Flood Waters Continue to Rise | Elaine Thompson-Herah Runs Fast 10.71s 100m - July 6 2021 1

Flood Waters Continue to Rise | Elaine Thompson-Herah Runs Fast 10.71s 100m – July 6 2021

The National Works Agency NWA, says there's nothing it can do to assist the residents of Bannister and Old Harbour St. Catherine who are still being affected by flood waters from tropical storm Elsa.

Introduction – 0:00
Big Business for Jamaica's Tourism Rebound – 5:05
Overcrowding for Vaccination A Challenge – 10:22
Overseas conch Markets Still Open – 14:29
Thompson-Herah Beats Fraser-Pryce in 100m – 19:49

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  2. Sir do you know of any problem the national works agency can fix point out one to me right

  3. My great-grandfather always tell me Do not repeat nothing Jamaican people tell you especially if they are politician

  4. Howdy from Ontario, Canada.

    I must reiterate this, Elsa is here because of all of the spilled bloods of women and children. In addition until Africans and Indians women and their children are treated with love , honor and respect they will be more catastrophic storms that no man can calm.

    I will be back in the storms.
    (Marcus Garvey)

    Marline Jenkins,

    1. @Marline Jenkins You sound like a Brainwashed religious zealot. There’s so many of your kind around. You may want forward that response to Mother Nature. She’s the Boss at this point.

    2. @sylvester cayetano Your kinda men do love to hate strong women. We call you all misogynist. Seriously, it is evident that you are also suffering and guilty of an inferiority complex with abusing women.
      Who send you God or devil ? We women here in Canada, know it the devil that send you. Be gone satan’s son and go hug up your dad the devil. I have go finish having a beautiful life.


      Marline Jenkins,

    3. @Marline Jenkins The BIBLE says, Judge no one. And that’s what you are doing. I thought you were a child of God. You so called Christians claim yourselves better than thou.

    4. @sylvester cayetano I was setting for you like rain. Pay Back is a
      Mother Nature, alright. You done that’s a fact.
      Moving forward in the future God will rebuke you, for troubling their daughters and children of Zion. Just simply repent your pedophiles and misogynistic behaviors. Keep your comments coming……….

      I know what I going to do with you, once and for all womenkind.


      Marline Jenkins

    5. I Marline Jenkins and my love ones are proudly protected by Jah Rastafari Army.

  5. I keep saying that this man Stephen Shaw talks a lot of nonsense, what poor excuse for someone who is in such a position. I am absolutely sure this is an infrastructure problem. What about drains, there a similar problem in St Thomas, lack of adequate drains, lack of river training, lack of keeping the river courses clear.

  6. Thanks for bringing us the news, Anthony. Share some a the joke noh lol Renardo, prepare to share next time lol. Great reporting.

  7. Get the prisoners and put chain on the feets and carrying the go clean the drains and gutters. Them sit down in prison eating free food of taxpayers money.P Minister use up the men them.and you will save alot.

  8. Police commissioner please when you doing these operations don’t tell All members of your team only trusted ones because there are criminal police working with some of these gunmen and warning them about your operation that is why they know when to tek whey themselves

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