1. Florida is in the mess because they elected this guy when the nation said don’t lol hope Florida learned their lesson

    2. @Matt D. NY has 35k deaths, and Florida 4k, I’ll take Republicans every day of the week twice on weekends

  1. Pretty clear what his strategy is these days:
    “If I act really angry and offended, maybe people will believe what I’m saying!”

    1. @Joe V Go find a safe space. You’re outnumbered on this thread and you will most likely be outnumbered on November 3rd as well.

  2. He’s a guy that you wanted to punch in high school, and still really want to punch now. Didn’t he ever watch Mr. Rogers or Sesame Street when he was growing up?

  3. This guy forgot we are living in the age of the internet the cloud and limitless information storage capacity .

    1. He didn’t forget about the internet and it’s attributes, he is too stupid to grasp the the internet’s broad reach.

  4. So its the media’s fault for not telling him how to do his job. But when they do, he spits it back in their face.

    1. Actually, yeah, those questions never did mention the Wuhan virus openly as a stated name, also, CNN did not specify wheather it was the surge when cases first arrived, which were before May 3rd when questions were asked, or if it was during or sometime after in june, when a bunch of people from BLM and Antifa were just willingly spreading the thing while they were doing all sorts of bad things such as tresspassing on private property, topoling towers, general vandalization, ect, ect.

  5. Who’s looking for a boogy man now? Florida’s governor trying to scapegoat the media for his shortcomings. The video of his trash talk is hilarious.

    1. @MH Striker: “Gov Desantis has no empathy for the people suffering and dying”
      But of course Desantis, Florida’s very own CovidIdiot-in-charge, has no empathy, he’s just slavishly aping the narcissistic empathyFREE bombast of his beloved Rethuglikkkan Führer, the Cheeto ConTweeto. (Florida: Days without being a national embarrassment = ZERO)

  6. When you elect an incompetent member of the Greed Over People (gop) party this is what you get. Incompetence in the face of a deadly pandemic is not a great combination.

  7. I hope to God the people of Florida will remember this when he is up for re-election. His ignorance is killing people.

    1. I was there during the 18 recount. It was like W all over again- only through exclusion of recounted ballots did he and the convicted criminal Scott “win” Whenever I see THIS loser on camera- he ALWAYS looks like an 8 year old boy who wants to be back in his room playing his “Game Boy”. When he’s pissing about something , it’s even more apparent. I still can’t understand how this spoiled baby was a Marine and actually toured the Mid East. Marines never leave a man behind- He’s leaving dead bodies in his state. We were still on Winter Vacay in May- cos it was still snowing here- when he ordered Medical examiners to STOP listing Covid as Cause of Death on certificates!

    2. @Claricei you don’t know sht, your arguments are from emotions, you will have a point when you include real numbers on your rants

  8. Georgia’s governor is just as bad. He ordered some Georgia cities to rescind their mask requirements. Both states opened up before meeting guidelines.

    1. The liberal state of NY has 34k deaths, that’s 25% of all US deaths. Do the math on your target states before attacking.

    1. DeSantis thinks a poor excuse is better than none at all.
      Gosh these people will do anything to remain in power.

  9. thanks CNN for being a trusted news outlet Exposing Republicans lies and 45’s shenanigans on a daily basis.

    1. Weird, I think you are reading the wrong notes here, it says here this outlet is worn out and unreliable.

    2. The same CNN that was supporting Looting Raids and Defund the Police up until their own HQ was raided and they had to call the police..

  10. Breaking: the dismissive term “bye, Felicia” has been replced with *”bye, Florida”.*

    1. sassy – what’s sad is all his kissing up to Trump and his ads with his kids building a toy wall and all that. Then he still beat Andrew Gillum in the election. That’s Florida for you and that’s pretty sad.

    2. Well duh of course..during his campaign adds while running for Florida governor DeSantis even taught his little baby to say “trump says to build that wall say it now say it”..Oh God what a trump enabler he is..it’s truly disgusting..

    3. @JC//DC Yes and Oklahoma’s governor Stitt was at the trump tulsa rally, they have pics of him there not wearing a mask “crammed” up against others in the crowd..you can’t fix stupid..

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