Florida Public School District Defies Ban On Mask Mandates 1

Florida Public School District Defies Ban On Mask Mandates


Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon joins Morning Joe to discuss why the school district is defying Florida’s ban on mask mandates even if it results in a loss of funding.

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Florida Public School District Defies Ban On Mask Mandates


    1. @Alex Warner please correct my mistakes. Low IQ people like me need education you see. So please. I am all ears.

    2. @Mondo Parra the lord is your shepard. Remember that little sheep. I am an atheist, we are more like cats.

    3. @Michael Westen all these democracies have taken these steps after votes showed the majority agreed. Just because you do not, does not make it facist.

      You know about Nazi Germany? And you hate facism? You must have been disgusted by the Jan 6 Insurrection. Did you see all the Nazi T shirts? And Hitler also burned down the German Capitol in the 1930’s. I hope you can recover. It must have been shocking watching history repeat. And even before that Trump supporters shouted Jews will not replace us in a march with torches. It must have been a terrible time for someone like you who cares so deeply about the Nuremberg trials.

    1. @Jeanette Smith so getting a vaccine where I can still pass on the virus and get the virus and being muzzled up and having my kid who is the lowest risk of death or serious illness muzzled up your answer ?

    1. I feel sad that people are forced to put mask on children for something that’s 99.5% survivable

    2. @Democrats are child molester supporters So sad you are part of the problem and infection and death rates.

    3. @Democrats are child molester supporters So sad Sorry but that’s 1% which = 3.5 million if we did nothing and didn’t take into account the larger number of long term illness which could lead to an untimely death after the infection. Your child can help contribute to that 1% to get it out the way of everyone else’s freedom though.

  1. In the uk such threats would mean an immediate application to the Industrial Tribunal, and action also by the teachers unions.

    1. @SeaJay Oceans have you ever read Marx. You are not a communist when you are coming up for your interests. In Europe we have left the cadaverdiscipline and the unconditional submission to the employers and governement in the rubble of the second world war. We have laws against power overreach and are not afraid to use them. Budgets and pay are not at the mercy of the governement or governers, but are untouchable. The whole country would be in arms if our governements would try such a thing and would be sacked immediatly.

    2. @andrew30 QUAD Points, I win again ! 🙂 Thank you ! ad hominems always increase my score. Sorry you lost, but keep trying, you will do better someday.

    1. @just commenting – You’ll have a universal healthcare soon anyway. That’s the only sane way to go. Then you won’t have any choice.

    2. @Democrats are child molester supporters So sadSo, what is 0.5% of 36,413,667 I hope u don’t fall in that category

  2. Dr Simon is very courageous speaking out and doing what is morally correct which is to be sure the kids are safe. You can hear the quiver in her voice about her response by 5 pm today. She is a hero by standing up in her position to do what is right and she needs all the support she can get.

    1. @Brad Randolph lol, acting like vaccines and masks guarantee survival

      That’s medical misinformation

    1. @Samfan4 Films so is it ok to endanger a childs life in any way? Would you say it’s the parents rights to abuse their children? How about having them live in drug infested homes? The government steps in then or is that wrong too? Don’t be hypocritical now.

    2. @Brad Randolph bro, kids will live from it unless they have medical conditions beforehand. Even then they still have a high chance of living.

    3. @Samfan4 Films what about the long term effects bro? I’m have them, they’re comparing it to Alzheimer’s. Was healthy until got covid now my thoughts are as scrambled as someone with A.D.D. Wouldn’t wish that on anyone & neither should you.

    4. @Brad Randolph Ron DeSantis literally said we’re not mandating it, the parents can choose. So if people want to, they can still wear one. It’s called the Constitution, go read it and see how it’s being broken.

    1. Yes, it’s pure insanity as seen from within America as well!!
      How disgusted I am by so many in government but mainly outside of it and from fellow citizens as well.

  3. A man who uses money to threaten public health measures and put lives at risk has actually been voted into a postion as governor? Yet another example of what an insane and sick country the US has become, complicit in the death of it’s own citizens.


  5. Prayers for you my dear lady God bless you for your brave decision to stand up and to oppose Desantis we are with you

    1. Ya masks dont do nething. And to have a child in a mask is just pure sick. Your brainwashed and its freaking weird.

  6. Really hope De’santis back down and allow these administrators to do their jobs..She’s being torn apart…I hope it works out for them & the children & they can stay safe…

  7. AMERICA – MASK IT – one and all. Send your kids to school or send them to the emergency room. It’s simple.

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