Florida Reports 14,000 New COVID-19 Cases; One Third of Children Test Positive | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. We know the CASES #’s are inaccurate, now! Can someone audit the death certificates too?Is it true an older person gets rushed to the hospital with a stroke, they test + for Cv19, they die from “complications”, then they are counted as a Cv19 death, even though they probably died from the stroke? Is this really happening in hospitals? Is someone taking a close look at these death certificates? I hope politics is not influencing this reporting!

    2. @Mainely That one in Boston was a definite circus. They even tossed barrels of tea into the harbor.

    3. @Pam Deshane
      Wow Kiddo relax your mindless self. You are talking about and expecting the probability of a world-wide #Coronavirus conspiracy, bigger than religion and the NSA, where all COVID-19 deaths are FAKE or supposedly “erroneous” filed as COVID19 deaths, and imaginary missing death certificates because, why again? Foz News told you something about a Jewish Socialist Soros conspiracy or your mega church preacher Pam?

      Why is it easier for you to believe that COVID-19 is a HOAX, while a white and male-imagined “god” is for thoughtless greed-driven folks as you is real on the other side?
      Oh nevermind I just said why. 😊😷🤗😘

      Godless Best,
      Projectheureka LLC;

    1. Calvin Lim there just isn’t much supply. It takes time to make it. Florida is crucial to Trump’s re-election. If he loses Florida, there’s no path to winning. So guaranteed he’s sending all he’s got

    2. Jason Boyce the WH hoarded the supply making it difficult for other countries. Trump bragged about how much supplies he bought, now they need to distribute the supplies. Maybe it’s only the states that he is ahead in the polls that are getting help from the dis functional WH.

    3. @Teresa S I’m 100% sure Trump is hoarding it for the states he wants to be loyal to him, but Florida is definitely one of those states. No way they’re going to have the convention there next month but not give them remdesevir. I honestly think that this is all the supply there is. Similar to any sort of vaccine that might come out in the next year, we’re going to be limited to a few thousand batches at first, and it’ll take months to get a few million. Even with as much money as Gilead is charging for this drug (which they shouldn’t be cos WE paid for the R&D), it will take a long time to get the centrifuges, equipment, etc that they need to produce large quantities.

    1. We know the CASES #’s are inaccurate, now! Can someone audit the death certificates too?Is it true an older person gets rushed to the hospital with a stroke, they test + for Cv19, they die from “complications”, then they are counted as a Cv19 death, even though they probably died from the stroke? Is this really happening in hospitals? Is someone taking a close look at these death certificates? I hope politics is not influencing this reporting!

    2. @Pam Deshane do you read at all you do realize that covid harms the circulatory system and causes clots throughout the body this is a fact proven from autopsies clots found throughout organs and small blood vessels and just incase you didn’t know blood clots cause strokes now can you make the connection

    3. @Pam Deshane if the guy has a stroke, he basically has a pre-existing condition that favors covid to thrive. You don’t just have a stroke if your healthy. It’s a progression of ailments within your body that leads to a stroke, which most people survive. Covid secured fatality because it also attacks the respiratory system.

  1. Covid deaths yesterday:

    New Zealand – 0
    Iceland – 0
    Greece – 0
    Croatia – 0
    Finland – 0
    Czechia – 0
    Denmark – 0
    Thailand – 0
    Vietnam – 0
    China – 0
    Norway – 1
    Austria – 1
    Ireland – 1
    Switzerland – 1
    Netherlands – 1
    Japan – 1
    South Korea – 1
    Australia – 2
    Portugal – 3
    Spain – 3
    Belgium – 4
    Germany – 9
    Sweden – 10
    Poland – 11
    Canada – 17
    France – 18
    Italy – 20

    Florida – 156

    The USA – 963

    Donald Trump “The only reason we have so many cases is because we’ve done so much testing”

    Well how do you explain the deaths?

    1. @C. Cadon I know. I figured John Stewart already properly doa’ed them years ago so i just think of it as a given

    2. I mean I don’t know much and I take it seriously but never hurts to at least hold all the people botching this and not just captain goya bean.

      I’m really glad to see China is still not reporting any deaths though. They have like the lowest total in the world. Aewsome!

    3. @C. Cadon I wouldn’t consider Breitbart or infowars MMS media so you’re really looking at foxnews and that’s it. The only news I watch anymore is The Hill YouTube channel and Now This News channel, which is definitely liberal but more informative and less emotional appeal

  2. Ron DeSantis just referred to Floridas case numbers as a ‘blip’

    Florida is now seeing as many cases per day as the whole of Europe and their Trump loving governor calls it a blip!!

    1. @Crystal Giddens all I did was ask if you were from norway you told me to muzzle up why? it was just a simple question based on your comment

    2. Crystal Giddens This is just as relevant as saying western European schools are open so why can’t ours?

  3. Trump: Goya beans
    Other Trump: Goya beans
    Same trump days later: Chevrolet trucks!
    Corona: dude, you guys are so screwed

    1. Crystal Giddens you think Ol Lou dobbs and Dead eye Tucker Carlson have a corner on the honesty market ?

    2. Crystal Giddens we see how well he’s dealt with the Carona virus.
      You only need watch and listen what he’s been saying about it to get how incompetent he is as a Governor of the Country.
      It’s not going well, regardless of what his press secretary and minions say about him.
      Too much is known about him now.
      Too much water under the bridge to save him.
      He has no real platform, and despite what he says about Joe Biden. It ain’t sticking Crystal.
      I mean good luck an all girl, but Biden isn’t Hillary and this isn’t 2016.
      Go read a poll. Listen to what 7 out of ten are saying. If you care to listen or try to understand what’s being said about him by reputable and knowledgeable

    3. MAGA: Let’s the anti-maskers contract the virus then spread to their peers. They are simply the stupidest people on earth that the US needs to have less of. They are ignorant of the fact that #DonTheCon and his admin, together with the #RepubliconGovernors, have led the anti-masking campaign whilst at the same time having the privilege of frequent testings and premium treatments if they ever have positive results.

  4. Russian election hackers. Russian virus vaccine hackers. Have you had enough of the russians and trump yet?

    1. House Majority somehow our educational systems fail to teach young folk the truths. They know not the history of this country let alone the world. They don’t know how government is supposed to work, they vote based on ?????, they don’t know who are allies and adversaries are! Since when was Russia a friend? The Saudis attacked us on 911! Giving Kim a world platform? Betraying the Kurds who defeated ISIS for us unleashing turkey on them. They ran to Putin who we ceded the Middle East to including a working airfield. It’s time to look at education.

    1. @butt Hola Yes, but he’s the one who’s in charge and should be doing everything in his power to ensure the health and safety of his constituents. Instead he did nothing.

  5. What a surprise the US has hoarded nearly the entire global supply of remdesivir!!

    You wouldn’t need so much if you had just taken this seriously like everyone else. Not only are you killing your own people you’re killing everyone elses too!

    1. Don’t worry, the American people won’t get any of Trump’s hoard. It’s all for his family and cronies.

  6. Let me get this straight: the US Government hoards most of the World’s production of Remdesivir and yet that might not even be enough to meet US demand? What a shambolic and incompetent Government you guys have, unfortunately.

    1. Trump probably has the supply, he’s hoarding, in his bunker. “It’s good to be king.”

    2. They’re called puppets for the 1% in a rigged electoral college that pushes manufactured consent with the aid of MSM to achieve their goals. A great strategy they employ is to divide and conquer as they loot the safe in plain sight.

    1. Thank you! I solemnly believe that we will be back in November with a proper leader. Thank you for standing by us.

    2. Christian Faust TY! Your concern is much appreciated. Bad times in US for the moment…we’re gonna set it straight! Stay righteous!

  7. This is truly upsetting to watch the US decline like this.
    For the past 4 years, everyone has wondered what Trump would do in a real crisis and the answer is far worse than anyone could have imagined.
    How many people have died in this and the other, now relatively smaller, crises such as Puerta Rico etc.?
    How many lives have been ruined by his policies of neglect towards the American people since Jan ’17?
    How much blood do Trump and his supporters and allies have on their hands?
    150,000? 175,000? 200,000? More?
    There should be independent inquiries after his presidency covering all areas in which the American citizens have suffered under this president including the Tax, Environmental and Healthcare policies of the Trump Administration and those found responsible should be imprisoned for criminal negligence, culpable homicide, manslaughter, etc. And that includes complicit representatives, senators and governors.

    1. This is “USA’s Chernobyl”: Massive wealth inequality+Huge Cultural and Political Division+Systematic Racism+Poor Healthcare and Education System. Add to this, Trump and Covid, which only exarceberate those issues.
      And when $ as reserve currency goes down, USA will collapse and implode from within.
      Nothing short of complete bipartisan ( and very likely violent) revolution can turn this around at this point.

    2. This is truely Biblical. For those who don’t believe, you will still have many unanswered questions about what is making our leaders act this way ?
      For those who do, it has to be the evil from the Bible using the weak minded ones that can be used, to take this Country down. The door was open for it when this administration took over. The Bible talks of the 7 trumpets sounding seperately, and what effects come after. I think we have just seen 1 “Trump”-et sound. And we see what comes after…..

    3. zerokmatrix absolutely agree! No one from day one should slip through the cracks! AG Adam Schiff. He’s been there throughout. He’s hip to who’s who and who’s not! It could take years but with a cooperative senate maybe not! The spider web is large but trump is in the middle of it.

  8. Why would the Russians try and steal the info? They only have to ask the Donald or one of his cronies and it shall be given.

    1. jack ryder if you think like Putin…it’s to show the vulnerability in our systems. Electorally, cyber ops, intellectual property. Heck, they’re off the coat of our submarine facilities trying to steal tech. Right in Connecticut. The power grid is the most threatening during a pandemic during either a heat wave or blizzardry . FL governor never told Floridians which 2 counties were definitely penetrated by the Russians in 2018. They do it to show that they can and trump will say nothing. Bounties in Afghanistan? Crickets…..Global Pandemic…crickets! Depopulation! School of Putin.

  9. “What is that about?”

    Race, Mika. It’s about race. MOST of the hospitalized in Georgia are people of color.

  10. tRump “Tonka-Boy” at the White-House theme park where the administration are all in the land of make believe,
    exterminating any opposition and cooking the books

  11. You can’t see it – you can’t smell it – you can’t taste it – covid -19 will infect you – wear a face mask please

  12. Wait a minute Senator Rubio, Jared said federal stockpiles are “ours” (whom ever that BS refers to), not for states.

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