Florida School Administrator: No Way We’ll Follow DeSantis Mask Mandate Ban 1

Florida School Administrator: No Way We’ll Follow DeSantis Mask Mandate Ban

The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant has pushed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to deploy the National Guard to help at hospitals, while Louisiana has just reported 139 deaths in a single day. As school systems in Southern states cope with rising infections, Joy Reid is joined by school administrators resisting their GOP governors' bans on mask mandates in schools.
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    1. @Tony Smith Wait why are you using numbers you don’t believe in them remember . I believe you did state that in a different post.

    1. @YT Sux Yep! He doesn’t care. Only thinking about his political career, hopefully all this will hurt him.

  1. I’m actually surprised there are people in FL with common sense…. Thank goodness there are some adults willing to stand up to Ronald McDonald…

    1. Antivaxxers will not trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, or WHO.
      They will not trust the best hospitals Johns Hopkins, Harvard Medical, or the Mayo Clinic.
      They will not trust the most widely respected scientific journals.
      But they will trust some random conspiracy theorist on Facebook.
      I just don’t know what can be done with people like that..

    2. But what is sad is the parents that are putting their own kids at risk to follow their clown leaders

    3. Yes, but they need to fight harder to get DEATHSANTIS out of office, arrested so they can put in a governor who actually cares about the people….

    4. @Genia Parker Actually, it was tRump who cut a deal with the Taliban. Also, it was tRumpers who attacked their own Capitol. You are the traitor. Wake up.

    1. @Ang they do. That is one our issues in Florida. It is perfectly ok for his children but not ours. I am waiting for someone to ask him this on camera.

    2. @riwm45 live in Florida we love our Governor who will not go with the D/S agenda . too bad you cant see commie democrats and RINOS

    3. @tj hill why did Nancy polsei have a fund raiser for her buddies in Napa valley with no masks… they make fun of you

    4. @Tony Smith Wow, a piece of cloth in the face and this guy goes straight to Hitler.
      No idea what a Nazi is, but putting a target on the back of the most vulnerable of the society : The children.
      Man, this is really sick.

    5. yeah i mean sweden never closed schools for children and never made them wear masks and they are all fine. it’s just “So disgusting these politicians use children as their political tools!”

  2. Here in my family, we will be burying our third family member who have died of Covid. My sorrow is just overwhelming. People won’t listen.

    1. I am so sorry to hear of all your losses. My prayers for healing. I am fully vaccinated & so happy I am. I also still wear a mask. Rather be safe, than sorry.

  3. DeSantis won’t let sick and dying children get between him and his Trump voter support. Like his mentor he won’t back down or admit failure. Like his mentor he will LOSE!

    1. Trumpets have kids, don’t they care at all? Maybe trump parents don’t like parenthood for anyone! Pro life? Whose life? Covid’s!!!

    2. yeah i mean sweden never closed schools for children and never made them wear masks and they are all fine. i guess education and normal life for children is not that important in US

  4. DeSantis secured vaccination for his top donors but on fox News he undermined its effectiveness. The fact that there’re still people supporting him is mind blowing to me…

    1. He’s playing to the Trump base,
      For his Presidential run.
      He could careless if people die,just like Trump.

    2. DeSatanist got dibs on PPE and medical supplies and equipment from Donnie way back at the start of the pandemic.
      Now his State has one of the worst Covid rates in the world!… due to his mismanagement.
      He needs to suffer the consequences.

    3. Republicans have screwed the voting system so much, they no longer need votes
      So they will protect the donor class and watch the rest of die

  5. The vaccines for the DeSantis variant are lawsuits, removal from current political office, and a ban from ever holding political office again.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2 u hit it right on the button with that very nice and so real . very well spoken miss Sarah

    2. Besides conaldtrump allowed his BENEFACTOR vladimir TO put a prize ONMY fellow marines and thats one fact that FERTILIZED conald .

    3. We need that Ron deathsantis vaccine well the good peoples of florida need it until they flush ron to where he BELONGS.

  6. Just when you didn’t think Repubs could go any lower (after 4 years of trump), now they are willing to put our children in harm’s way.

  7. It’s weird cuz the stupider the republicans act, the harsher these segments become, and the angrier their supporters get by it, so they double down again. We’re in a crazy cycle.

    1. The best part is that masks don’t protect anyone from COVID or any Virus. They are too small and pass right thru. This is all just control and politics.
      Kids are just being used as examples

    1. @Cheech La Tortuga Sadly he is an attorney. How he passed the bar with that mentality idk. I would never let him represent me knowing that he thinks like this.

    2. Yes he is doctor death by not permitting people to chose to get a vaccine or wear their mask! Death to that dictator!

    3. The only area of expertise he has that would qualify him for the title Dr would have to be proctology, right?

    4. @Tony Smith I agree you have the answer, thank you for the suggestion. Oh,wait, you’re trying to be ironic? Nevermind

    1. @Tony Smith I have family that haven’t got the vaccine, but they don’t fight the mask mandate. They all have families that they want to watch grow up. Stop being a tool.

    2. @Janis Ezack Thanks Miss.. I Hate to see this division that to a large degree is along Party Lines, impact so heavily on innocent Children.. Somewhere along the line it would seem ..Beating the “Other Side’ has become more important than Protecting the most Vulnerable in Society ..When you “REALLY” stop and think of how horrific it is that many of our Governors are willing to go to these lengths to score Partisan “Brownie Points” by telling the masses what many “Want” to Hear rather than what is Reality..it is downright Chilling.. Are these Governor’s Children or Grandchildren sitting Mask Less in Public Schools?? I highly doubt it.. Sad Times for sure.

  8. DeSantis needs a psychological evaluation for his being incompetent of what’s going on in Florida. He needs to be impeached.

    1. Where are the parents? You all speak of these kids as though they are orphans & desantis is the foster parent? Hello any takers I doubt it

    2. He needs to be charged with murder for every child that dies. Florida resident here. We are not all stupid.

  9. Refusal, to protect children from COVID, by officials, elected or otherwise, is Infanticide. Grow up, take responsibility, promote vaccination, wear a mask, protect yourself, protect your community.

  10. These governors playing footsie with political gains at the expense of children’s lives should be charged for crimes against humanity. It’s disgusting.

    1. Citizens arrest these R Terrorists they are Taliban. See my rap Regutraitors Lauren Boebert verse on YT thanks

    1. yeah i mean sweden never closed schools for children and never made them wear masks and they are all fine. i guess education and normal life for children is not that important in US

  11. If any Governor needs to be recalled, it’s DeSantis. He’s endangering the health and well-being of Florida’s population for nothing more than politics.

    1. Also Abbott that man is pure evil, instead of fixing our electrical grid, fighting covid, making sure schools are safe. He would rather force dems into voting for a anti voting bill and fighting cities when try to create policies that will help mitigate covid spread

    2. And the economy, the usual rallying cry for GQP! Does he have financial interests in caskets, embalming fluid manufacturing, body bags, anything else besides regeneron? He is evil!

    3. I know right how does this guy get away with preventing kids from wearing masks & their parents from getting the vaccine? What dictator does this?

  12. Death has a way of clarifying cult bs. Sorry the Nazis didn’t, so I guess we have a long way to go with these people.

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