Flights suspended to Mexico and the Caribbean, but you can still fly to sun destinations in the U.S. 1

Flights suspended to Mexico and the Caribbean, but you can still fly to sun destinations in the U.S.


Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra is questioned about why Canadians can still fly to sun destinations in the United States.


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    1. I call it DIVOC-91 economics. 91 years from 2020 was the crash of 29…19 years earlier was the Sept. 11…We KNOW what this is about!

    2. Covid hasn’t done anything to me or anyone I know. The government has fucked everyone over big time, however.

    1. That’s not fair. Sesame Street in its prime with the muppets was actually fun and entertaining. This isn’t.

    1. Somehow an “essential” traveler is exempt from catching or spreading covid 19 (sarcasm). They don’t even have to quarantine upon arrival in Canada. It is very possible ‘essential’ travelers brought the new variants here. The much maligned leisure travelers were actually quarantining upon arrival. The ‘essential’ traveler can be frolicking around Walmart coughing on our bananas two hours after they land….

    2. Essential travel is a requirement for societal function. Like a nurse going to work at a hospital across the border or a scientist going to another country to help with a study.
      Non-essential travel is anything that is not required for societal function like going to a vacation to Miami

  1. So they waited for all there ministers to take vacation before implementing this restriction! Get your fun in the sun in gang, we are keeping the general public home!

    1. No…If the ban extended to private jets sockboy would have to stay home and couldnt go to Barbados for however long ..Yeah right

  2. Don’t tell me, I can’t afford an extra tank of gas per month. The worst offenders are politicians and their privileged friends. But laws don’t apply to them anymore, so other than putting on a show, what is the point?

  3. So when politicians and crony establishment elitists do it it’s deemed “essential”; but when we surfs do it it’s wrong?

  4. Wow. The bottom feeders in the septic tank, THE LIEBERALS, taking a stand. Awesome. Too bad it’s a year late though.

  5. Wouldn’t want the sheeps running into our elected NOT selected politicians in the Sun! Do as I say and please not as i do. The air you breath could soon be very dangerous to your health…

  6. So, are you all planning on not going to St Bart’s? Just curious if this is for just Canadians that do not work in government?

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