Florida Hospital CEO: We Are Seeing Rapid, Unprecedented Rise In Cases 1

Florida Hospital CEO: We Are Seeing Rapid, Unprecedented Rise In Cases

University of Florida Health Shands CEO Ed Jimenez joins Morning Joe to discuss the impact the state's Covid surge is having on his hospital and the 'unprecedented' rise in virus cases his hospital is seeing.

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Florida Hospital CEO: We Are Seeing Rapid, Unprecedented Rise In Cases


    1. @Mark Evans Ron DeSantis bills himself as a Conservative. American Conservatives have long argued for local decisionmaking and control, as opposed to “top down edicts.” Yet DeSantis, despite his avowed conservatism, will not allow counties in the state of Florida to determine policies vis-a-vis blunting the terrible spread of the Delta variant in their counties even though county leaders know their own particular circumstances and dynamics better than does DeSantis with his ” one size fits all” approach.

      Meanwhile in Los Angeles county local officials are rapidly moving to require the wearing of masks in all commercial indoor spaces and the possibility of required “vaccine passports” for entry to indoor activities is very much on the table. And not a squeak of protest can be heard from Governor Newsom.

      So attempting to compare the Governors of California and Florida merely on the basis of number of citizens hospitalized is simplistic at best…Besides, Desantis is clearly an autocrat and bully, while Newsom (of California) is the polar opposite.

    2. My beautiful State of Florida, the Governor’s office is occupied by a forked tongue killer of residence, and children. To willfully discourage and obstruct necessary steps for schools to abide by concerning COVID-19 and variant(s) measures for the deterrence of COVID spread is homicidally outrageous. Furthermore, this Governor would have the United States Government intervene into Cuba’s affairs in the interest of Governor DeSantis whim. This Governor would rather engage foreign police then support appropriate measures to counter a global pandemic. DeSantis should conclude his Governorship and shouldn’t ever hold political office as Senator, President are particularly Governor ever again. This Governor in my most humble opinion is not worthy of being in Politics period. Politics as a basis to defy known pandemic preventive measures is demonic.

  1. Jesus, I always knew there was stupid people among us, but I had no idea how many there actually were, until now.

    1. @Jamie miller Theyre really not, they’re just loud about their gun ownership. A lot of liberals own guns, but don’t make it part of their personality.

    2. @Jamie miller Now I see what you did there. Disregard my reply to your first comment. You’re saying precisely what I said.

    1. @Gabbey Smith you are using your children as guinea pigs, waiting to see if, not being yourself vaccinated, they are gonna die or not.

    2. @Gabbey Smith in the UK entire Families have volunteered to have the vaccine. They do it so people like you can have a longer healthier life, every vaccine was experimental at first but after volunteers tested it for us. I expect other Families Worldwide have done the same and the only reason they haven’t passed the vaccines for children yet is because there are, obviously going to be less children taking part in the trials.

  2. It’s fine talking to your Pastor so long as they’re not crazy cultist grifters. Unfortunately, there are way too many such Evilgelicals in America.

    1. @No Show Joe not at all….There’s just waaaaaay too many Evangelicals that are doing the exact opposite of what they should be. They are turning people away from Christianity with blatant hypocrisy. Also, don’t hold that “the right” has any claim on morals! Just look at what former guy said at his last prayer breakfast when he said he couldn’t agree with the teachings of Jesus.

  3. Just been announced that 75% of UK adults have been completely vacinated. We are all now able to go about our daily lives. Masks are now an option many still choose to use them .

    1. @David Hamilton Not sure what your point is? Everyone is vaccinated so now they can cannibalize each other? We all seen Boris send out the UK army now supermarkets are running out of food. Yup no covid but prepare to die of starvation! Good point I guess?

    2. @David Hamilton oh I meant I wonder if kids got sicker being in school with delta or if generally they stayed healthier

    3. Nah cases are gonna go back up, vaccines don’t immunize people it lowers severity of symptoms!

  4. Life is full of choices. Freedom means you live with the choices that you make. Unfortunately medical professionals are dealing with others bad choices.

    1. Unvaccinated sick people have no right to hospital beds … let them stay home , do not use resources at the hospital — live or die with your choices

    2. @wnose Thank you. We do what we do because we truly care. I was born a patient and will die one. That’s what led me to nursing and toxicology. Most people want to make this world a better place, we are just overlooked, ignored or insulted and we just take it on the chin but when the system is stressed and stretched to it’s limit like this and it seems we’re receiving blow after blow; sometimes enough is enough. Thank you so much. We don’t do it for the praise or anything like that. Please take care and stay safe.

    3. @Queen Of Wands sorry but that’s discrimination. So if you’re vaccinated, still got Covid and get sick, that’s OK. Never mind all the people you, yourself may have infected. Vaccinated healthcare workers are also getting sick. I have been injured by vaccines. Therefore, am never taking another one. I had a moderate case of Covid over a year ago. As an RN, I cared for myself successfully at home. Unless hospitals examine everyone’s entire vaccine record, everyone should be treated equally. Stop buying the BS. And stop listening to CEOs or hospital docs trying to sell more product.

    4. @Bettina Zatuchni You, as a vaccinated sheep, can still get Covid, spread it to others, and may yourself need hospitalization. It is well known that vaccines cause viruses to mutate. Therefore, it is YOU who are driving up the infection rate.

    1. Show your trump card and your relatives get a discount at the mortuary, you can not, you will be another happy casualty. In war times called victims of friemdly fire.

  5. The unvaccinated/anti-maskers will keep this nightmare going forever.
    Locally we are approximately 80% vaccinated, and guess what? We are SAFELY open.
    If you’re from Florida do us all a favor. and STAY THERE. DON’T COME HERE!!!!
    You’d probably hate being in a state with an intelligent Governor anyway. One who looks out for people, not trump. (He doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized).

    1. It’s a win win for the vaccinated people. The unvaxed folks will eventually catch the disease and either die from it or develop anti-bodies that will prevent future spread. Hopefully enough of them will die off that we can put this pandemic behind us politically too.

  6. Do these Republikkkan Governors plan on repealing the seatbelt laws? and the no smoking laws? and the polio measles chicken pox vaccine laws?

    The government mandates a lot of laws for PUBLIC SAFETY. But these Republikkkan want to draw the line on masks and covid vaccine. It’s just so stupid.

  7. And people thought the pandemic was over on July 4th. “Celebrate!! Woo hoop.. Party!”! What naive fools. The pandemic has clearly not taught people anything. Back to the idiocy of “normal”.

    1. They don’t know how nature works. We have too many people, consuming too much, traveling too much, and not taking precautions.

  8. January: 157 patients
    June: 11 patients
    August: 214 patients
    “This morning, 90% of the patients in our hospital, are unvaccinated.”

  9. Really sad. We direly need to teach “Critical Thinking & Rational Skepticism”, “Financial Literacy & Wealth Development ”, and “Practical Ethics & Citizenship” as required courses in all high schools.

    1. Those are mickey mouse subjects! Kids should learn proper things! Now open your bibles and turn to Genesis Chapter 1 …

  10. My sister’s employer paid each of his full-time staff $500 when they were fully vaccinated, and $250 for his half-time people. I say, way to go.

    1. @joe fran Plenty of us didn’t get paid, and went eagerly for our shots anyway. My sister’s boss I suppose wanted to be extra sure his staff were protecting themselves and customers. A veterinarian, by the way, so he’s someone who knows something about medicine and vaccines.

  11. I was listening to everything he said until he referred to Desantos as “Aware and Upenminded”…. That is not true. Desantos has blood on his hands. What a gross man

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