Flight Risk, Danger To Community Cited By Judge For Epstein Bail Denial | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

A New York federal judge on Thursday ordered Jeffrey Epstein held without bail, siding with prosecutors who argued the wealthy financier and accused sex trafficker posed a flight risk. NBC News’ Stephanie Gosk reports from outside the courthouse.
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Flight Risk, Danger To Community Cited By Judge For Epstein Bail Denial | Craig Melvin | MSNBC


    1. @Willliam Fish your father , son , or brother could also be involved. Your BS doesn’t make it a fact.

    2. Considering the gravity of this situation, it’s shameful that anyone would choose their political bias over the facts.
      While I’m not a Trump supporter, I can at least do some basic research to find out who’s been affiliated with Epstein & in addition to Trump, both Clintons have been affiliated & there’s even a pic of Clinton hanging out with Epstein in the water off a beach, in addition to Ghislaine Maxwell being photographed at Chelsea’s wedding & then there are the flight logs that show BS flying on the Lolita Express at least 26 times. It’s a fact that both the Clintons, Trump, & countless other people were affiliated with Epstein in some form or fashion, but we don’t have hard evidence at this point to say exactly what any of their affiliations were. So why are some people in this thread only focusing on Trump when the fact of the matter is Bill & Hillary Clinton were affiliated with him as well, in addition to numerous other “prominent” people?
      Facts are facts & the truth is what everyone should strive for, especially due to the facts surrounding this case.

    3. @santolify, what are your thoughts on others proven to be affiliated with Epstein? For example, the Clintons, Les Wexner, etc?

    4. + Bob Harris
      And you along with them. tRump supporter is either a: dunce and dullard, a racist, or both.

    1. jeff James : What was SO worrying to Trump, about Epstein’s Saudi Connection, that he threw these Racist Tweet Bombs out there, to distract America? Trump’s Tweets were almost within the HOUR of that discovery. The Saudis KEEP cropping up with the Trump’s? . . . 🤔

    2. In this case thats fine because he would die in prison and there will be one less pedophile on streets

    1. @Diana Hulstine No it’s more than Grotesque, that court case was HORRIFYING!! They were acting like rabid dogs!!! I was sick just reading it..Chump had about 6 counts, Jeff had about 6 too!!! AWWWWWWWful AND disgusting!!

    2. Publicity stunt at best. This dude will just buy his way out of prison. There’s no justice for the rich.

    1. I guess the big news to many, is the same but the other angle; he _did _*_not_*_ post bail,_ not even with a disco-bracelet or hou… palace arrest.

    2. JK FU : What I want to know is, what about that Saudi Passport, in a fake name? The judge couldn’t get ANY answers about that? What was SO bad about that, that it was trigger Trump into throwing his Racist Tweet Bombs, to distract us all? . . . The Saudis, again . . . 🤔

    1. “Justice you’re alive and well, we thought we’d lost you.”……….(True Americans sobbing with relief)

    1. Epstein .. get used to the view from behind bars .. that’s your view for the rest of your miserable putrid life .. way over due !

    1. Little Billy Barr cleans Trump’s tiny golf balls and holds his little tee when Trump swings his Wood.

    1. @bob wach so hey Bob, that’s how stupid you are, you don’t even know what race color or religion that I may be you b**** dog, y’all have a good day now 🖕

    2. @Bon Scott, in addition to Trump being affiliated with Epstein years ago, what are your thoughts on Epstein’s affliations with the Clintons, Lex Wesner, Robert Maxwell, Amad Khashoggi, etc, etc, in addition to the pic of Bill Clinton hanging with Epstein & others in the water near either a beach or boat & the pic of Ghislaine Maxwell at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding?

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Why Trump? And please use … facts… not only hate.
      I’ll give you a fact: Billy Clinton flew 26 times with Epstein on his plane. Trump zero.

    2. @Ryan iverson They do with cocaine the party drug of the 80s. 80s in the house represent yo.

  1. How about all of Epstein’s accomplices. All the wealthy men who he helped traffic children to?

    1. @Black Sola say THAT again for the hard of hearing bcuz EVIL doesn’t care what vessel it uses.

    1. He’s not going to prison. Theyll just say he did and.he’ll lay low in one of his mansions on house arrest.

  2. Well Gang, it’s official. Jeffrey Epstein has surpassed Jeffrey Dahmer as the creepiest Jeffrey *ever.*

    1. *Just a difference in Preference. One likes Dark Meat,* the other one likes *White meat,,, 😉😜😈*

  3. Trump is trying his hardest to keep this out of the headlines… he’ll keep stirring crap up to deflect attention…

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