Florida’s New Restrictive Voting Bill: What Is In It? | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

Florida’s New Restrictive Voting Bill: What Is In It? | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC 1


    1. @John snow yep, they know they can’t win legitimately so they figured why not just cheat their way in

    2. @Federal Bureau of Investigation FBI??? LOL!!!!! Have you always been this weak minded or is it something you just developed over time?

    3. @Noone Cares no dipwad he’s saying the only way they can figure out how to win is to cheat the system which is generally obvious to most people with at least half a brain in their heads

    4. @Kriss Wegemer hey rocket scientist, go back to basic history class….that was at the start of the KKK and then the threatened GOP gleefully picked up the mast of Jim Crow and racism and have been running with it ever since

    5. @Andrea Sleeper nice job name calling right off the bat. Typical, Smooth brain response.

  1. “Restrictive” seems to be your new buzzword. People love Florida they flock there in droves.

    1. @jennti okay you realize red States take in more federal funding and get subsidized by blue states…

    2. @Alex G I just moved from Chicago, not a democrat tho. I feel like anyone who is a true democrat wouldn’t consider moving to the red states. Especially if they move to a place like Florida where the governor won’t let them destroy the cities.

    3. @Long shorts 40 states have a balance of payment ratio higher than 1.00. Far from a dependency caused by state political leaning, it is typical for states to receive more in federal funds than they collect in federal taxes – an anomaly made possible only by rampant federal deficit spending.
      Assuming data supported the claim that “blue states” bail out “red states,” using balance-of-payment ratios as a measure to support that claim is a non-sequitur, because balance-of-payment ratios depend entirely on federal tax and spending policy.
      The states with the highest personal income per capita are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey. The states with the lowest personal income per capita are Mississippi, West Virginia, Alabama, New Mexico and Kentucky. These are the exact same states with the lowest and highest balance of payment ratios, respectively. It is hypocritical to decry the tax code for taxing high-income states more than low income states while intentionally designing tax policies with that effect.
      Pundits will use the red herring of a “red state” bailout to distract from what a federal bailout of states truly looks like – a redistribution of tax dollars from taxpayers in responsible states to states that refused to make hard choices during the good times.
      Statistical differences in federal income taxation and welfare policy is not a bailout. Pumping federal cash into spendthrift states to rescue them from underwater pensions and backlogged debt service is.

    4. @jennti All that explaining and you ain’t really say much. Most red States are basically net receiver States for the most part, where as blue States pay in more then they get. Good attempt though at trying to justify it. So much for “small govt” when a significant percent of people living in some red States live in poverty.

    1. @Nunna Beeznes Well then Democrats should be championing this bill if republicans are the only cheaters

    2. @Nunna Beeznes But if it’s harder to legally vote then that negatively effects republicans AND democrats not one or the other….so I still don’t see the issue

    3. @Dorean 503 it’s been proven commie. When are you gonna realize that the left has no regard for what you want. Both it affects both parties, so what’s the problem?

    1. @Jason M Why weren’t they allowed to take pictures? And no video I saw of it had anyone banging on the glass.

  2. Thank God they included the word “Restrictive” in the title. People would be forced to come to their own conclusions otherwise

    1. @Tyler Kriesel You also notice the original subject has no merits? What infantile point are you attempting to make?

    2. @Ryan Amendt geez you call people inbreds and fruits for not voting for the party that wins by promising free stuff. I thought you’re supposed to be the nice guys.

    3. @Defy Convention Like when Trump gave away trillions in tax cuts for the rich? Free stuff like that? You dumb weeb.

    4. @Ryan Amendt Joey B isn’t going to raise taxes as much as you think, he’s afraid of the stock market falling. That helps the rich more than anything. His intentions are to keep the US retirement system afloat but he’s going to raise the limits on SALT deductions as well which benefits who, the wealthy! Know your stuff!

  3. Wait so having to have id is a restriction well I’ll tell that to the next time I’m be either carded at the store or going to do any adulting

    1. Funny how low a standard Democratic leadership holds their voting base. You need an ID to open a bank account. You need an ID to rent / purchase a home / apartment. You need an ID to buy alcohol / tobacco. You need an ID to apply for welfare. You need an ID to apply for section 8. You need an ID to purchase a firearm. You need a valid ID to do ANYTHING that adults are required to do in America. And yet, Democrats don’t hold their voters to these pretty simple standards.

  4. Want the right to travel? SHOW US YOUR VACCINE PAPERS! Want the privilege to vote? YOU CANT EXPECT HIM TO HAVE ID!

    1. @Chiviak No they are not they want in-person voting unless you have a reason for mail-in voting, you too lazy to go vote?

  5. *gets pulled over in Georgia*
    Cop: ID and insurance please
    21 year old woke college student: why are you restricting my right to travel?!

    1. @SaudadeSunday because if we want safe elections you need to ensure that the people voting are able to vote, actually the person on the ballot to prevent fraud, and to make sure that people only vote once. I also believe that you should be required to pass a basic knowledge test to even be allowed to vote.

    2. @Brad jihj You seem to have missed what I wrote. To get an ID that says you’re a citizen requires something else, right? So, why not allow that something else that is the real proof of citizenship be used? Why not allow people to get the ID for free, with easy access, and immediately, up to the day of the election at a polling place? To put it more simply, you need A to get B to vote. Why not just allow A to vote? Why not require getting B be more efficient if it’s required to access your basic rights?

    3. @Claymore8365 Your statement is false without qualification. What is true is that in a minority of states making up a minority of the population, in certain circumstances police can require identification. What you said is to general and so is false.

    4. @SaudadeSunday the ID is the proof of verification. You prove address and identity, you get an ID. when you show ID to register to vote, that simply says you are previously verified to cast 1 vote, specifically in your district.

  6. I love watching these to see how they lie and then find out what’s really going on. 🤣

    1. I love reading the disenfranchised trump cult clinging onto the network’s they detest and give them money just to come here to comment how awful they are. I’ve said it since 2016, yall are stupid to come to these channels and interact with them if you truly believe they are making the world a worse place. Disliking it and leaving a rude comment doesn’t tell the algorithm to stop pushing it, it tells it to keep pushing these channels because they get views and engagement. You’re literally lining the pockets of those you’re trying to demonize.

    2. @꧁Lotus Auer꧂ someone has to leave sensible comments.. and we all know you aren’t going to.

    3. @꧁Lotus Auer꧂ This channel is claiming the new laws are restrictive. People come here to point the stupidity in the headlines. The next election is Novemver 5, 2024. That gives voters, as of today, 1,279 days to go obtain an ID card. That’s not restrictive. Go take a day to run to your local DMV office and ensure you’re properly adulting by obtaing your ID. It’s not that difficult.

    4. @꧁Lotus Auer꧂ the algorithm for YouTube doesn’t matter with “news” channel YouTube puts them in the treading news tab no matter what the videos engagement is

  7. When I applied for a library card. I needed a birth certificate, a driver’s license or a free state ID card, and another ID. My social security card did not count as ID. This was done to make sure I did not steal a book. We must make sure elections are not stolen.

    1. Such caution is fine, when a person is *registering to vote* . But once they have registered, their status, as a citizen, is already established. After that, with a signature on file, all that should be required is a signature. To require anything more, is clearly done just to suppress the vote.

    2. You don’t have to show all that once you’re issued a library card, and shouldn’t have to once you’re issued a voter’s registration card. So your comparison doesn’t even make any sense.

  8. I have to use ID to get on an airplane, to buy a beer, to gamble, to get a gun, and to buy a lottery ticket. Why shouldn’t they require one to vote?

  9. Oh god, are they going to expect voters to be citizens also?!? 😭😭😭😭 The humanity!!!😠😡😠😡🤬

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