Florida Now Withholding School Board Salaries Over Mask Mandates

Florida Now Withholding School Board Salaries Over Mask Mandates 1


  1. How about withholding the salaries of all lawmakers who are endangering the lives of floridians; including the salaries of those elected to congress and the senate who are not doing the job they have been elected to do. i.e. the wellbeing of Floridian citizens.

    1. @annmarie anfield funny all I in Florida are NY TEXAS My Ohio. I did see two Mexicans cutting the grass. Same guys last 15 years

  2. Its time to serve the Governor with our Declaration of Independence. I see no purpose in continuing to allow a politician with an allegiance to a foreign power that negates his allegiance to the power of the people at home. Theres a traitor among us. He must be removed!

    1. Everyone knows Republicans work for the Russians and the Democrats work for China while Russia and China work together.

  3. My freedom ends, temporarily, when it endangers your health. Would all the anti-maskers prefer to be locked down again?

  4. Wasn’t it already ruled that DeSantis has overstepped his authority by telling schoolboards they couldn’t issue mask mandates?

    This is going to result in 1 of 3 outcomes:
    DeSantis backs down.
    Schoolboards back down, Floridians die.
    Teachers quit, schools are shorthanded and Floridians fall behind in education.

    2/3 of those outcomes are poor for Florida, and it won’t be the average resident of the state that suffers. The upper class can afford sending people out of state to private schools.

    1. 4: The Federal Government takes over funding education in Florida.
      5: DeSantis loses re-election.
      6: The school boards sue the Governor.

  5. I dont understand why the governor is doing this? Do they want kids to die? Im glad mine is 15, fully vaccinated and wants to wear her mask. Theres only one life and we are doing everything we can to protect and preserve it. Im not understanding why YT ppl dont feel the same. They are the only ones who dont wear masks here in Florida. So called patriots. Selfish idiots is what they are.

    1. @Chris Mullin Exactly, just like anyone who labels himself/herself a “hero”. Anyone who is truly a hero or a patriot doesn’t seek recognition.

    2. @No More It’s the same with highly intelligent people. They don’t boast; they just keep on doing and making surprisingly clever imaginative things. They also tend to have strong concerns about how stupid they are. True strength knows its limits.

    3. @Christopher Oliver Very true. And yet, for some reason, society in general views outward, boastful confidence and claims of greatness (to the point of bragging) as a good thing, as though appearance is more important than reality. Also, businesses usually do everything they can to hire a CEO who nearly bankrupted their last company and was forced out, as though that’s a valuable attribute. I’d like to think that one day, we’ll start valuing what is actually important instead of the appearance of what is important, but it seems like we’ve been sliding in the opposite direction for a long time, with too much momentum to reverse course now.

    4. Please keep your fear-mongering comments to yourself everybody don’t have to believe your propaganda !
      Side effects of vaccines are loss of hair eyesight
      Hearing nerve damage paralyzed possibly death !
      Covid-19 has a 99.9999% survival rate
      Of the USA population.

      It is equivalent are you going to the doctor and there’s nothing wrong with you

    5. The explanation to your not knowing why the “governor” is doing this: trump. That Desantos governor is trump’s platform, is his WH continuation. And DeSantos or whatever his name is, is just a cowards puppet! his got the devil too close to him living there.

    1. The governor is not a god and not and not above the law and is not a lawyer or supreme court judge. He took an oath to uphold the constitution and the judge determined that his order is unconstitutional. Are you fascist because what Death Sentence is doing is a fascist dictator move. Why do you want a dictator in charge? Is it because you want to become a dictator wherever you are at.

  6. Can’t tell if this is, “Risk a kid’s life or lose your paycheck” or if it’s, “I’ll pay you to risk a kid’s life.” Either way, the Federal government is now paying for Southern states to run their schools. Wonder if that gives us more control over the curriculum – and free lunches?

    1. Florida has lost 10 or fewer to covid, none were kids, for the last week. Their treatment approach should be copied all over the country. Curing it or stopping it hasnt worked, treat it!

    1. @Brandon West The paper “Ivermectin wonder drug from Japan a human use perspective” is dated 2011 and doesn’t address SARS or coronaviruses. You got anything?

    2. @Nobody Knows yessir. Compare that to cdcs quote, “you’re not a cow, you’re not a horse, seriously y’all stop it” wtf? It’s a wonder drug for humans and it works by empowering the immune system, not just fighting worms, that’s why it’s so versatile and safe like it says. And thanks for checking it out. Chloroquine is hydroxochloroquine. It just shows what CDC says is bs so are factchecks, they’re hiding old cheap cures

    3. @Brandon West uh…plants don’t have lungs, they don’t breathe like we do (they use cellular respiration and diffusion to get oxygen). They don’t have hearts or brains to develop autism. Also, how do you put a mask on a “baby plant”?

    1. @Mike Kim EVERY last REPUBLICAN for the last 100 years including trump caused Major ECONOMIC DECLINE..
      The 192324 Recession: Warren G. Harding
      The 192627 Recession: Calvin Coolidge
      The Great Depression: Herbert Hoover
      The Recession of 1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 1958: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 19601961: Dwight D. Eisenhower
      The Recession of 19691970: Richard Nixon
      The Recession of 197375: Richard Nixon (Began in Nov. 1973, Ford took over in August of 1974)
      The 198182 Recession: Ronald Reagan
      Early 1990s recession in the United States: George H.W. Bush
      Early 2000s Recession: George W. Bush
      The Great Recession: George W. Bush (Began Dec. 2007, Obama took office Jan. 2009)
      Recession 2020: Donald Trump

    2. @Mike Kim remember how right wingers said Dems are the party of child predators??.while you ACTUALLY Support a party of child predators..who claim they care about the lives of kids…
      Here’s A SMALL portion of REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS arrested in the last 5 years alone…for being predators…this is just *SOME* not even half of the list…
      Tim Nolan, Ralph shortey David swartz ,Mark Pazuhanich, Nicholas Morency ,Edison Misla Aldarondo ,
      Philip Giordano, Tom Shortridge, Mike Hintz, Peter Dibble, Buz Lukens , Richard A. Delgaudio, Mark A. Grethen,Dan Crane, Beverly Russell, Robert Bauman, Jeffrey Patti, Josiah Magnuson, Eric Bodenweiser, , Glen Casada, josh duggar, George Nader, Dennis baster, Randal david, Marty glickman, Dennis rader, John Hathaway, Lawrence Scott ward Steve wilsey

      Add two more REPUBLICANS to this list.. Gisela Castro medina and Anton Lazaro
      Arrested just last week

    3. @Mike Kim the most dangerous states are all RED STATES evidence below from the
      *US DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE* fact check me 撾儭儭
      Most danger states for gun violence /homicides/suicide

      > Annual firearm death rate: 15.6 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,136 (suicides: 809, homicides: 285)
      > Background checks in 2020: 665,458 (9,143 per 100,000 people )
      > 1-yr. change in background checks: +78.4% (5th highest)
      > Annual violent crime rate: 455 per 100,000 people (10th highest

      . Nevada
      > Annual firearm death rate: 15.7 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 483 (suicides: 354, homicides: 118)
      > Background checks in 2020: 219,349 (7,121 per 100,000 people )
      > 1-yr. change in background checks: +70.9% (6th highest)
      > Annual violent crime rate: 494 per 100,000 people (9th highest)

      West Virginia
      > Annual firearm death rate: 16.0 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 286 (suicides: 196, homicides: 76)
      > Background checks in 2020: 265,705 (14,826 per 100,000 people 10th highest)
      > 1-yr. change in background checks: +28.9% (6th highest)
      > Annual violent crime rate: 317

      > Annual firearm death rate: 16.0 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,695 (suicides: 955, homicides: 691)

      12. Oklahoma
      > Annual firearm death rate: 18.2 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 719 (suicides: 473, homicides: 246)

      11. Montana
      > Annual firearm death rate: 18.3 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 196 (suicides: 172, homicides: 24)

      10. Tennessee
      > Annual firearm death rate: 18.6 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,270 (suicides: 746, homicides: 474)

      9. Arkansas
      > Annual firearm death rate: 18.7 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 563 (suicides: 341, homicides: 208)

      8. South Carolina
      > Annual firearm death rate: 19.4 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,001 (suicides: 532, homicides: 453)

      7. Missouri
      > Annual firearm death rate: 20.2 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,239 (suicides: 681, homicides: 537)

      6. Louisiana
      > Annual firearm death rate: 21.5 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 999 (suicides: 446, homicides: 542)

      5. New Mexico
      > Annual firearm death rate: 21.8 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 457 (suicides: 284, homicides: 158)

      4. Alabama
      > Annual firearm death rate: 21.8 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 1,071 (suicides: 543, homicides: 486

      3. Wyoming
      > Annual firearm death rate: 22.5 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 130 (suicides: 114, homicides: 16)

      2. Alaska
      > Annual firearm death rate: 23.0 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 168 (suicides: 117, homicides: 51)

      1. Mississippi
      > Annual firearm death rate: 23.7 per 100,000 people
      > Total annual firearm: 705 (suicides: 308, homicides: 366)

    4. @Mike Kim now…let’s get into the “inflation”
      You OBVIOUSLY don’t know even the BASICS of ECONOMICS…
      Inflation means the cost of things go up…..this is BASIC common sense…
      Do you think the cost of things would go UP in a BAD ECONOMY??
      Last year EVERY thing was cheap..gas was the cheapest it’s been in 16 years last year…. Because we were in a RECESSION…the ECONOMY was FAILING no one was working.. EVERYTHING was bad.. businesses were closed..no one was traveling..so corporate lowered the costs so they can MAKE MONEY…
      Everything is opening back up now…. except in red states which are having to close again..
      People going back to work…Dems passed the infrastructure bill…
      Jobs are coming…July job numbers were 900,000
      Corporations smell the money..and the demand…so they raise the cost… Because they’re GREEDY..now you see what we’ve been saying??
      Moderate inflation of 3-8% is healthy for ECONOMIC recovery…
      We are currently at 5.3% inflation…that’s less than the AVERAGE for ECONOMIC recovery..
      When we get to 7.5% inflation…then we need to worry….
      Also….it’s ironic that you’re complaining about inflation…. especially being a trumper…
      Inflation is CAPITALISM doing what CAPITALISM does..
      By you complaining about it…
      That makes you either a SOCIALIST or a COMMUNIST..不不不

    1. He has been an advocate for the shot since the beginning. He is not stopping anybody from wearing a mask. So if you want to wear a mask wear it. This is just a bunch of belly aching by the teachers unions

  7. And the messed up thing about this is nobody will do anything to hold him accountable for going against the judges ruling.

    1. @Pohaku Mana It’s obvious most people know that it’s Illegal to withhold anyone’s Earned Pay regardless of Reason or Circumstance.

    2. @Keith Ranson No, Most people work extra hours and never report it to the Labor Dept. in fear of being fired. Most people aren’t litigious.

    1. @FENTON MILLER yeah what information kid ? Tell me what information. Do you really know anything . Some knowledge only comes from getting older. Being alive for 68 years gives you a benefit of actually seeing something when it happened so arguing with a kid that gets his information from Google that seems to be so far from the truth it’s embarrassing

    2. @zeppelin 73. Businessman Vietnam Veteran
      And TRUMP is the WORST thing to happen to America. And I am a Republican but NOT happy. TRUMP would have BEEN fragged one foot outside the wire. Bone SPURS .traitor to America

  8. Its about freedom! – Republicans
    No, the freedom for us to do whatever we want, while we force you to do what we want! – Also Republicans

    1. @TV Watcher yes no one should be forced to be vaccinated but the choices of where they can work are go should be limited choices have consequences this isn’t to penalize them but to keep others safe

    2. @William Springer Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Mo Brooks, Josh Hawley, Madison Cawthorne, Marjorie Greene, Matt Gaetz, Lindsey Graham have all talked about the importance of freedom and how individual liberty is paramount to freedom in the United States.
      Are none of those Republicans?

    1. @Sofa Kingfresh The boards are listening to science. I prefer them caring about the students more than their wallets. And they are listening to the majority of parents. 56% Fully vaccinated proves that in Florida.

    2. @Sofa Kingfresh Mask mandates are legal. Protecting the public in general is a good thing. I am sorry if this is not one of your priorities, but I hope your children are taught to care for others.

      Vaccinations are mandated for the public health, not just yours. I hope you stay safe. 262 Covid-19 deaths a day in Florida. It’s not a hoax.

    Okay we agree. Let’s compromise and do it safely.

  10. That Governor is a bully and he is terribly insecure just like his demi god. Well, how about withholding his salary.

    1. Schools that have mask mandates have fewer cases than the ones that don’t. Upgraded Ventialation systems and mask work.

  11. People who want unmasked kids in schools must absolutely despise children. They are risking their health and lives for Filthy politics.

    1. @Peter Ramos – I think you miss the point. Desantis doesn’t have the political power (legally) to withhold school board funding. I’m pretty sure what he is doing is called fascism.

    2. @Peter Ramos – Oh yeah … Disney, one of Floridas largest Republican donors, Carnival, Norwegian and Royal Caribbean all went against de-satan’s will. Why pick on a school board when you can go after big fish. Answer … no balls. He doesn’t have the balls to go agains corporate America.

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