Florida School Officials React To DeSantis' Ban On Mask Mandates 1

Florida School Officials React To DeSantis’ Ban On Mask Mandates


Dr. Carlee Simon, Superintendent of Alachua Public Schools in Florida, reacts to Governor Ron DeSantis’ ban on mask mandates at schools and talks about her growing concern for the safety of her students as the Delta variant continues to grow in her state. 

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    1. @Winston Smith Jill Biden is a doctor of education. Not all doctors are in the medical field. Desantis is a doctor in corruption. Got it from Trump University.

    1. *@Johnny English* Erm… do you know *anything* about hobbits??? Because that comment made absolutely NO sense….

  1. FLA hospitals are crying out for equipment and beds, they are plumb out, and DeSantis claims he doesn’t know anything about it.
    FLA residents should be screaming are you 💩ing me?

    1. @Free Willy you do realize that wearing a mask and staying 6feet works if everyone is doing it. Most mask being used are meant to keep your droplets to yourself not filtering the droplets you breath in from non maskers (you need specific masks for that). When you are in a public area you are equally responsible for the well being of those around. This mememe bs won’t help this country or the world to move pass this mutating virus.

    2. @Showaddy Waddy Climate change will turn FLA into a griddle cooled off annually by hurricanes. It’s 1/2 way there.

  2. Delta DeSantis screams ‘freedom’ while denying professionals the right to practice their professions.

  3. Your standing in a pit with many venomous snakes, you are offered the antidote. You reject it because its snaky ?

    1. @Dennis E Bridges

      Shows your lack of intelligence

      to compare covid-19
      99.9% survival rate to standing in a poisonous snake pits
      Survival rate

      Shows your lack of intelligence

    2. @Myron Davis You do not know snakes The chances of dying from a venomous snakebite in the United States is nearly zero, Google it hissss

  4. After the end of the line of questioning at 3:27, I just realized that FL schools are in big trouble. It did not sounded as if the buildings themselves are certified to have proper ventilation. As far as I know they might just be an exchange of COVID variants.

  5. Abbott here in Texas has our schools hands tied, I hope my grandkids school in Bexar county mandate mask because my grands have asthma and they are under 12.

    1. I wouldn’t send my children if they don’t have mask mandate. However that’s not an option for everybody.

    1. Rep.governors are trying for critical mass of availability of treatment facilities.Yet critical” masks” are too much too ask to avoid critical mass..Going down Desantis Avenue,is going to end in a cul de sac.Some Rep.Govs.are waking up and doing damage control.Thank them.

    1. I find it hilarious, just cause people want to choose to or not to get a vaccine
      That’s must be a cult
      Wait, isn’t the one trying to force others to do what they do
      Cult mentality?

  6. That man Ron desantis is straight up resident evil y’all better be aware of the devil that’s in wolf’s clothing ready to devour us all the d vil is real.

  7. Let me guess – DeSantis either doesn’t have kids, or they’re no longer school age.

    Whoops, forgot one other possibility – they hate him and he knows it.

  8. Desantis is really certifiable ! He’s saying that he’s accepting the responsible of all the deaths caused by his ” no mask ” mandate !

    1. He didn’t say that. He is deflecting responsibility…sound like a page from the Orange One’s playbook.

    1. I don’t live in Fla., but someone should start the process of impeachment . I mean , don’t wait til another 1,000 people die .

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