Flo Rida | Fat Joe | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview - Nov 26 2021 1

Flo Rida | Fat Joe | TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – Nov 26 2021


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  1. Yep reggaeton from pr stole our old school dancehall style also Dominican Republic with dembow Trinidad soca now starting to steal Jamaican gyal chune beats also trini steal. Trap dancehall us Jamaicans need to hold on our culture more and keep the authentic dancehall always

  2. I liked her more whenever was fluffy

    Everyone wants to be slim

    Truth be told slim don’t πŸ’― fit everyone


  3. Mean while d Jamaican producers stop making real reggae & dancehall & start copying Trap music. So somebody have to keep d music going. Sad to say

    1. What you must understand the software use to make make riddim they’re improve are upgrade so dancehall beat sounds cleaner just like how America copy yuh hear hear playing in The background now that’s how dancehall sounds now it sounds better am a musician slash artiste authentic dancehall still create but people don’t gravitate to it and they’re like talking bout producer don’t make it any More when they don’t support it people just Love chat yuh ofto give consumer what they wanted dancehall advance it can’t sounds like The 90 from The The hardcore drum pattern in it

  4. I respect fat Joe America steal it and call it tropical house When it’s dancehall modern dancehall our drums pattern can’t hide how can they not see it as a big of a genres when America copy dancehall πŸ€”πŸ‘€

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