Flatten The Ballot Curve: ‘Trump Is Creating Conditions For Vote-By-Mail To Fail’ | All In | MSNBC

“If people are proactive about vote-by-mail, if they’re careful about vote-by-mail, if states invest in resources for vote-by-mail, we’ll have a smooth election," says reporter Ari Berman. "If we don’t do all of those things, there’s a very real risk of major disenfranchisement.” Aired on 7/30/2020.
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Flatten The Ballot Curve: ‘Trump Is Creating Conditions For Vote-By-Mail To Fail’ | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Paula Sparrow that doesn’t explain anything all that explains is is that you mail out Mega ballots the people that aren’t even there and you get mega ballots back from people that aren’t even there the government does not have the obligation to bring a ballot to your home every year millions of people choose not to vote because they simply do not want to vote. The fact that you can send out millions of ballots time and a half compared to the actual people that are there and then hope you get mega balance back time and a half more than the people that are actually there does not mean it’s unflood and that it’s not fraudulent actually it means it is it’s called ballot harvesting and is the Democrats are very good at it so please don’t try to explain something to me that I already know the answer to

    2. Example where I live at I received 4 ballots in the mail for the primary one for me one for a ex roommate that hasn’t lived there for over 2 years 1-4 the previous renter and one for the renter before that so if I’m a Democrat what I do is I fill all four of those ballots out sign the name of those people and Mail them in ..voting for people that may or may not even choose to vote or may go out and vote again on their own that’s called ballot harvesting like I said and the Democrats are experts at it that’s how you would try to steal the election in 2020 from Donald Trump and if you think we don’t know about it we do that’s what we mean by voter fraud

    3. So what the Democrats would do they don’t mail out ballots by people’s names they mail them out by addresses so they look at the address and every name that pops up for that address they mail out of ballot. So every household gets bellus of people that don’t even live there anymore have probably hasn’t lived there in years these ballots are filled out and mailed in that means way more ballots are mailed out two home addresses then people that actually live at those addresses and the rest is self-explanatory this is why Trump believe there will be voter fraud and this is why there would be voter fraud… it’s almost impossible to detect and it’s the reason why Democrats have won Oregon every since they went to mail-in voting. In other words it’s called cheating big time. And it’s also why Oregon will stay Democrat you say it allows more people to vote and what it allows it allows people to vote that middle of never had any intention of voting and it’s not them casting the ballot….. that’s why Democrats claim that mail-in voting work so well for them yeah because they win with mail-in voting it’s cheating plain and simple

    4. @Paula Sparrow listen stupid person don’t send me something from PolitiFact okay. LOL LOL might as well be Snopes LOL. I don’t listen to No Doctor falchi and I don’t listen to PolitiFact I explained to you what ballot harvesting is if you can’t read that’s your fault

  1. Donald Trump just want to cheat again in 2020 like he did in 2016.

    All the Americans suffered from coronavirus ie trumpvirus will vote traitor Donald Trump out in November

    1. T Electronix
      But there wasn’t any collusion. You can have contacts, doesn’t mean anything happened. Most Americans know russia interfered, but I still don’t know to what extent. Same thing this year, to what extent will the damage be that they cause.

    2. T Electronix
      I don’t want foreign interference, but like how much will happen. Most republicans follow right wing personalities that are American

    3. YEP ! He even tweeted back on July 9, 2017 that him and Putin are securing the voting machines YIKES!


    1. @Maria Vasquez 22 Vasquez I don’t know. Research whatever the conditions are for your state. Make sure your vote counts.

    2. @Maria Vasquez 22 Vasquez
      You can send in a ballot as soon as you get it. Check with your state to be sure, but that is how it is supposed to work.

    3. @Football Nerd thank you!! And yes not only me all my family and friends our life depend on it!!!

  2. Trump: “Delay the election until I can properly secure political asylum in Russia, and a safe and secret flight out of the country.”

    1. @Dave Kegley Sry to say so, but Istanbul is not in Russia …
      If I’m right it is in Turkey (I always was bad with geography 🤔) but Erdogan has something going on with Putin, so it’s still a possibility 😯☺

  3. Trump is trying to distract from the worst quarterly GDP report ever released today…and he has succeeded. Not that hinting at delaying the election isn’t serious, but it’s timing isn’t a mistake.

    1. @Paula Duarte The only reason Trump won was because of the electoral college. Why do you think Democrats want to do away with it. A Republican would never win the Presidency again. Look at the corruption in Democrat run California that took place in 2018. All the Republicans that were leading at the end of election day. Some by double digits. Ended up losing days later after all the so called late votes came in. What are the odds of that happening? Once again. Democrats just keep filling out ballots until they get enough.

    2. @Paula Duarte There were two Democrat run organizations raided in Philadelphia Pennsylvania by the police. What were they looking for? Ballot printing press plates. I don’t even think the corrupt msm covered it. I know local news and Fox did.

    3. @outdoor fun i live in CA. NO FRAUD HERE! The Okies that settled in rural areas vote Republican. Large populated areas like educated Silicon Valley and Bay Area + diverse coastal communities vote Democrat.

    4. @outdoor fun ah, ok, I get it now…you’re brainwashed!!! And here I thought you were braindead.

    5. Man the guys not a genius, infact- hes a moron who bumbles DAILY. If it wasnt the election doubt, it would be something else. Its up to us to stick with the topics and hold our representative accountable in NOV 2020

  4. This vote is literally a vote for your life. Don’t vote Republicans. They don’t care about your life.

    1. @Nexus Six The suggestion of mail-in Ballots is in consideration of people who may be concerned with catching a deadly virus – you may have heard of it, CORVID 19. It’s a KILLER!

    1. The question is what Trump is planning. We know that he is cheating in every conceivable way. Would it be possible for voices to disappear from the postal service? And those from the cities?

  5. What is the difference between the covid 19 pandemic, and trump ?
    The covid 19 pandemic may get worse before it gets better,
    while trump will only get worse before he gets worse .

  6. Does anyone know that Trump is trying to rig the whole election. He’s losing and is trying to corrupt the election system like he’s corrupting everything he touches. Trump should be in prison.

    1. @Andy in 2021 I think a new AG will remove trump/republican sycophants if they’ve been improperly acting along with Barr from the DoJ and you have to hope that the new AG is someone with good ethics and wants to have an impartial non-political justice department.

    2. @stephen wedderburn Yes! And the human nature will shift toward enlightenment, and there will be peace on Earth, birds chirping, the lot. LOL
      What amazed me is the speed with which people who were born and raised in a democratic society just caved in and either gave up, or became lap dogs. Should we be surprised this happened before in war situations, or when regimes were imposed on countries who did not want them ( ex Communism ) …. It’s such a wake up call, or should be, for all the people who are lulled into complacency when things go well and assume they’ll always go well without effort and citizens’ active participation.

    3. @Andy yeah, I can agree with all you said!
      Wtf happened, I’m saying to myself and sometimes I struggled with an answer then I hear from one his supporters and bingo! The penny drops.

    4. He is obsessed with ‘mail-in voter fraud’, but is doing absolutely nothing about the widespread voter suppression across the country, especially in counties with a high percentage of minorities.
      #AnyoneButTrump2020 #VoteBLUE2020 _all the way down_ Pass it on!

    5. @stephen wedderburn His supporters are the best, you can’t write comedy like that even if you try…. Complete and willful suppression of reason. I guess there’s some life lesson to be learned there, if you believe in reincarnation and lessons learned each time etc etc. If you don’t have that belief you can still find the positive: their expiration produces CO2 which is used by trees in photosynthesis. You see, and you thought they’re useless…. LOL

    1. Vote before Nov 3. Trump will have no mail delivery, broken glass, bombs and his personal army in the way to the voting booths on Nov 3rd

    2. @Joes B4 Hose You mean the American Flu? Only Americans can think that the Corona virus is about America, people are dying of Corona al over the world.

  7. GOP /Trump has to cheat to win… they can’t win on their merits, they don’t have any.

    1. @12345 678 because in 20 yrs of mail-in ballots only .006 of all ballots submitted were fraudulent. Trump and the GOP are trying everything they can to suppress or delay the vote, any excuse no matter how wrong… They are desperate to avoid what is coming… in Trump’s case that includes indictments, probably a lot of his people – like Barr, too… in any case, voter suppression and gerrymandering are a GOP thing so watch for more attempts…

    2. @Everblue Freediving In mail in voting 10% of ballots get disqualified for one reason or another. If 10% of 140 million people in the US are disqualified, that means 14 million votes do not get counted. Simple math.

    3. @Dan Chanquin so if I don’t get a confirmation that my vote was received, I still have the option to go fill out a provisional ballot in person. Or I could drop it off in person rather than mailing it in. There’s been major problems with in person voting too with closing voting locations to suppress votes.

  8. Trump doesn’t grasp the fact that he’s ” in charge”, he’s at the top of the administration, so this is happening on his watch. To say that the elections are at risk of being a fraud, ON HIS WATCH, is the equivalent of shooting himself in the foot. Again.

    1. @Zk just stop you moron. So if the opposing political party doesn’t agree with you they’re communist. STFU

    2. @Ira Lee That’s a lovely sentiment, but there’s a lot of information and research done in the last few decades that points to the fact that the Allies, including the USSR knew Hitler escaped to Argentina.

  9. Trump knows that the mail in vote will be fraudulent because he is the one intending to commit the fraud.

  10. And on top of it all, the Republicans are actively trying to completely cancel all funding for the USPS.

  11. Take a photo of your ballot no matter how you cast it – it’s your only receipt 📸 – both sides 📝

    1. Angeline JoVan GREAT IDEA‼️ I will be doing that even though I plan on voting in person‼️👍🏻💙🇺🇸

  12. Republicans want voter suppression. They disguise it as “concern about fraud.” The fraud will be the help Trump gets from Russia.

    1. “Concern about fraud” is nothing more than a distraction. Voter suppression, gerrymandering, voter roll purges and other tactics to stop you voting have been taking place for years.
      Here’s a vox video I think will shed some light on it. It focuses on one party in one state but it can probably be read to both parties across all/most states to varying degrees.

  13. Even if he refuses mail voting and people go out and votes him out, he’s still going to sue when he loses. He is losing this election. He’s going down.

  14. As a Canadian I find it astonishing that the U.S. can’t even run an election.
    The U.S. is broken and needs to look outside its borders.
    Get a better idea.

    What a ridiculous nation you have become.

    1. The more I read and hear about the US and how things over there (do not) work, the more I wonder how it can run properly at all. One thing is certain : it has more things in common with a 3rd world country than with the developed nations.

  15. It’s ironic that the country that claims to be the most advanced, is often more like a third world country.

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