1. As a floridian, i really hope so. No one wants their voting rights violated and Desantis has been a menace for this state for too long

    2. Go ahead… Where will they go to? Left-wing states who want their businesses shut down and paying exorbitant taxes and fees on top of being shutdown? Goodluck.

    3. @Luis Rosales plenty of states to choose from that won’t end up branding the company as a white supremacy supporter. This will be the case with companies that choose to stay. HP and Oracle are already being told they will lose clients if they continue. So far seems to working great

    1. @watchwinder The problem is that the Republicans screwed up the power grid via Enron and the like bad enough that they eliminated themselves as a party in California. I.e. the party died through incompetence. In Florida, the Republicans are playing games in an effort to stay in power. Heck, Texas is a repeat of California power wise, and the Republican legislature is desperately trying to hold on as demographics shift.

    2. @watchwinder Florida respects capitalism… California is called “commiefornia” for a reason. Florida is NOT California… not even close. Florida is better for businesses and better for minorities than California.

    1. @Sylvie Walker Yes. Registration to vote does require ID. The Republicans just think it’s easier to deny some people the vote and cheat in elections tan to adopt policies that draw voters.

    2. @Fred Freddy The voter ID card is being paid for by tax payers… It’s free for poor people.

  1. If they had anything worthwhile to offer, they wouldn’t have to restrict the vote.

    1. @Humble Courageous – Here in California, there is nothing in place to stop illegals from voting in our elections.
      No ID of any kind is required, therefore, there is no way to know or care if illegals are voting.

    2. @Crimdor Oh Yeah? Here is from the California voting site: New citizens
      If you will become a U.S. citizen less than 15 days before the next election, you may still be able to register and vote. To do this, you must visit your county elections office any time before the polls close on Election Day. You must bring proof that you are a U.S. citizen and sign a form saying you are eligible to vote in California. or more information, please refer to A New Citizen’s Guide to Voting (PDF). Contact your county elections office for more information

    3. Humble Courageous – you think they really practice that here?! Lmao 😂
      Like I said, if an illegal votes, there are currently no ways for checking that.
      This last election all we had to do was request a ballot. There was no need for any form of ID.

    4. @Crimdor Of course, Republicans think illegals vote. They can’t believe they aren’t the majority.

  2. All companies please pull out of all the places where the Republicans are suppressing the votes

    1. They aren’t suppressing any votes, especially when these ID cards are free (paid for by taxpayers) for poor people.

  3. Hopefully the DOJ will weight in on voting rights, and we have just the Guy to submit it’s grievance of States Rights to the Supreme court 🤨

    1. Requiring verification only makes elections safer.
      You should ask yourself why Democrats DON’T want verification.

    2. @Crimdor Other than your driver’s license, even if it’s expired or Voter registration card.

  4. Jesus Christ taking pics and video signing a piece of paper is straight outta Donalds coloring book full of tricks!

  5. Crist… I don’t know you that well to fully trust you, but dammit, you have to end DeSantis’ career.

    1. @Luis Rosales You do remember Trump told his supporters to vote by mail AND at the polls?

  6. Wonder why Republicans decide that there is an urgent need to pass “voter integrity” laws now, immediately after loosing a national election in which states who have traditionally voted Republican flipped to Democrat?.

  7. Hate saying this but I think big companies need to start moving business elsewhere and then see the change of course. People will suffer but maybe it’s the shock they need

  8. Not sure if these guys really did their research when they created this bill. This could hurt them too.

    1. – It hurts anyone trying to cheat in the election with signature verification.
      So yes, you are right.
      Makes you wonder why Democrats are so opposed to it huh?

  9. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in bitcoin..

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