Florida Condo Collapse Death Toll Rises To 9, Search and Rescue Continues 1

Florida Condo Collapse Death Toll Rises To 9, Search and Rescue Continues


The death toll in the high-rise condo building collapse in Miami-Dade County has risen to nine people, with 156 still unaccounted for. Mayor Daniella Levine Cava discusses how search and rescue crews dug a trench into the pile of rubble to continue rescue efforts. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Florida Condo Collapse Death Toll Rises To 9, Search and Rescue Continues


  1. 4 days no water, no food?
    Yeah not really expecting more survivors, maybe 6-8 out of the 150 or so.

    1. well theres also a possibility of people who weren’t actually in the building that are suspected to have been not being found in the rubble.

    2. they havent even made it thru one floor [the top floor] of the bldg yet….. they will never get to all 12 at this rate……..

    1. @Syndrome Is a Hero I could’ve said it’s like stepping on a bug. I didn’t, that wasn’t me. fyi.

    2. @Ridiculously Ridiculous sorry unfortunately by now I say it’s impossible for any more survivors 😞 no one can survive that long with a 12 story building on top of them

  2. When are they gonna tell us which crooked contractor built that death trap and how many inspectors they paid off. I have worked on high rise buildings for decades and the scum that builds them only cares about profit not quality.

    1. @ruth depew Climate change? The weather hasn’t been anything extreme or out of what is expected in Florida.
      Thats the BS liberal cover-up/excuse. Nothing more. They know “woke” people like you who like to feel like they’re smart & informed will believe its “climate change”

    2. The amount of people in here thinking climate change was solely responsible for this is making me loose faith in humanity

    3. This is what happens when inspectors, who are being paid by our tax dollars and should be working for us, don’t do their job. When people/businesses have a monetary interest their is always gonna be potential for them to “cut corners”, but that’s why we have inspectors, but they are too busy taking bribes and hassling the honest people who refuse to, or can’t afford to line their pockets.

  3. “The warning should have been written in big bold letters.” lol. I hope that BS defence falls flat on its face if that is really how the condo’s lawyer plans to defend the administration board/company/whatever behind it. A failure report should be taken seriously even if it is written in 10pt Comic Sans.

    1. I read the report – the whole thing was a big bold letter. Every violation/problem needed a lot of work to address, and it wasn’t written in incomprehensible language. It was very plainly set out.

    2. They probably stopped reading it the first time it suggested that money would be needed to fix the problems.

    3. @Johnny 5 The head of the condo association did what most of us do with our mail: It went into the “I’ll read it never” pile.

  4. The fact that they’ve only been able to identity 9 bodies, shows how devastating this collapse is.

    1. One yard of concrete weighs 4000 pounds. I’d say the top floor alone was atleast 100 yards. Not to mention steel, furniture, everything else. Probably falling at 60 ish miles an hour. Your talking forces on par with 30-40 freight trains.

    2. @thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid yea they’re taking their time for that sweet overtime pay… give me a break

    3. They’re gonna run into the same type of problem they had at the World Trade Center. Unless someone happens to be in a “void” there’s no hope. And just because they’re in a void still doesn’t mean they can be reached. When a concrete building “pancakes” like that it crushes almost everything within. You can see that looking at the area opposite the pool. Each slab of concrete is a floor, and there’s barely any space between each slab (floor). I think one of the few people they’ve been able to rescue was that teenage boy that was on an outside wall that just didn’t happen to get crushed. Even his mother who was inside the apartment was killed.

    4. @Anna Lugo I agree with you. Compared to an earthquake that hits a whole city and destroy many buildings they are not rescuing people you know why? because we are in USA and over here the first thing they think about is to do what is right according to law so they cannot be sued or to do not destroy “any evidence” to avoid law sues in a future. This was a small building why they don’t bring many trucks to remove the debris and rescue people….they are taking their sweet time.

  5. I know someone that’s still missing, it’s really sad. As much as it hurts to see people dying in there but it’s been 4 days now and they haven’t found anyone alive yet. I know the rescuers are trying their best to save lives but there’s no way they’ll find more survivors, unless if there’s some kind of miracle

  6. With all the technology that we have how come these buildings build over 40 years ago on instable ground doesn’t get more scrutiny Florida was basically build on sand / RIP for these families 🙏🏽

    1. @Jonathan Pezzino yes, exactly, republicans get things done quick. With democrats it’s like my tummy hurts I’m going to stay home and rest today. Literally are current president had to be reminded of what’s going on in Miami. So stupid. With trump or any other republican we could’ve saved at least triple the lives in that building. Kamal Harris has just visited the Mexican border LOL

    2. @Jonathan Pezzino Democrats were running the state in 1981 when this was built. Maybe don’t try to use tragedies to spew your political ire.

    3. @Flowers inherhair wtf are you sayin, exactly another problem with the democrats LOL. What are you saying

    4. @Swaggy that ain’t nearly as critical to our country. The Miami collapse and the border is more of a problem right now. Every party has their critiques but so far having a democrat as a president has caused major trauma to this country

  7. I cant imagine being pinned in the dark underneath all that concrete in the heat and dust. Wow.

    1. dont forget the GAS LINES AND ELECTRICITU and WATER..all that was LIVE when it fell and probably all those UTILITIES WERA ALIVE FOR about 2-4 hours before they found out where to shout off the UTILITIES…
      those People died instant and then with few minutes… maybe the top 2 floors few people had a chance but only few hours too..

    2. @guzmanfann the people who were at the bottom most likely they are dead due to the mass of the structure plus the furnitures and the people at the top are more lucky because they can easily be found (my guess)

    3. I honestly feel like this thought it was the end of the world I feel like they probably thought a meteor came or something happened that it was the whole world ending. Like wow I couldn’t or wouldn’t want to even imagine something like that😥

    1. There was a guy who survived for 3 days on a sunken ship in complete darkeness deep under water… Don’t give up hope.. someone is still alive under there

    2. @Justin Lyons dude that’s way different than having a 12 story building on top of you. They need to stop giving hope to people because at this point we already know they’re gone unfortunately 😞

  8. I imagine this was very traumatic, not only for those living in that condo complex, but for others who witnessed it, and for those who knew people who lived in that complex.

    1. @don vito I care, perhaps you should speak to someone if you feel no emotions for the trauma caused by this situation, that’s not normal.

  9. Reports are starting to come out about how negligent the Condo HOA Board was. Prior to the 2018 structural report detailing MAJOR STRUCTURAL DAMAGE that the HOA President disregarded, there was lawsuits and complaints from other residents. There may have been misuses and embezzlement of HOA monies by former board members.

    1. Embezzlement and HOA go hand in hand id say. HOA are a joke. Anyone who says otherwise is being paid.

  10. How could 156 people possibly survive this long under rubble while a hot fire is also blazing within the rubble.

    1. The human body will last about a week as it digests itself. If they arent bleeding out they’ll stay alive.

    2. @Jay Cuzman People in good condition die in 3 days on average without water. Go ahead and keep your hopes up, but I’m not holding my breath.

    3. Not everyone who has an apartment there lives there year round, they could be international (I have family a few buildings down and there are people from all over the world there, it’s a huge melting pot) and just not know what’s going on as crazy as it sounds.

    1. Especially without the proper maintenance. Italy and USA look in a bad shape talking about that aspect of the society.

  11. They could say someone kicked the building and it caused it to fall and people will believe it,smh

    1. Are used to live in a sky rise condo and now because of this I will never ever ever do so again

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