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  1. My wish has been added to the wish list.

  2. Meet George Jetson.
    His Boy Elroy.
    Daughter Judy.
    Jane his wife.

  3. david schneide | November 2, 2020 at 1:54 PM | Reply

    “Dear Santa…”

    • Pranjal Sharma | November 2, 2020 at 2:02 PM | Reply

      @Jennifer Gold ok putin stop this

    • quan Brooklyn kid | November 2, 2020 at 2:19 PM | Reply


    • @Pranjal Sharma Exactly! Keep the flying car away from our human politics drama! Lol

    • @Jennifer Gold great… it’s a copy & paste dumbass who doesn’t know this isn’t about politics.

    • BunkerBoy tRump | November 2, 2020 at 4:07 PM | Reply

      Can these flying cars make it across the Atlantic? To Moscow & Russia perhaps? I’m enquiring on behalf of the tRump criminal crime family in case they gotta make a quick getaway any day now. This is on the QT & from my reliable sources from within the swamp infested vermin ridden Oral Orifice Oval Office, White House.

  4. I wonder what type of license one would need to operate it. A pilot’s license?😂

    • Pilot license for flying, driving license for driving. Not that complicated

    • A double enhanced license. Don’t worry though. Most people won’t be able to afford the license let alone the plane-car.

    • @John B I’m not a bit worried. These flying machines aren’t happening in the near future anyway …if ever. But I thought it’s a cute idea coming from a small country like Slovakia. Inventor must have been heavily influenced by James Bond movies🙂

    • @Irina Krugler probably not. It’s allot of money,time and effort spent on things never happening it seems. And while those things that never happen are being studied countless people have hardships. Seems crazy to me.

    • John B One never knows where any type of invention may lead. Yes, it may be dead on the arrival for being too bizarre to proceed with. But other times it can open the doors to something new and exciting. Curiosity, invention and determination is what made us humans leave prehistoric caves and spread around the globe.

  5. 1985: “I bet we’ll have flying cars in the future”


    • @Debra no moron, there would be car type traffic in the sky, two airplanes in the sky is not traffic

    • Obviously if we had lots of cars flying in the sky we would be able to adapt and create radio control to manage it all. Or if they ran on auto pilot in the sky and were all linked in the same system to divert paths. Seems pretty easy to overcome

    • David Shaughnessy | November 3, 2020 at 3:00 PM | Reply

      @t g Ever heard of Air Traffic Control? Lmao

    • I would like to thank the FAA for us not having Flying Cars in every garage by 2020
      The FAA: The most diligent organization you’ve ever seen at making sure YOU can’t fly to work in the morning. Just like the DMV.

    • @t g And according to them, in the past year there were an average of 9,728 planes — carrying 1,270,406 people — in the sky at any given time. The lightest day for air traffic was the start of the new year, Jan. 1, 2017, when — at the day’s peak — there were 3,354 planes in the sky at the same time.

  6. A great way to “take out” the entire family. 😉

    • Give one to my mother in law.

    • @Maxwell Smart you married a young version of her, just wait till it comes out In the future

    • BunkerBoy tRump | November 2, 2020 at 4:15 PM | Reply

      Can these jetson flying cars make it across the Atlantic? If yes, more specifically can they make it to Moscow & Russia safely? If they can go the distance then The tRumps will take a whole fleet of them. Thing is they need them like right now in case the election doesn’t go their way!

    • @BunkerBoy tRump
      You just had to get all political on us. 🤨

  7. Humans aren’t going to be smart enough to fly these. We can barely drive on a highway.

  8. We are DEFINITELY heading to the…”JETSONS”…..


  9. What do these run on? Imagine youre just chillin and this thing looses power above ya.

  10. Isn’t an airplane already a “flying car” like what the hell….

    • @t g nice but the only reason for the wheels are for landing, takeoff, and being put into launch position. Not for driving on a highway and a plane cannot make large turn adjustments while moving toward takeoff speed. This is a flying car because it CAN drive on highways and fly. Try to drive a plane on a highway

    • Merge For The Kill | November 3, 2020 at 8:55 PM | Reply

      @t g Haha no they can’t bro. You think a plane can drive down a street without hitting cars and trucks? A skateboard can drive down the street more easily than a plane. Are skateboards cars too?

    • @Merge For The Kill *not flying cars

    • @Danker Things but they CAN drive on highways. Some planes are smaller and some are bigger. Notice how you said the word “CAN” in all caps. Implying that once it is possible. There will be car accidents, but planes can drive on roads. Can’t believe people want flying cars since the 60s but we had it since ww2 :c

    • @DSXG Plays which is more successful at doing both car plane

  11. “We’ve trapped the suspect in their car, there’s no escape…”

  12. 1980: in 2020 sure we have flying cars
    2020: A plane with wheels of car..

  13. About flying cars I have asked myself: “Isn’t a flying car a helicopter? Or are you looking for a helicopter with wheels?”

    • @Patrico Fritz working on? its functional and implemented in various fleets. The cost of that tech is restrictively prohibitive for consumer use. But more importantly, military applications don’t have to worry about pedestrians when rotating a jet turbine and blasting off. And have you seen how poorly people negotiate a 2D transport system? You really want the guy who can’t parallel park, flying a vertical lift jet car? enforcing DUI’s would be a logistical nightmare.

      Also the military gives 0 shits about fuel cost.
      flying is orders of magnitude more energy consumptive than rail or water. More simply put: fighting gravity is expensive.
      flying cars are not the future of travel.

      ps thanks for engaging me, I needed a distraction from this election.

    • Yes, it’s called a plane

    • @Matt Traven or clean transportation. Eliminate the use of fossil fuels

    • why “or”? I see no reason train & water can’t be clean. We already have electric trains and shipping barges could easily be nuclear powered. If nuclear can be improved and scaled down, that could also solve the major problem of heavy construction and farming equipment.

    • @DSXG Plays for years that’s been my stock response to anyone talking about fly cars!

  14. This is the stuff of many deadly disasters reported soon.

  15. I’m over 70. I’ve been watching ‘flying cars’ since I was a child. None of them ever came to anything.
    Which is probably just as well given how well most of my neighbors drive conventional cars.

    • @Thyalwaysseek my car is fully automated. Speak for yourself

    • @nick johnson Your car is NOT fully automated.

    • @Josh Carvell Cars will never be fully automated there are too many variables that computers cannot process and so they will never be 100% safe. Until they are 100% safe no insurance company is going to touch them and when somebody is killed by an automated car who is going to be charged?

    • @Thyalwaysseek yes it is. I drive a beta version tesla. With a 10k fully automated software. Its a perk working for tesla.

    • @nick johnson Learn what fully autonomous means before you lie about owning an Elon Musk EV because it’s obvious you don’t know and are now making a fool of yourself.

  16. I can’t wait to see people wearing masks and texting as they fly over my head. This is a bad idea.

  17. blazzingsaddles4 | November 2, 2020 at 9:41 PM | Reply

    They better have a landing strip at my local supermarket, I’m not buying a flying car and have to land out of town!

  18. Angel Voorhees | November 3, 2020 at 1:00 PM | Reply

    1950: We’ll have flying cars in the future!

    2020: *driving plane*

  19. Thatguyinthathat. s | November 3, 2020 at 1:24 PM | Reply

    We want a “car” that can fly.

    We don’t want a plane, helicopter, drone, that can drive.

    There’s a big difference.

  20. This is actually a redesign inspired by Powell Motors, “The Homer”.

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