Florida ER Doctor Discusses The Struggles Of Caring For Covid Patients


  1. Imagine being so dense
    That you believe misinformation Over doctors

    1. Imagine being so dense to follow the childish notion that feelings can become fact if you just wish it hard enough

  2. Frontline healthcare workers have my unmitigated admiration.I can only imagine their level of frustration with some of the ignorant people they have to deal with.

    1. So, an industry that is “Going to be overrun by high numbers of cases”

      is also the same industry firing all employees who don’t take the jab.


    2. @El Coolio Magnifico Nobody wants dangerous anti-vaxx medical workers. We don’t need them either. Plenty of normal people to take those jobs, Karen. 🐑

    3. Daniel, no you can’t imagine their frustration. 😪 It’s way worse, we are just trained to communicate in a more ‘tame’, non judgmental manner.
      But Burning out the caring instincts of millions of Healthcare Workers, is actually a monumental problem, that these Antimaskers and anti vaxers are making for us all.

  3. Stop appealing to logic when talking to these people that wont get vaccinated. You must find out where they get their information from and then challenge the credibility of those sources.
    It is easy to do because those sources have been wrong for close to two years now, on every major aspect of the pandemic.

    1. They need to start telling them it’s made from Marlboro cigarettes and trumps DNA and they’ll start taking it

    2. I google. I think vaccine works to a degree but for instance on age my number one favorite stat from cdc for 2021 thru aug 18. Deaths below age 45: 3.4 percent. So maybe 4.4 percent by end of year???

    3. ​@Sandi Harris Death rates are interesting, but Complications, Long Term Effects, Costs, and Degradation of Health Care System affect far more people.

  4. If they’re over 18, and have changed covid, and don’t have a valid reason for not being vaccinated, let them wait. There are people who need help through no fault of their own.

    1. You can say the same for alchoholics, food addicts, smokers and drug users, or a person with a history of carelessness for broken limbs. Your world would require a genocide, which I’m sure you are fine with

    2. @Vilda Chaya agree with you. However if resources are limited and your lived one with a stroke or heart attack is left waiting in an ambulance because the hospital is filled with the UNvaxed covid folks…see how you feel then. Sorry, my empathy level drops.

    3. @N P and you don’t think unhealthy lifestyles don’t strain the resources from those who need care in non pandemic times? Think

  5. I wonder how many of the hospitalized people who now regret falling for the lies and misinformation told by Trump, Fox News and many Republican leaders, if they hopefully survive, will keep watching that channel and voting for those Republicans.

    1. It would be sweet to see a successful class action lawsuit against Fox News. Once that lawsuit succeeds, the former Fox building will become low income tax subsidized apartments for gender fluid immigrants.

    2. But then I for one start with hard facts still less than 1 out of 500 have died from virus from the beginning, so yes the vaccine has some value, but a lot of real topics at play such as vaers dababase

    3. @Sandi Harris Life’s a risk. Yes some side effects for a few but the numbers are small. Put aside the deaths but look at the long term side effects for some of those other 499. Put yourself through it if you chose but your kids? Had both shots back in March and went for a run after both with nil issues. Please people, just stop making excuses.

  6. God Bless these frontline healthcare workers. They are doing God’s work. Meanwhile in places like Oklahoma you have idiots taking HORSE MEDICATION because they think it’s more effective than the covid vaccine.

    1. This past Saturday my coworker suggested the horse deworming medication for horses. 🤦‍♀️ No thanks I’m vaccinated and wearing my mask.

  7. Don’t worry about ventilators, God will breath for these righteous, right wing, Christian zealots. And if they stop breathing you can simply note on their death certificate, act of God, he/she decided it was their time to go Can I get a hallelujah brothers and sisters! Amen!

    1. This agnostic, unvaccinated ::: don’t want a ventilator, probably avoiding laying on back from the moment if I get sick would be of more value

    2. “God will breath for these righteous …”

      Evangelicals don’t want you to know about Luke 4:9-13.
      Look it up.

  8. I saw a brother and sister have a sit down with their mother about only getting her information from Fox. They told her she had to stop letting that be her only source of information.

    1. You should watch, The Brainwashing of My Dad. It’s a great documentary film all about Fox “news”.

    2. @Donee Stoner The opening statement says it all… _In almost every act of our lives… We are dominated by the relatively small number of persons who understand the mental process and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires that control the public mind._ -Edward Bernays, PR Industry Pioneer, Author “Propaganda” 1928

    3. @Donee Stoner I’m watching right now. Fox News is crime against humanity.

    4. I’m fairly certain Fox News is requiring employees to be vaccinated. However, all those seen on their network was long ago vaccinated.
      They’re hypocrites and liars, each making multi million dollar salaries, while their poor and working class cult watchers suffer and die.

  9. God bless this courageous young and very new doctor for standing up and doing something so utterly right.. She may not see another point in her career where she is called upon to not only treat the sick and keep the healthy healthy, but to stand up and engage in the most important life-saving activism there could be right now among humans.

    Here Here/ Hear Hear, Doc. You’re a Star. Stay safe and take care of yourself, as well. We need you. We all need you very much

  10. Governor DeSantis ambition burns in his belly. He would sacrifice as many Florida children and adults as necessary to achieve it.

  11. That’s what happens when ppl choose “Early treatment saves lives”, over “Prevention is better than cure”.

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