Flipping On Trump? Indicted Money Man Stripped Of Power Amid Criminal Probe 1

Flipping On Trump? Indicted Money Man Stripped Of Power Amid Criminal Probe


The Wall Street Journal reports The Trump Organization’s CFO Allen Weisselberg was removed as Officer of Subsidiaries, per records. Weisselberg was indicted on an alleged 15 year “off the books” tax scheme. This news is a sign Trump is trying to distance himself from the CFO as prosecutors reportedly work to flip him. Former federal prosecutor Elie Honig joins The Beat for analysis. 
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    1. Yes, the money has dried up..So is he…to save his retirement he needs to go to confession…The Courts….

    2. Bar has no idea what God’s Earth should be. Read the book of Christ in the Bible and none of these thumping Bible people, have any clue what is actually meant by everything that’s in there. Just like his Whimsical way of going back and forth that’s the same way they read the Bible and they read only what they would like to see. Understand only what they would like to excite understand what their ego can afford to handle. They’re ego stands between them and God and that’s the problem with many others who claim they are Godly. Godly for whose purpose? What have you done for God today? Money is not in God’s vocabulary? So what are your answers?

  1. “Weaselberg who? Oh I think I met him once or twice, but I meet lots of people.”
    And so it begins.

    1. I believe this fool will say just that, how can you not know the person in control of your money

  2. The organization is going down anyway….so why would any CFO be loyal and stay? There was a ton of shady business practices to even think the CFO would have something to go back to.

  3. To me its amazing how anyone for no matter what amount of money they’re getting paid would risk going to prison for them. Prison isn’t the Ritz Carlton.

    1. @Hans Bjorkman You are right, I’ve been thinking that he should be sent to a normal prison, a prison where they send black people for 30 years for smoking a joint and the inmate like to keep each other up all night, that might bring him home to reality.

    2. Because people had nothing to gain by saying no to Trump,but they had everything to lose.That’s what his whole tantrum about the election was all about.Someone finally saying to Richie Rich “No you can’t have something just because you want it!That’s why he got so angry,and that’s why Jan.6th happened.Lil Donny is not used to people saying No.

    3. He’s not going to prison Its a storm in a tea cup. He should go to prison but he won’t.

  4. The Orange Pumpkin has a history of putting Allen Weisselberg’s name on documents like the board of the now Shuttered Trump Charity without Allen knowing about it. It only cover up the Orange Pumpkin’s Lies when he remove Allen from a job that he did not know was assigned to him.

  5. I’m sorry, but Barr was called “cover-up Barr” in the 90’s…why is he being referred to as being “decent”??? Barr hasn’t been decent for his entire legal career!!!! There was opposition to him becoming the attorney general for several reasons!! WTH, CNN???

  6. Trump: “Hey Allen, we’re having a company picnic today – you wait there, I’ll go get the bus.”

    1. @harry lazard Joined may 19, 2021. Here’s the product of another lazy troll – ‘this channel has no content’

  7. We shall know when he gets his own lawyer paid out of his own pocket.
    See Cohen’s play book. Alan listen to Michael

    1. @Angels Life When Avenatti dropped out he was about #15 in a big bunch. If someone wrote the GOP “all wanted Carly Fiorina to be President” you’d know it was nonsense, and she got further up the ladder than Avenatti did.

    2. A year from now and the little Corporate Marxist minions at MSNBC will still be giving daily live feeds of Trump. Every Dictatorship needs a common villain huh?

    3. @Angels Life -With few exceptions, most lawyers belong in prison, and we should all admit that jailbird Avenatti would be an improvement over Biden.

  8. Barr-“God’s law is the only proper way to organize a society.”

    Then this guy shouldn’t be practicing man’s law!

    1. India…one billion poor people and all have voter ID cards.
      only the corrupt Democrats would stop ID…

    2. @Cliff Medina i.d. isn’t the issue. restricting access to polling places and limiting mail in voting, among other unneeded “improvements” is.
      bill barr said it was a clean election. i won’t bother mentioning that Ga. law that allows votes to be “challenged” by persons who simply have a list of voters . one repub woman had a list with thousands of names that she intended to “challenge”. all she knew was that they were probably going to vote dem.

  9. I like how they’re pretending Barr wasn’t already a criminal for his involvement in the Iran/Contract scandal.

  10. “It is necessary to get behind someone in order to stab them in the back.”
    _Yes, Minister_

    1. Nothing burger once again. Lol. How many debunked investigations do Democrat need before they will stop. Answer: Only until America is bankrupt.

    2. @Angels Life How many debunked Trump claims do Republicans need before they stop claiming the election was stolen?

      Answer: Republicans can’t count that high.

    3. @Angels Life Awww Angel, it’s time to take your disinfectant injection, you sound like you are missing your Clorox, lil

    1. @Dank Jankings My sister owned a small business, left the books to a licensed CPA and when the IRS found a mistake in employee withholdings… they did not go after the CPA… they went after my sister and backrupted her all she did was sign the returns … so why would trump be in the clear if they find shenanigans in the books? Trump approved it all …

    2. @Dank Jankings “Did Trump actually take part in any of this himself?”

      Yes. He directed the criminal conspiracy. Two sets of books. Trump is the self professed smartest guy on the planet when it comes to tax law. He has no excuses.

      PS: your caps lock is stuck. Try wiping the drool off of your keyboard.

    3. @bones007able okay so is she in prison or did she go to prison? Did she worry bout her cpa “flipping” on her? I doubt it

    4. @Con.Troller418 no your mom was sitting on my keyboard. She likes it ALL CAPS, if you know what I’m saying.

    5. @Con.Troller418 and if I wanted any lip from the likes of you, I’d just scrape it off my zipper.

  11. Removing him from the other corps is Trump’s first step. Next he’ll say he never met him and doesn’t know who he is. The beginning of being thrown under the bus.

    1. @Lisa Trout-Porrini and that’s the way 70 some million want for a president? Omg! All trump does is USE people for his own personal gain. Pfft! Blind sheep!

    2. He’s just another stoog with tire tracks across his head from the don throwing him under the bus

  12. I’ll never forget Barr’s response when asked why he would risk his reputation by joining the Trump administration. “We all die.” Basically, he was fine with burning everything down, because he’s old and won’t have to live with the repercussions.

  13. “Hey, Donald, why are we standing so close to the curb?”
    “No reason, don’t worry about it.”

    1. Like any good Corporate Marxist controlled News outlet, MSNBC daily deflects from other important events like “100 people shot in Chicago over a weekend and Cuba in revolt” with daily distractions about Trump. Where would they even be without Trump? Maybe you need to grow a real brain and figure yourself out?

  14. This doesn’t seem like the best time for Weisselberg to be stymied. Quitting OR firing will make his decision whether to flip on the Orange Bitterfly!

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