1. @wavegod All lives matter, and if Canada is racist… ALL countries are racist (based on your loose definition of the term)

    1. So when the officer kneeled on the neck of a suspect long enough to cause a medical incident it was ok?

    1. They didn’t say it was for silence. It was to show how long he was on his neck and how can someone be so I humane to do that to someone.

  1. Dude is so phony. He’ll hop back in his Mercedes parked around the corner and disappear to his next photo op.

    1. If cop found innocent choked floyd I hope you protest all over the world again smash Everything and steal everything burn down homes in Minn burn up cop stations. I hope the violent protests come to toronto and smash all the shopping malls on my major street. Dont stop protesting until summer everyday. You shouldnt have stopped last year. Wanted to tp keep going cops cant do nothingvsteal everything even cars everywhere.

    1. But the knee on his neck for 8m had nothing to do with it? Illogical bigots like you turn away from what is in plain sight and come up with unproven drug theories instead.

  2. The pressure cooker that jurey is in,they will never speak what’s in their heart,only what the mob demands.

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