Florida Hospitals Preparing For Surge In Delta Variant Cases 1

Florida Hospitals Preparing For Surge In Delta Variant Cases

As Florida becomes the epicenter for coronavirus infections, Carlos Migoya of Jackson Health System in Miami joins Morning Joe to discuss how the state is handling this new surge of infections.

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Florida Hospitals Preparing For Surge In Delta Variant Cases


    1. @reality why are you lyin’? You know those fiucking connies are worse. I mean the lot of them got taken for a ride by Donald….oooppps I mean, is still getting taking

    2. @reality lotsA liberals/Dems in your circle of friends**”” or u been watching PBS ,VICE news again…., Or listening to the blonds only on ???

    3. @jesuslovesyou? Yes he does!!!!! It’s your fellow humans u need to worry about, sadly…..good point; what would the Christ man have to say to all of us from the mount about masks,Jan 6th,middle east, COVID-19??????? I wonder…..

    1. @t nonyabusiness — Newsflash: That’s funny, because I ain’t a liberal, honey. I simply know a group of worthless sociopaths whose only concern is themselves when I see one. And the death of the entire lot will only be a net positive for the U.S. What’s with you MAGAtards and Trumplicans, anyway? You’ll fall all over yourselves being the first to “kneel for the flag,” and you’ll yap on and on about how patriotic you are. But when it comes time to actually do your civic duty for fellow countrymen, you pee all over yourselves. Now, consider yourself fully embraced.

    2. @Denise Kulawik jajaja. Sure you not Karen. You got some bridge to sell me? Your hateful response proved my point. Thank you, have a nice day

      Edit: make sure to get back on your meds. Mental health is a serious issue

    3. @t nonyabusiness — Apparently, you’re unaware that YOU’RE the KAREN. See.. YOU’RE the one who thinks only of himself or herself. You neither love nor hate. You simply don’t recognize that other people and their rights exist. EDIT: I’d recommend that you get some mental health care, except that there’s very, very little that can be done to help a narcissistic sociopath such as yourself see the light. That said, don’t get vaccinated. In fact, I hope you don’t.

    1. @CornPop Luther King Don’t you remember last year when they said covid wouldn’t bother the BLM rioters because covid approved of their message. jajaja

    2. @Some Guy I can do better than define communism. I can PROVE you are a communist by your own policies-
      Are today’s Democrats Communists?
      The 1963 communist goals and the Democratic Party of today:

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    3. @Jesse Watters actually I’m a liberal American with an education. Apparently the scariest thing in the world to the conservative snowflake.

  1. Two people died in my little town from Covid …neither of them were vaccinated :/this just happened last week …

    1. @David well some would agree ..Lindsey Graham is a piece of fruit ..melon head But the tests are accurate,,

    1. @Mark Evans DeSantis can do what he’s been doing for 18 months, nothing.
      Sit back and watch your constituents perish due to your inaction, that’s the Republican way.

    1. My friend she works at the hospital she said it’s all immigrants that come across the borders they need to vaccinate at the border before letting them in

    2. @reality no actually not sooo many! Literally not even a total of a 1000, so far. New Covid for unvaxxed was 22k yesterday alone. A universe of difference

    3. @Fear Factory ummm how is Joe Biden a super spreader? Maybe you forgot how to spell trump. It’s T. R. U. M. P. not B. I. D. E. N.

  2. Gee, who does DeSantis sound EXACTLY like?? And yet the people of Florida will vote him in again, just like the people in TX will reelect Teddy and the cult in the midwest will try to reelect the orange-a-tan. WTF is wrong with these people???

    1. I’m pretty much stuck in Fl and have been thru all of it. 6 yrs of a toxic nightmare aka trump and his clones. 1 and a half yrs of the never ending pandemic. These “NHI” (no humans involved) republicans have caused all of this.


    1. @Noreb
      You are full on them too! And I am from The United States! Can say that I am an American anymore because half the country want me to leave or die!

    1. @Ricky Powers In fact its younger( under 50) unvaccinated people who are getting very sick during this wave of the virus. Double jabbers are getting it but don’t need ICU admission as their immune system has more support. Stop spreading lies

    2. @Jesse Watters right now no one cares. Have it don’t have it, just don’t infect anyone decent along the way.

    3. Its the best thing he could say .
      Thats what id tell them after seperating them . Especially after walling the conspiracy theorists into the ghetto.. For our posterity and the prosperity of our children and their children’s children. Amen ..

    4. @Ricky Powers careful with statistics. The only figures I’ve seen that show that effect are from the UK, where 70% of the population is fully vaccinated. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but it was something like 3000 unvaccinated 3500 vaccinated. But 3000 out of 30% is a lot more than 3500 out of 70%. You really have to stop cherry-picking facts to fit your cherished beliefs, or you will never learn anything.

  4. Delta DeSantis sez ‘Nuthin’ to see here folks … y’all just keep partying on.’ He has abdicated his duty to the people. His actions around COVID are grossly negligent.

    1. @LG Roots who is the man who is giving this info. Where does he live??? The answer is FLORIDA!!! Florida is blowned up and is has been for a month at least. governor of Florida lies just as much as trump. But he doesn’t believe the lies, he’s just tell big butt lies!!

    1. @Angela Decesare tell your bosses to start refusing patients! There is still plenty of business from regular diseases

    1. @UC6wi1b4dYa64FltWJ083VsA Trump is why there is so much confusion and hesitancy to get vaccinated. Most democrats are already vaccinated, dingus.

    2. @susan schaub
      Not this time it looks like.
      Lots of younger people infected and that will grow unfortunately.

    3. @Robert L. Ross so commie….was this a lie? You communist Democrats changed your tune….

      “ I said it a long time ago , right from the beginning . And when you look at Wu han and that’s where it all started , and then you look at the Wuhan lab and that’s what they were doing , it seemed pretty obvious to me . I called it a long time ago ,” Trump said in an interview Wednesday on Fox Nation.

      Now even the Communist Democrats know Trump was right way back in the beginning when he said China created COVID in the Wuhan Lab. Joe Biden , Kamala Harris , Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer & all the rest of the communist Democrats said he’s lying.

      Nope – Trump is ALWAYS right.

      They lied to you democrat sheep ….
      AGAIN ….
      The ignorant Democrat sheeple just nod their heads…

  5. Deepest sympathies for the essential frontline workers who will be traumatised by this failure of state government.
    They deserve better.

    1. Travel nurses are refusing all offers for FL, TX, AL assignments. It’s not worth the risk. It’s too late for vaccinations to help these people now, it takes 6 weeks for a full immune response. Residents don’t have that kind of time. Good luck.

    2. Or, those who didn’t get vaccinated should stay home even if they’re sick. It was their choice.

  6. The protocol should be:
    1. If they’re vaccinated, treat them.
    2. If they aren’t vaccinated, send them home.

    1. We’re all human beings. So I respectfully disagree… How about a compromise?
      1) If they’re vaccinated, treat them.
      2) If they aren’t vaccinated, treat them still but these people should not get any financial help from the government, insurance companies should also put a clause wch denies all claims covid related if the patient doesn’t get vaccinated

    2. I agree. They chose the consequences and everyone else should not be put in danger or denied treatment because of their idiocy.

    3. @t nonyabusiness We’ll I would not call it separating classes, let me compare to claiming life insurance. first guy dies of natural causes = Insurance pays out. second guy dies suicide = insurance doesn’t pay. Everybody should all be on the same boat but personal decisions they make will have different outcomes.

    1. DeSantis has never said not to take the vaccine. Media continues to say he tells people not to take the vaccine. That is not true. He has said it publicly many times but the media continues to lie about it. He has never said do not get the vaccine.

    2. Stupid post. Thanks to decades of U.S policy and climate change, what people leaving Central America are dealing with here is still better than what they are fleeing from.

    1. They are sick with Covid and coffins are stacking up in the halls just like the gurneys in hospital corridors.

  7. When are we going to say it out loud. What Desantis is doing in Fla. endangers the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Since when do elected officials have the right to endanger and actually cause the deaths of the citizens of this country. What kind of absurdity is this?

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