Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Controversial Voting Bill Live On Fox News | MSNBC 1

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Controversial Voting Bill Live On Fox News | MSNBC


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed the state's new restrictive voting legislation into law during a live interview on Fox News' "Fox & Friends" without granting access to other media outlets. The controversial law restricts voters from using drop boxes and voting by mail.

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Signs Controversial Voting Bill Live On Fox News | MSNBC


    1. @Sunny Mom I’m voting for Ron DeSantis for reelection. Democrats are destroying Miami and Jacksonville. I don’t want that for the rest of Central Florida.

    2. @broken tos You still show an ID when you go through security at an airport (multiple times), rent a car, or buy booze. No one has a problem doing so, and it’s the right thing to do. Yet somehow it becomes “tedious or redundant” when you show up to vote. The greatest threat to disenfranchising a voter is by making voting fraud easy. I have always voted in person on election day and have always shown an ID to do so. Nothing tedious about it. There is nothing in the FL law (or the GA law, for that matter) that disenfranchises voters. If you think otherwise, could you explain how so here?

    3. DeSantis is a super star here in Florida. We spent well under the budget, our state income exceeded our expectations, and we are free and healthy (Specialize in emergency medicine). If you meet the man, and if you have an open mind, you’ll like him too.

  1. Good’!. finally some sanity!. hey at least they didn’t put up cardboard on the Windows as you stood outside! lol nutz hu??

    1. @Bike Builder koolaid is the drink for you republicans you have been drinking it for 4 years

    2. @Thomas Harte “Very violent people” as you watch left wing terrorists riot for over 100 days straight because a career violent felon woman abusing criminal was killed. And don’t talk about Kool-Aid. You morons get your news from late night comedy shows and Hollywood actors.

    3. @FortNGrant 02
      Right wing terrorists like the pride boys and the goat keepers infuriated the peaceful protests and instigated the violence. Trump supporters as usual

    4. @Thomas Harte That’s funny. Sounds like what the right said about BLM and ANTIFA instigating the Capital riots.. not enough tin foil in your city to supple enough hats for you. BLM/ANTIFA IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION. Proud boys don’t need to instigate anything. Their goal is violence. They even admit it.

    1. @Keith Crowell I can bench 3 of you from being healthy all my life, but I also have a spine disease, you know what let’s me go on as if nothing was wrong and prevents me from being crippled? Medicine, injections, science. So yeah, I will use a vaccine so we can get back to normal. You do realize what we know of sickness prevention isn’t anything new correct? We have a history that goes back forever on the protocol for a virus outbreak.

      You just won’t do anything about it because you lack empathy and are selfish to those around you, and that’s quite frankly sad and makes you essentially a subhuman. But like all weak species who do things against their own good, nature has a funny way at exterminating them.

    2. @Luis V Desantis sucks but your state elected that criminal Rick Scott. Florida’s track record ain’t that good.

    3. @Eric Glenn who said I lived in Florida? You don’t have to live in that state to acknowledge what a great job Desantis is doing , and he is doing a FANTASTIC job.

    4. @Drew Morales he’s coming back in four years and now you can’t cheat. More states will pass these voting laws loser

    5. @Ken Damage is that why the New York governor is being investigated by the state attorney general for lying about covid nursing home deaths and is being accused of sexual assault by nine women. Is that why the Governor of California is about to be recalled and thrown out of office. You don’t live in reality moron Florida is the number one influx state

    1. @Jay Hosh I did say Kevin was projecting, but I can’t make sense out of your words here. I don’t see enough awareness in your speech for you to catch me on the wrong anyway. Buzz off

    2. @Kevin This coming from the side that invented cancel culture, silences opposing views on Big Tech platforms, supports a self proclaimed Marxist organization in BLM, teaches critical race theory in schools, and sucks China’s D in places like the NBA, and shoves superiority and politics in our faces in places like Hollywood and sports, among other things. Give me a break.

    3. Doing it live on TV is as transparent as it can get. They’re just mad because they weren’t invited to the party that’s why they’re spreading propaganda about it.

    4. @Nikhil Newse Mueller did find evidence. He just couldn’t indict a sitting president. Putin’s TR45H isn’t president any more.

    1. @Crazy Fingers If that were true then all of Africa would be successful but they didn’t even have a boat that was seaworthy when euros hit the shores lol

    2. Facts hahaha look at this woman’s face these vile demons think that we actually value any of their opinions

    3. @Jon Stark don’t you worry. Biden and the DNC are paving ways for their paths to citizenship. It’s 2021 where have you been?

    1. In 1954 the CIA created a 6 part plan to overthrow a government. Step 3 was to create fake media and discredit the MSM. Funny how so many people will believe a YouTube video but not an actual media source and if a media source says something that is different than what they believe then it is fake. I love watching folks twist in the wind.

    2. @Mr Yeti well most of the “actual media” sources have proven theirselves untrustworthy. So it’s really not all that funny that people don’t buy the news anymore.

    3. @Keith Crowell Rightfully so, the US is under siege. I feel sorry for the legitimate republicans.

  2. When you call it “controversial” you put in the realm of normalcy. Call it un-American, un-democratic, which is what it is. Language matters.

    1. How? Is requiring ID to vote unamerican? Do you not realize the consequence of not requiring ID to vote?

    2. @cocklord How is it unamerican to prevent ballot harvesting from occurring.

      They don’t really care about the substance of the bill. Just like Georgia, they don’t even understand what’s going on. That’s why arguing with liberals quickly degrades to an emotional name calling tantrum on their end.

  3. For some reason, this played on my phone right after the video “Talking Magpie Becomes Video Sensation!”

    1. If you haven’t had the pleasure, I recommend “Griffi The Dancing Cockatoo” he has more rhythm than most humans.

  4. I moved to a new address the 1st week of March. I finally received my new ID on May 1rd. That’s 2 months and it is a good thing that there was no election. I am not going to get into all the BS I went through to get my ID. I’ll just tell you that when we can get ID quickly and at no cost (poll tax) then we can talk. Until then i don’t want to hear about voter ID laws.

  5. Floridian’s, please vote and send a clear msg to TV politician’s and there benefactors. Let him be an example.

  6. Just wait until the realize they are also sticking it to themselves as well. It’s going to be funny as well.

  7. Lol I watched this to see Ron speak. Instead I saw a bunch of know-it-alls spewing sewage

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