Florida Governor DeSantis Announces Statewide Stay-At-Home Order | MSNBC 1

Florida Governor DeSantis Announces Statewide Stay-At-Home Order | MSNBC


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced he will be issuing a stay-at-home order for the state amid the coronavirus outbreak. NBC's Kerry Sanders has details. Aired on 4/1/2020.
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Florida Governor DeSantis Announces Statewide Stay-At-Home Order | MSNBC


  1. It was not a “philosophy” to not close Florida down down everywhere but pure stupidity and comes way too late.

    1. @C O D Y Really? Then why were the Dmocrats unable to prove his guilt? Yet, the Dems protect Hillary whosse crimes are public record.

    2. Harry Murray It’s not about democrat vs republican it’s about right versus wrong. These orders are coming too late.

    1. Believe it or not i live in Daytona Beach and it was dead most hotels shut down before spring break

    2. Beaches closed and 70% of the hotels closed in miami weeks before spring break. People flocked to beaches in Cali on lockdown it means nothing if no one abides it. He seemed like he waited for the curve to rise so people would not be locked down for two months instead of one. We are two weeks to the peaks scientists are saying.

  2. The problem with this county is that the elected officials only have degrees in business, law, fiance. We need officials that have real intellect.

    1. He does and knew exactly what he was doing. Trump didn’t want his resort in Florida impacted so disantis and trump made the decision to stick with money is GOD and people are disposable.

  3. In a few weeks when Florida overtakes New York for the most Covid-19 deaths it is going to become glaringly obvious how irresponsibly Governor DeSantis lead his state.

    1. @Wallace Naylor If I remember correctly we received a lot of information from specific hotels promoting spring break specials – There were a few years when Panama City was extremely aggressive in their mailings – I guess their economy was not like Daytona Beach – But, I agree 100% when you refer to the greed – I have read books by Carl Hisshen who writes about Florida, Tourist Season and Tight Skin are two I remember and he outlines how greed has helped destroy the Florida that once was – He is a very good writer being both informative and humorous while giving a good understanding of Florida’s history – All I can say is Floridians sold the land and pocketed the money along with the investors – Money wins out – Our president will make Florida’s Mara Largo his new residence because he will get a much better tax break and labor is cheap – Unfortunately GREED wins the day – I wish Florida well and I hope Floridians stay home and stay safe

    2. swiskowski people should’ve already been quarantined in themselves not waiting for daddy to tell them what to do. It’s funny how people want to blame government for their issues when they should’ve had enough common sense to be doing this the whole time.

    3. @carol irvine yeah sure new yorks death toll is higher than any state but yup he is on top of it . Florida is way better off than NY

  4. He got the money from spring breakers first and put countless people’s lives at stake the last few weeks.

    1. BanG shame on you and those who hit like to your comment…. It just shows what ignorance you have… You have truly express and shown what hate speech is all about, and you got those who support you , I will give you credit to get that many likes to your ignorance.

    1. @taino20
      YouTube : *Lisa Haven America Forced To Comply By 2020 No Compliance No Entry And The Bill Already Past*

  5. Reckless behavior on the governors behalf has severe consequences however in this case it has affected all of us.

    1. 04/02/2020
      Nehemiah 1:9
      I don’t believe over 43,000 global deaths due to the C19-Virus is a hype.

    2. What does that say of the intelligence of people that they have to wait until they’re ordered to stay at home in light of recent developments you should’ve already been doing that on your own. not waiting for daddy to tell you what to do.

  6. Well bless Florida’s little heart anyway. ..How progressive of them to elect a governor who is qualified to compete in the special Olympics…

    1. Are you dumb? Most are in nyc one of the most densely populated cities in the world..if you think that us having less deaths is the same as New York you’re a moron…give it three weeks and this state is gonna be in horrible shape from all the people infected

    1. Eugene Gurskiy Are you being for real????? It’s worse then the flu we don’t quarantine, Lose jobs, shut down the education system, go on a nation worldwide lockdown for the flu… This virus is really bad

    2. People should’ve had enough common sense to be doing this a long long time ago, not waiting for daddy to tell you what to do

    1. King Slechtvalk I work with the elderly. Many are healthy and vibrant. Some are ready when it is their time. Not when some fool gives them a disease.

    1. Because he did. How many people went to Florida for spring break this year? Then think if just 1% of those people have it, how far has it spread since then?
      Buckle up folks! It’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  7. There should be a “day of reckoning” when this is over, and those in charge who “did nothing” as human lives were being ‘thrown away’ due to their ignorance & idiocy…should be held fully accountable for their inaction!!

    1. If we do that, we also need to hold accountable all the people who went out to non-essential places despite everyone preaching social distancing. People knew better and it shouldn’t take an order from the government.

    1. I would take this vet over crackhead Gillum who was discovered naked in a hotel (high on crack) with a male prostitute that overdosed

    2. Hans Gruber There have been a number of Republican politicians who have found in hotels with male prostitutes.

    3. I live in Florida currently, it’s not exactly a mecca for intellectuals and I sure didn’t vote for this clown. The fellow saying his opponent was caught in bed with another guy on crack (sheer baloney by the way) sounds just like the kind of crap the nitwit Trumpsters here believe.

    4. Nina Maxine blame the idiots that don’t have enough common sense to do what they’re asked to do. they need an actual state order to be told what to do.

  8. Governor Ron DeSantis has announced that he will be putting on a condom after his girlfriend announced she is pregnant.
    Too late, buddy. Way too late.

    1. Your right the nerve of these politicians to tell us to stay home after they have flooded this country with illegal immigrants. Your absolutely right it’s a little to late.

  9. Let me remind you that this is the same governor that when he was campaigning, made a tv ad of himself telling his child how great trump is…

    1. so you went deaf when it said an hr and a half before a lawsuit was showing up on his doorstep, didnt you

    1. Not everyone can act as fast as Trump. When Trump banned flights from China in January democrats like Biden, Pelosi, Schumer along with the media called him racist and xenophobic for doing so.

    2. @Hans Gruber – the problem is that after banning flights from China Trump basically declared victory until March. Trump rescued DEFEAT FROM THE JAWS OF VICTORY!

    3. Hans Gruber The travel ban didn’t do anything to stop the virus that was already spreading. And you should check your facts on what they actually said rather than repeating after Trump.

  10. So how many ppl did he effectively murdered? If the pastor gets arrested shouldn’t the governor should be arrested too? Lol

    1. @Voltrono That’s a very low-IQ statement right there. People who speak rubbish shouldn’t be commenting.

  11. On April Fool’s Day. How fitting. Now that the spring breakers have all gone home to spread it throughout the United States even more.

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