Fly Invasion in Rosen St. Mary Jamaica | TVJ News - Oct 5 2021 1

Fly Invasion in Rosen St. Mary Jamaica | TVJ News – Oct 5 2021


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  1. Oh my..this is disgusting.. father I pray this gets sorted.. I don’t understand what is wrong with this politican. I hope his farm goes up in smoke.

  2. Is this hinting of what is to come. Remember the plagues that engulfed Egypt. People we are approaching the soon return of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Repent and believe the gospel. He died and was buried according to the scriptures, and was raised from the dead through the Holy Spirit according to the scriptures. Put your trust in Jesus for He is the only way back the Father. Our redemption lies with Him for His precious blood was shed for the forgiveness of sin. The final atonement has been made. For this is eternal life that you know the One through God and Jesus the Messiah whom He had sent. Shalom

    1. This don’t have anything to do with JESUS this is a cause of things not handling the proper way .

  3. That is like in bible time when GOD sent the grass sapper on Egypt in moses time more than fly are coming dangerous time perilous times are coming to here will be weeping wailing people we have to turn to JESUS CHRIST we have to repent GOD is coming soon we have to pray pray and pray

  4. Disgrace how Damian Crawford is disregarding the plight amd discomfort he is causing these residents. Damn shame.

  5. If this was a poor man wha a try that farm lock down b4 it even start up .welcome to jamaica onece you have money you can do wat ever you want worst if you in politics

  6. Strange how Damion doesn’t have a comment at this time he always does. I guess he’s in the hot seat now, so his lips are sealed, smh.

  7. Mr. Crawford needs to close down that chicken business can’t operate like that. Hight of slackness and disregard to the people

  8. Jamaica we must repent as a people, do you think God would want for his creation to live in such inconvenience. Jamaican people have become too prideful and have made foreign culture and vain ideals their Baal

  9. Acts 2:38

    King James Version

    38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  10. No man utter slackness.. so because it’s a so-called politician chicken farm the health authorities are not doing anything…
    Wat a disgrace

  11. What brand eggs are these? What ppl should do is make sure they DO NOT pick them up in the supermarket. This is disgusting!

  12. Damian Crawford can’t even manage a chicken farm but you hire him as your MP to help manage the country. Smdh.

  13. TVJ shame on your editor, we all saw the farm manager’s face why the blur? And you said you spoke with the farm manager unless there is more than 1 then why the blur

  14. Crawford???? Wow what a clean and nice MP, would love to see his mansion!! this is what Jamaicans vote for, my god!!!

  15. Get a flat brown paper…smear it with honey and hang it up for the flies to pitch on. They get stuck.

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