their States!

  9. Is a reason why Kushner’s father went to jail for 14 months. He has his father’s genes.

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