Florida State Senator is suing to block DeSantis from more migrant flights

Florida State Senator Jason Pizzo is suing to block Florida Governor Ron DeSantis from sending more migrants on flights in the future. He explains the lawsuit to CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, citing a concern over spending of taxpayers’ money.


  1. How can they justify spending that money to remove people from the state.. if those people can just go right back to the state? Money wasted.

    1. @Anna they don’t, because they dont have to deal this problem. It’s not happening in their backyard until the problem shows up at their doorsteps then they cry about it.

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman dip$hit, the majority of immigrants come into this country via airplane, and then overstay their visas. the border represents a fraction of people entering the US. try to read a book, and stop listening to the retards at fox

    3. As a Floridian, I’ll gladly have my tax dollars spent on more of these flights. The sheer meltdown of liberals worth every penny

  2. DeSantis looking to selectively manufacture immigration partisan theatre by flying out immigrants not from his supporters, seems he is skipping the Cuban ones that are a powerful voting bloc in Florida and get a pass from the DeSantis luxury flights. So theatre.

    1. @Z O why are you so concerned, maybe I’m tired of Putin lying about Nazis in Ukraine, and committing a genocide. Get off this platform you troll.

    2. @JoeBidenIsTrash 1 most of you are on the poverty level living off of the liberal programs set up by the dems

    3. @Jerry Hazeltine what was I lying about, John Griffin? Do you have any clue what’s going on with him? How about a little research

  3. It is my understanding that the migrants were transported from Texas to Florida, and from there to Martha’s Vineyard. If that is true, now I have to wonder whether that was a deliberate stunt to try to comply with this law.

    1. @joseph kalinski they thought they were going to Boston not MV. How come desantis has never produced one of those waivers that says they were being dropped off at MV? Oh right because they don’t exist.

    2. @joseph kalinski well all you’ve done is regurgitate alternative facts so not sure if you’re the arbiter of truth as much as you think you are.

  4. Remember the 60’s
    “Question Authority” ?
    Now it’s “Question Authoritarianism”
    it amazes me how compassionate americans are.

    1. Not all Americans, just those who are filled with hate, like deathsantis, Trump, Abutt. And all their followers and plus more.

    2. @Sweet T I’ve never heard of a fascist dictator who did not try to strip weapons from society for totalitarian control. Doesn’t Biden want to disarm the population?

    1. @D K really guess you missed the videos of the midnight flights that landed in Jacksonville paid for by the Biden administration. Seriously you people only see what you want.

    2. @Bradyn Lotterman The migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard by desantis were told they were being flown to Boston where they’d receive housing, employment opportunities, and immigration support. Instead they were used as pawns in a political stunt where they were flown somewhere else entirely and nobody on Martha’s Vineyard was informed to expect them (clearly desantis expected to surprise them just enough to get them to show some sort of xenophobic reaction that would expose the hypocrisy he expected they would exhibit, unfortunately it backfired and the people of Martha’s Vineyard stepped up and organized shelter at a church and gathered donations of food and clothing for their 44 hour stay on the island).

      Those migrants were *deceived* into agreeing to get on a plane and were *transported* to a different destination than they agreed to where none of the services promised to them were prepared upon their arrival, all just to *profit* desantis with some political capital for his impending 2024 presidential run.

      You might look up the definition of human trafficking according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and consider how it fits with what desantis actually did here. I can assure you that human trafficking is illegal, and committing such is a crime.

    3. @Bradyn Lotterman You mean the brochures they were given about the resettlement benefits given to UN referred and authorized refugees (none of which applied to any of the 50 migrants flown to Martha’s Vineyard)? The brochures described “8 months cash assistance,” “assistance with housing,” “food,” “job placement” along with other benefits. Many of those things these migrants aren’t eligible for, and certainly wasn’t something waiting for them at the island they were flown to where nobody knew they were coming.

      It’d be like someone handing you a brochure to a resort in the Bahamas (that advertises a full size suite, free 5 star meals, and free excursions like parasailing and scuba diving) to get you on a plane. Then they land you in the middle of Jamaica with no money, no contacts, and no reservation at any resort (nor any lodging whatsoever).

  5. $12k per person to fly from Florida to Martha’s Vineyard?! Even with “two pit stops,” this is more expensive than a two week, all expenses paid vacation for two at Sandals in Jamaica … and that includes return flights from Europe!

    1. Imagine if they gave that money to the immigrants to start thier lives that would house and feed them for few months smh

    2. @Badger I didn’t notice that in the video. I literally just went to American airlines website, and input from Florida to there. 3 flights came up ranging from $498.00 to $575.00.

  6. I know inflation is a thing and I know the government overspends on every single thing they buy. But $12000 for a flight and a meal per person? Yeah he deserves to be sued. That kind of money could have been used for huge benefits to the people of Florida and improving life instead of burning it in the name of xenophobia. That’s probably 3x the price of first class on a regular flight.

    1. It wasn’t a meal per person. They received MREs on the plane and McDonald’s coupons when they were still in San Antonio. There is a lawsuit filed by their immigration attorneys. I hope the Federal Government withdrawals their Federal funding for this stunt. They are wasting money to own the libs. There is going to be an investigation in addition to the lawsuit on behalf on the immigrants.

    2. This is how corrupt politicians derive kickbacks. Thow lucrative business contracts to your cronies, associates, family members, etc, and they, in turn, donate a portion back to your political war chest. T’was ever thus!😉🤫🤑💰💰💰💰💰💰

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  8. Martha’s Vineyard: We must do alll we can to support those “asylum seekers” in USA.
    *“Asylum seekers” come to Martha’s Vineyard*

  9. “They have to be from the state”? How can they be from the state when they are illegal immigrants? In what world does this make sense?

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