Florida Orders School Boards To Relax Mask Rules Or Risk Pay


  1. Stop giving Florida’s government funds. Request that schools work separately with the Biden administration for funds. Problem solved.

    1. @n?a Don’t tell me that you’re that stupid!!! Even landlords pay property taxes on their rental properties, of which goes to the schools. Also, lottery money goes to the schools in certain states. There’s more than one resource in taxes that pays for schools.

    2. @Dani Adventure-dog do you want this country to slip further into the stone age? Educating the younger generation is the only way anything will ever change in this country.

  2. “If it’s true that our species is alone in the universe, then I’d have to say that the universe aimed rather low and settled for very little.” –George Carlin

    1. “Think about how stupid the average person is, and realize that half of them are stupider than that.”

    2. @D Mercury I hope they don’t go to hospitals for treatment. Try a veterinarian who specializes in large animals.

  3. If the governor decided to 😷Mitigate & 💉Vaccine, 1,000’s of Floridians wouldn’t be ☠️ Dead right now.

  4. Arrest DeSantis for child endangerment. Excellent point, everyone is already traumatized. Now, a bully is making it worse. Get rid of him.

    1. @Reason Lmao….. that law only protects federal employees in Congress. Governor Desantis is a State employee. Try again. I told you you didn’t understand the topic. Thanks for proving it.

    2. @Jeremy Ramey: Yeah. It establishes THROUGH 11th AMENDMENT CASE LAW, (WHICH I ALREADY CITED A WHILE AGO!) that government employees enjoy protection from tort action when acting in their official capacity. Federal courts have upheld sovereign immunity under the Federal Employees Liability Reform and Tort Compensation Act of 1988 as constitutional under the 11th amendment which EXTENDS TO THE STATES.

    3. @Jeremy Ramey: Still not going to name those cases huh?
      Government officials cannot be sued personally for acts that were done in their official capacity. This is a well known concept. And if they COULD be sued for such things, you should have no problem naming a specific case that proves it.

  5. As a person that lives in Florida, I’m so happy that the school board is taking actions against the tyrant governor.

    1. @Dino NO, it does NOT damge children at all. They will NOT be socially awkward or mentally ill.

    2. @Bruh the one about ireland and netherlands, if that is the one you didn’t do much research on it

    3. @Bruh People should use their headlights, when driving after dark. But, shouldn’t be forced to. Okayyyyy

    4. @DRS 1 Speed limits aren’t a choice. Personal freedoms don’t include putting other people in harm’s way.
      Choosing to own and carry a firearm doesn’t mean you can use it illegally. Rights have to be balanced with responsibilities.

    5. @killa gamer fascinating how you think giving children the option to breathe fresh air is something a tyrant would do. You people have officially lost your minds. I advocate for children’s rights to breathe and Desantis is a hero for the children. I applaud Desantis’s courage in taking a stand against the hysterical mob.

  6. this lady from the board had to choose from salary or having on her mind that she killed someone because she didn’t enforce masks, kudos to her hope federal government will pay her salary.

    1. @Bruh Masks are better than 95% effective if everybody in the room is wearing one. The vaccinated do still need to wear masks because breakthrough infections are more likely with a higher viral load. Children under 12 cannot be vaccinated.

    2. @Bruh Once again a newly made account spewing bullsh*t information, and guess what guys? If I ask this Bruh “person” where he got the information he wont answer.

    3. Bruh ☝️
      Is a 2 week old baby Troll.

      Probably best to report what it pukes as spam and definitely do not feed it any more, it’ll only be sick again.

  7. That doctor is really smart. Big thumbs up for sticking up for the health of the kids and teachers.

    1. This power grabbing teacher is going to get the bug…with mask and all like many with masks the needles and still they get the bug

    2. Magaly Padron. ☝️
      Is a squalling baby 1 hour old Troll account.
      Probably best to report as spam and definitely do not feed it. 😎👍

    1. @Tom Saltsman …Swindle me? Not sure how that is even relivant. We aren’t discussing finances here.

    2. @Viva La Raza! …Oh really, considering kids with Covid are rare! Did you get your flu shot every year? I wonder how many kids and elders you killed through your cough each year before Covid.

    3. @Joyful Noise Let me try another way. I’m only 5’3″. I’m not good at ANYTHING requiring height. If a person can’t think straight, they can’t think straight.

  8. If DeathSantis takes away their pay, he must realize he will be forcing schools to close, because no teacher in their right mind would work in such a deadly environment for free

    1. That’s the end goal of politicians like Desantis; Republicans want public schools to close so their precious charter and private schools can continue to discriminate against kids who are poor, minority, and/or deemed not fit to be educated. This is their plan, to create a permanent underclass of people who are uneducated and willing to vote against their own interests, and it needs to be stopped urgently.

    2. @The Thing Oh that’s right! I forgot about that, and I just watched it the other day 🤣🤣🤣. Thanks!

    1. This power grabbing teacher is going to get the bug…with mask and all like many with masks the needles and still they get the bug

  9. “My freedom to swing my arm ends where the other fellow’s nose begins”
    -Oliver Wendell Holmes

    if your “freedom” harms others… It’s not your freedom. That’s why we can’t drink and drive

    1. @James McCabe Can you prove that masks work? Because I have a huge piece of data to share with you in contrast to your proof.

    2. @Dino
      I won hundred percent guarantee you have zero data to show that masks do not work unless you are willfully misinterpreting that data

      countless studies and data all confirm that masks reduce the transmission and spread of the virus it doesn’t prevent it. it reduces it.

    3. @Genghis so wear a mask and you’ll be fine, stop making normal people the enemy. So why wasnt the flu vaccine mandated for the past few decades? Why havent we been wearing masks during the swine flu? You talk about safety and health only when the global narrative is shut downs and mandates. Let me ask you this, do you see an end to this any time soon?

    4. @Dino So, it’s ok if you shoot a few folks every now and again because you resent putting the safety on and you can’t be bothered to observe trigger discipline?

      Oookay, got that. 🤔

  10. It’s hard to believe the fff’ing Republicans are so callus and uncaring they would use the children as a tool for their political gains.

  11. Even having such a converation is insane. There is a pandemic and the mask helps. What is the big deal! Are we gonna talk about the seatbelts next?

  12. So Florida school board members respectfully give the Florida Board of Education’s demands that it comply with an executive order banning mask mandates the good ole’ middle finger salute.

  13. When a state posts a number for their new daily confirmed cases, think about how many people who caught the virus today and didn’t get tested. Floridians only think they are adding 20K new cases per day, but they are probably looking at closer to 80K new infections per day. Given the high R0 value of Delta, 80K is probably fairly low.

    1. Yep. We’re behind on the numbers AND they’re also hiding numbers. The fired the lady that was keeping track last summer. Their count is way off.

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