1. @JOEL WALKER exactly . Chemtrails = climate change aka climate engineering , weather modification etc happening daily

    2. @Carson Allaby Yeah maybe because we have gone through the century of the largest technological advancement in all of history.

  1. A few more earthquakes and Abbotsford will be beach front property. They will forget all about this when that happens.

    1. It took two extra weeks to get snow here than normal and the past 5 winters have been fairly mild, barely more than 2 days of minus 30, not like we used to get. We used to get at least 2 or 3 weeks of minus thirty.

  2. Come on Vancouver take your patio umbrellas down and put your chairs in storage this should have been done last month you twits! smh

  3. Sad but it’s part of the landscape you all live around. Get the mountain views, accept the mountain character, same as the seashore. Got 100km blizzard goin on right now in SK, we ain’t shook!

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