Florida teachers union sues Governor DeSantis over decision to reopen schools

Florida Education Association President Fredrick Ingram says the union is suing Governor Ron DeSantis over his executive order mandating schools reopen in person.

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    1. @Polly Sey Schools snd education are obviously non essential. Besides, I used to be a teacher most kids are idiots anyway. Just keep them closed.

    2. @eray v I don’t know strong theory, but I do know Trump has a 90% chance of winning based upon the primary election method of prediction. It’s the same as 2016, all polls had Hillary ahead double digits, one prediction based on primary voting predicted correctly, Trump won handily. It’s the same this yea.

  1. Bravo. Don’t send your children and teachers into death chambers. This pandemic is only getting started. What criminals these fools be.

    1. it will be just like the nursing homes workers teachers and children can all bring it in, you can have it with zero symptoms and pass it on

  2. The whole world is having a PANDEMIC! WE MUST PROTECT EVERYONE! Kid may not get seriously sick, but they sure can SPREAD THE VIRUS! THIS IS SERIOUS PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK AND ARE DIEING! AHHHHHHHH! 🇨🇦🙏🇺🇸❣️

    1. Cool Boi05 Stop trolling, stay off CNN. I have family dying from contacting from a 6 year old. Stop spreading ignorance, keep that nonsense in your mom’s basement. 👋

    2. Jae Ko So ignorant! It’s not that they don’t want to work, it’s that they don’t want to die trying to do so. Troll on!

  3. We can send kids to school but government offices, libraries drivers license offices, are still closed …

    1. Brandi Gonwa Photography and people are still working in food plants so you can eat and working at stores Miss high horse u must me a liberal

  4. Let the FL Governor send his family children to school…NO ONE WILL SACRIFICE MY CHILDREN FOR POLITICS NOR ANYTHING ELSE!

    1. @Yolanda Denny YouTube “Its very entertaining until it’s not anymore” 1st video in column with the Simpson’s picture.

    2. @Yolanda Denny Then YouTube “Evidence has emerged pt2 nanoparticles in you/NWO”
      Yea depending on what u eat specific it has remains of baby fetus in it.The NWO wants to make everyone like Cannibalism.

    3. @African Violet there are kids who died from the flu. Did we ban kids from going to school then?

    4. @Batman 429 you can get vaccinated against flu. I am in Scotland & every winter a vaccine for whatever strain of flu that is prevalent is made available at a reasonably affordable price. However certain sections of our society are offered it free of charge, such as the elderly, people with certain health conditions & preschool children. Don’t you get this in the USA?

    1. @Robert Heintze the trickle-down effect is something that rich Republicans like to throw around even though we all know it doesn’t work

  5. Who cares about what a kid knows if the kid is dead.
    My child’s life is more important than their politics.

    1. Christopher Jennings yeah cause Europe got their covid pandemic under control. America is so unsafe that Europe has banned travel from the US.

    2. @Christopher Jennings How about the kids who are autoimmunely compromised with asthma? And regradless, even if kids are less affected, they can easily infect their family or members in their community silently.

    3. @Christopher Jennings They can still spread it, that’s the main problem of reopening schools, and yes, we are opening schools here in Europe but because we have the virus under control, that’s NOT your situation right now.

    4. @Christopher Jennings who said children are less vulnreable?
      and don’t compare the US to Europe… the US is lightyears behind Europe on so many levels…

    5. I’m not sending my daughter to school this year, even that we have better situation here in Boston MA

  6. So… animals can infect humans, tigers at zoos can test positive, but children somehow miraculously can’t infect adults?…

    1. The virus is over rated. It’s not going to kill you. Stop listening to cnn and do your own research.

    2. @anutaka101 I did my own research and came to the conclusion that the virus is not “over rated”. 140,000 deaths in the US alone should be cause for concern.

    3. Woah!!! You guys are constantly delete my answers to your comments to let me look stupid!!! Aside from watching American movies, I’ve never had an interest in visiting your country much less now. Your brains are fried from having too much tan on the beach. Your president and your politicians are the expression of the people they lead and to be clear this is not a compliment. The world is looking at the American, first laughing at the stupidity of your government, now crying over the imbecility of the people.

    4. They tried the age as a protection already. Remember the whole younger people aren’t getting it then reports of 20, 30, and 40 year olds getting it y’all are not playing roulette with mine

    1. I’ve been asking the same question – send Barron Trump to a public school and then let them make their idiotic point.

    2. Nope
      Malonia already threatened to take him and run. Didn’t you notice trump went to the white house alone and they followed later. She threatened to leave if he didn’t update their prenuptial agreement especially since there were porn stars popping up like zombies

    3. Of coarse he will. Children have a much better chance of getting killed by beimg run over by the school bus than dieimg of covid 19. In democrate run cities the odd of a child getting killed in a drive by shooting is 1000 times greater

    4. He will go back when his parents Donald & Ivanka feel it’s safe to do so. His live in nanny Melania Trump will make sure he’s prepared..

    1. Charles T. If you watched his campaign ad he had his child build a wall out of his blocks so that tells you how he is

  7. The governor is a lying imbecile he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. All he is concerned about is obeying his lord and master Bunker Boy. It’s outrageous that he wants parents to risk their children because of his desire to stay elected. I’m surprised he still has his job…if he was in the UK he would have lost it months ago. America the world is watching you in disbelief.

    1. @Robert Heintze I homeschool and tutor my child because the government-run public schools are so worthless and not worth sending kids to in the first place.

    2. @Robert Heintze every country is suppressing the virus. If you look at death rates the virus pratically non existent world-wide. I don’t trust the infection rate because it does not match the death rate.


      Granted USA is having trouble with all this but it doesn’t surprise me given the crazy double standards USA has right now. It seems like covid-19 is being pushed on purpose in USA.

      Either way perhaps you’re right, maybe not, nobody knows yet. However being too cautious can also be your downfall.

    3. mcfahk the U.K. is by no means perfect but to lead a state with no clear plan and that has meant the deaths of so many would be unthought of. No UK mp would survive such a debacle. De Santis has failed already by reopening too soon and now he wants to compound his failures by opening schools too whilst COVID cases are spiking. It’s unbelievable, he should be sacked AND arrested.

  8. I guess it’s no issue when the teachers are all either sick 😷 or dead….and by the way don’t they realize teachers are adult humans and have families???

  9. DeSantis! ‘Almost zero…”

    Almost zero: “Bless the beasts and the children, for in this world they have no voice. “

  10. He’s willing to take risks with other people’s childrens lives, while his are at home and duly protected.

    1. they say kids need the socializing, how social can you be 6 feet away ,it is all about getting the parents to work for tax money, should of had a pandemic fund instead of giving theirselves raises and weeks and weeks of paid vacation

  11. I’m an expatriot and teacher living in South Korea. Schools have reopened here only because the virus is under control. For Florida to reopen when the virus is still running rampant is suicide…

  12. “A friend of mine who is health inspector was ask the most common area where kids get sick from while in school. He answered that overcrowded classrooms or confined spaces of learning or gathering. Schools are a viruses perfect place to spread.”
    -A.H. Roberts

    1. Minsky’s feedback Yianni most definitely, some parents look at teachers as babysitters and don’t realize that they help you mold your child in a positive way. I admire all good teachers that’s why I believe they should not be pushed to educate my kids face to face when they can do it virtually and in my case my kids thrived. Not only are my kids safe but they are too.

    2. Erik Brown Camjamspam? I forget the name! Somethings similar and I believe the first comment response

    3. @Erik Brown your view of. But it is the right wing that is pushing for your schools to open & that’s the topic of this thread.

    4. Minsky’s feedback Yianni everyone has there own views most teachers r liberals don’t worry schools won’t be open lol

    1. So trump is removing method for environmental safety and refusing to address the virus. Now he’s demanding school reopened which undoubtedly spread virus faster and further He’s not just trying to kill us and our planet he wants to kill our kid

    1. Several studies disagree with you.
      EDIT: leave it to CNN to be anti-science when it’s convenient.

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