1. @reality no the elderly foreigners liberals & its astonishing how corrupt republicans are to get power Bcuz they know they wont get the votes especially after seeing theyre hatred cheating lying & laziness, the only way for republicans to win is to steal or cheat

    2. @E. The US has multiple ways of preventing or discouraging people from voting. It’s the most disgusting, anti-democratic thing you can imagine.

    3. @Dana Black We can barely get more than 70% of the population out to vote at all, but the government wants us to believe enough people would be unethically casting a vote that it would sabotage a primary? That’s ludicrous. Party affiliation is only useful for gerrymandering to guarantee a win with congressional votes by district. The practice needs to be abandoned. Not to mention, primaries should be open elections. I may want a particular candidate to win the general, but should have a say in who both candidates are, since I’ll be governed by one of them in the end.

  1. Actually singling out the elderly,whom they think won’t know the difference, so that they can get their party numbers up.Just Unbelievable!

    1. often capitalized : a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.

    2. the belief that different races possess distinct characteristics, abilities, or qualities, especially so as to distinguish them as inferior or superior to one another.

      “theories of racism”

    1. @Andr矇 Fasset Lying CNN.
      And you Brainwashed Commie Libtards believe this? I live in Trump County, Florida. This is Propaganda, that I can tell you. Go to Zillow and see what kind of house you can get. Notice the Property Taxes. 4BR, 3Bath newer home with a pool going for $240,000! A millions dollar home minimum in a Blue State with taxes four times as high. Nobody is complaining!
      CNN Sucks!

    2. @BILL W Oh look, the misinformation troll with no concept of US history also thinks he’s a psychic with insights into the future. For some reason I’m picturing you saying what you said with your thumb up your rear and drool coming out of your mouth. It’s that what you’re actually doing, or am I just getting a vision inspired by your words?

    3. @BradLee Jones You seem to be confused, friend. What you said had nothing to do with the current conversation or the video. I can only guess you’ve been so triggered by the realization that yes, the GOP can actually go lower than taking advantage of senior citizens, that you felt the need to try to divert the conversation away from the horrible truth of how corrupt Republicans seem to be. Since this makes me think you are a Republican yourself, you must feel pretty called-out. That must really suck; like deep deep down in your soul. I can only take pity on you, friend.

  2. So the party claiming voter fraud seems to constantly play with voting practices
    I guess just running on better policies is not an option

    1. @Cropper Copper Wow lady, you should try actually READING a comment before you just ASSUME what it says. I didn’t say RINO…. I said RITNO… and went on to further say what that means… REPUBLICAN IN ***TRUMPS*** NAME ONLY. In other words, they are only Trump-Republicans. Get it??? Should I spell it out again for you?

    2. @J B-I-M thats the funny thing both parties think they are the right party and there seems to be no middle ground. The amount of propaganda from the media makes it very obvious how bias each side is. Im not so sure you realize how bad it looks.

    3. @Chuck Brotton Its simple if you look only one move ahead. If/when they lose in the future they can use the faked registration numbers as “evidence” of “fraud”. “We outnumber them so we couldn’t possibly lose. We claim fraud and hereby and therefore (the modern pseudo-intellectual GQP puppets love using words that sound “big and important” to their mouth-breathing mid 60s IQ base) declare John P. Trumpo supporter the “rightful” winner.
      Just another attempt to overturn democracy. The GQP is evil and never miss a trick

      Oh and in case you missed it, the RNC came out in direct support of terrorist attempts to overturn election results they don’t like. At this point they’re every bit as dangerous as the Soviet Union 1946-1989. They have the same goal.

  3. This is just disgusting. I hope whoever is responsible for this is prosecuted. I won’t begin to place blame on “known players”, because this could have just been some nutjob MAGAt.

  4. I’m wondering now if this is ONLY happening in Miama, or ONLY in Florida. There are so many people across the United States that could be taken advantage of in this way. Absolutely shameless.

    1. Well… Reps… We know how “passionate” you are about “voter Integrity” issues. I’m sure you will all be “outraged” over this and “want something done”, right away… Right?

    2. @Boar Zwid Well… Reps… We know how “passionate” you are about “voter Integrity” issues. I’m sure you will all be “outraged” over this and “want something done”, right away… Right?

    3. @Cropper Copper They won’t do anything about it. They will do exactly what they’ve been trying to do with the whole Jan 6 Insurrection… sweep it under the rug and pretend it didn’t happen. BTW I am NOT a figgin Republican, but I think you think I am because you misread something else I said.

    1. Republicans have broken so many laws, where the hell do you start? You’d need 100 million investigators.

    2. So true. Woman that whistleblew on real covid stats got a swat team & jailed. So murderers could keep on killing instead. She had to move out of state! Chads also!

    3. Florida LE is a well known joke, completely corrupt, and they basically have legalized murder with their lax new “Stand Your Ground” provisions

    1. There’s no accountability in politics anymore. Hell, the last 4 years of violating the Hatch act repeatedly, aong with blatant extortion by the reality show star proved that there really are no checks and balances. I hope he wins the Republican nomination and makes it a three-peat in losing the popular vote.

    2. Accountability in America? These days? We are the culture of ME! The Society of the Spectacle! The narcissists nexus!

    3. @Daniel Drader or the six dem governors who allowed covid-positive patients into nursing homes. They are not in jail are they???

  5. How sad to use an elderly person who has misunderstood the conversation that was put to them. Cruel to think the elderly are easy prey .

    1. When my mom was alive, I caught her trying to give money to a door-to-door salesmen so he would go away. I grabbed the check she wrote and told the pest he had about 5 seconds before I called the cops. I know my sister caught at least one… but we couldn’t be around all the time to keep her from doing it again.

    2. @sealyoness oh yes my friend her mom is that way her mom is 83years old and this man who her mom knows is in his 60s and he has been having her mom buy groceries and cooking for him and he also talks her out of money I have told my friend to tell him she was going to turn him into the police but shes scared so I stopped by and met this looser he seemed kinda upset cause I was there and my friend so it hampered his asking for money but I did tell him for what hes doing there is a name for it and I think he got the message . Sick people out there

  6. “If conservatives become convinced that they can not win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. The will reject democracy. – David Frum, former speechwriter for President George W. Bush

    1. Well… Reps… We know how “passionate” you are about “voter Integrity” issues. I’m sure you will all be “outraged” over this and “want something done”, right away… Right?

  7. This is why we have to: register, help others register, check our registrations early, show up, and help others show up, starting now.
    There is something wrong with someone who goes this far to win something, so we have to combat it by informing, preparing, helping, donating, and best of all smack that butt again. And in the mean-time, lock up all these “CRIMINALS”

  8. America: Wow, taking advantage of old people. We didn’t think Republicans could sink any lower.

    Republicans: Hold my beer!

  9. REPUBLICANS screaming: “There is too much fraud in our elections!!!!!”

    1. And then another lying Mayorkas endorsed bell is distributed to yet another liar and propagandist . Lies are spread by frantic people so easily, just as easy as mikey, ringing his coveted Liars Bell ’cause he likes screaming its republicans that do all the fraud. Maybe some, but nothing near the Witch hunters, hoaxsters, liars, leakers and fraudulent Democrat Impeachers. They totally wasted four solid years on nothing but trying to find a crime to pin on D.J.T. They said they could walk and chew gum at the same time, maybe, but never verified. The fraud the democrats created paid off very well for them for four years of doing nothing except trying to impeach Trump for winning the 2016 presidential election. Yes, that was his “crime” The FRAUD was based on a fake Russian hoax that was bought and paid for by Hillary. Trump had not set a foot into the White House after winning , and the persecution of Trump and all his supporters began just about 19 minutes after he and Melania walked down the golden staircase. 24/7; 365 every second of every minute of every hour of every day of every week of every month of every year for four long agonizing years, All Based On Fraudulent Democrats, looking for a crime to pin on Trump in order to remove him from his office.
      World War 2 was a four year war also. The greatest generation WINS . THEY GOT THE JOB DONE IN FOUR YEARS. NOT SO WITH DEMS BATTLING TRUMP., OH, I Know,- Nancy is so hot for Trump she has some creepy dark fantasies, maybe ? She’s just never given up on SCREWING HIM GOOD.
      Lets go wet puppet Brandon, liar Mayorkas and Jan 6 fraud committee.

    1. ‘She’s hiding/shredding official documents! It’s Illegal! Lock her up!’ DJT campaigning against Clinton. How many documents did DJT tear up while in office? How many boxes of documents did the government find he took to Mar-a-Lago? What does the GOP say? (nothing)

    1. Remember at the beginning of the pandemic, they wanted to sacrifice the elderly for the good of the economy.

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