Flooding in Lucea Calls for a Bypass | Car Accident at Poor Man’s Corner, St. Thomas – Aug 30 2022


  1. brothers AND sisters all These calamity’s that are going on around the world will lead to a Sunday Law Which will be The Mark Of The Beast, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

  2. I like that TVJ makes a conservative effort towards an immaculate deportment of their presenters. Thumbs up to all the males who are championing that mission.

  3. Theirs no rules that set, for the people to understand that dumping in rivers will not be accepted, it’s the law and people who violate those laws must be held to the full extent of the law.

    1. first of all that river is a she and her name is TANTANIQUE second of all The flooding of lucea has nothing directly to do with People dumping in that specific river, the truth is the entire area is a danger hazard plus we have a 10 miles long bamboo forest that spread from behind the same Riley that they just talked about it’s extremely close to the river plus her attachment area to the sea is close to the same flooded bridge like literally about 100 to 150 feet apart, but I think it’s a good look to properly rebuild the bridge.

  4. I like that you guys reported it but the main reason has nothing to do with negril or tourist, thats just an excuse to boost response, the entire area is a danger hazard also we need better walking area on both sides for citizens

  5. How is she an “alleged eye-witness” when she was IN the accident? Shouldn’t it be victim, what type of reporting is this?

  6. Edmanbartlet .ayor is lying leave them alone see what they did to fisherman beach ohci i cant afford to 3at there

  7. those glasses need to be destroyed and get nice small frames , white glasses are so camp look really ridiculous

  8. Marcus Garvey said he was gonna pray to jah lucea to have no fishing beach but A Mud lake and the town fi wash whea

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