Florida Grapples With Record Covid Surge

President and CEO of Florida Hospital Association, Mary Mayhew, joins Morning Joe to discuss coronavirus infections in Florida and how the virus is impacting young patients.

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Florida Grapples With Record Covid Surge


    1. @Sandi Harris I’ve been watching that as well. However Desantis has come out the other day saying he’s not using the same recording method as other states.

    2. @Sandi Harris I live in Florida. I know how hard we’ve been hit. I don’t need a worldometer to show me. I also know that kids have been hit the hardest because of the lack of policies to protect them. Entire school systems were shut down by the second day of school due to COVID. Unmasked teachers have spread COVID throughout schools and 3 teachers have died. Those are real statistics. I think that’s education enough, don’t you?

    1. Get some help for that TDS their crazy, no kids are “dying of covid”… you know of nobody that died of covid yet 2 years into it, do you? lol

    2. @Jehovah Witness Your daddy Bush Jr put them there in the first place…Go get Daddy first, then come for Joe. Daddy Bush & Bin Laden made love to each other behind a Texas oil rig

    1. Boulder County in Colorado is extremely Liberal. They just re-instated a mask mandate for indoors because of a surge in Covid cases. Explain that! 🤔

    2. Conservatives built this country and are the reason we’ve had these freedoms for as long as we have. We’d be speaking German or Russian while living under commumism without them.

  1. I feel sorry for the kids in harms way some are going to die because of their parents ignorance by the way idiots 45 was first in line to get vaccinated.

    1. In the name of war and freedom we have bombed children, casualties of war occur, and Republicans are at war with reality, worry about yourself getting caught in the cross fire, we must be ready to rebuild the world, better this time , this is the end of the beginning

    2. Every single prominent Republican politican and talking head has been vaccinated. They in fact RUSHED to be FIRST.

    3. @Jack Lewis – Can you start by paying your rent and getting a job. Take some baby steps before trying to rebuild the world.

    1. I would think if you hate Republicans sooo much, and feel they are the majority ‘dying’ then that would bring you joy!! Aren’t you HAPPY!!!

    1. @Armandhammer : I see, any judge that disagrees with you is a partisan judge and as such you can do what ever you want? Still demonstrating your lawless anti-American, fascists, authoritarian beliefs! Leave already!

    2. @Armandhammer : I like the U.S. just fine, it’s fascists, lawless, anti-Americans like you that are giving the neighborhood a really bad name. Leave already, Belarus would love to have you, I’m sure.

      Edit: P.S. whats with the finger and the flag? Are you saying screw America? That does seem to be your over all behavior I guess.

    1. Not only did Republicans declare war on reality, they’re using stupidity as their weapon of choice.
      Stupid kills, as they are finding out.

    2. Covid don’t care who it kills. Apart from for the kids who have no choice in the matter, quite frankly I am past caring for ‘adults’ …. let ’em stay vax free and suffer the consequences. Mask mandates in schools must be universal

    3. Vaccine is not safe quit being in denial. You claim Trumpers worship the orange God. You liberals seem to be worshipping big pharma when it has never cured a disease without causing severe side effects.

    4. @Robert lol you Trump is not a scientist. I will do my own analysis on the vaccine before I trust experts. Remember when the experts said asbestos was 100% safe until it caused cancer. This is why I only trust long term studies.

  2. Due to desantis , I have 3 grand kids in 3 different schools , that are currently covid 19 positive . He isn’t trying to protect anything as far as kids in Florida !!!

    1. @Jonas P Jonas P, don’t think… . just get fully vaccinated,.

      We are all in this together!Trust the narrative

    2. @lulu111593 Where do you want to start with science? Didn’t think Gates was an epidemiologist but seemingly you know more?
      You do know science, don’t you? I mean you do own a phone, use a PC, interact on social media, don’t you?
      Why not show us the way, drop all these, drop out of society & go away & live like a hermit off the land, just so science doesn’t ever affect you, ok?
      See, the problem with close minded people is that their mouths are always open. Cheers.

  3. Rigging number of cases in Texas and Florida, is their new strategy. This is deathSantis’ problem solving solution regarding covid cases.

    1. That’s what I thought she keeps talking about DeSantis like he’s the savior of Florida when it’s he’s the reason why Florida is in this predicament in the first place MSNBC CNN all these news networks need to be careful who they put on because it sends Falls narratives to people who are going “oh well the hospital rates going down I don’t need to be vaccinated” anymore the end

  4. So looking forward to voting ALL BLUE in the Florida midterm elections in ’22. Send Val Deming to the U.S. Senate!!

    1. @Taliban Biden less every day! Covid is changing the voting base. Republicans don’t vax or mask. Democrats are more likely to give a dam. Voting advantage is shrinking by their own choice.

    2. @Taliban Biden not with all these people moving from up north from blue states. Destupid isn’t being reelected…

    3. @Americas Most wanted most people that are moving there are Republican you moron because Democrats have ruined most cities 😂. Florida is more red than ever ❤️🇺🇸

    4. @Americas Most wanted Democrats wouldn’t move to Florida because DeSantis opened it up proving the CDC wrong with covid. Democrats can’t breathe in that state wearing their 3 masks 😂. Fauci loves you

  5. What’s the problem.
    Good old Americans using their good old American freedoms to be above science.
    Hand them a bible and send them home.

  6. Desantis has been fudging the numbers! How gullible are we that we are falling for the continual lies, disinformation and nonsensical conspiracy theories of the Republican Party!

  7. MoRon made his donor hella money pushing Regeneron. He’s just the kind of politician GQPer’s absolutely love, cheering while everybody’s pockets are being picked and morticians are hitting at record speed.

    1. In summer people spend more time inside in the AC.

      state and 7 day average deaths per million people
      florida 2.96
      georgia 6.82
      south carolina 9.04

      alabma 6.27

      mississippi 14.09

      Looks like Florida is doing amazing.

      Florida has the highest percentage of elderly in the country.

      THANK GOD FOR Ron DeSantis

      Masks and sanitizers never worked. Take your supplements and *censored* if you want to prevent Covid

  8. Contrary to what she said, fact is that for the last year everyone has been told that Covid will affect the young. Early 2020 we were told the elderly were at risk. Her words, having to “quickly change the narrative” sounds like something DeSantis may use to justify his mishandling of this deadly virus.

    1. @ZERO Day Dude vaccine does not cause cancer. It would require to infect a cell to do any damage. The vaccine does not have enough of the blueprint to infect and copy. So stop living under a rock.(I am trying to be nice here.)

    2. @David Drake you need to do more research on mRNA…this is basic biology. MRNA needs to enter cells to do anything. The mRNA enters your cells and turns it into a spike protein factory. The antibodies come from the immune cells recognizing the proteins as foreign. Thus make an antibodies to disable it.

    3. @David Drake Messing with a cells functions is very dangerous because cancer is basically a malfunction in the cells replication and killswitch function.

  9. We were warned by a previous lady that DeathSantis was fudging the numbers last year. She got fired. Do we trust him now?

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