Fmr. Acting AG Rosen Says Trump 'Persistent' In Attempts To Subvert Election 1

Fmr. Acting AG Rosen Says Trump ‘Persistent’ In Attempts To Subvert Election


Former acting attorney general Jeffrey Rosen in closed-door testimony before the SJC said former President Trump was 'persistent' in trying to pressure the Justice Department to discredit the 2020 election results. Michael Schmidt and George Conway join Morning Joe to discuss.

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Fmr. Acting AG Rosen Says Trump 'Persistent' In Attempts To Subvert Election


    1. @cheryl begue Communists are what the Democrats have turned into. Trump is for the Constitution, a Constitutional Republic, which is what we are. He is saving our Democracy.

    2. @cheryl begue The traitors are 95% of Congress and all those on the states who allowed this Steal to happen. Certifying a fraudulent vote amounts to Treason. Truth comes out, about everything, thanks to EO 13818 and 13848 plus other EO’s, all involved I the steal will be indicted, as well as the media. Remember the Nuremberg trials, Nuremberg 2.0 will happen, because of Plandemic, where even Media was executed in the first trial.

    1. @Linda Taylor Jr. and Eric won’t go after anything or anyone who can actually fight back. They will hire body guards because to be a Trump is to be all bark and no bite.

    2. @Kat loves dogs You are absolutely right, even people who use traitors, have no respect for them. The same as traitor Trump has no respect for his wife or Mike Pence.

    1. @Dan DeMaio Out campaigning and supporting Republican candidates running for seats and doing an occasional Fox interview.

    2. @Ann van de Kew And it baffles me that people can’t see what he really is. The cult that he has grown. All his business failures. The lawsuits. Almost financially crippling a couple of banks. Failed business ventures. Casinos. His associations and involvements. A creep. A scoundrel. A grifter. Hope I am alive to read the novel when it’s written.

    1. @Maria Barajas. Not SOME Republicans. Most of them need to go to jail ‘coz they’re carrying DUMBEAD DONNIE’S burden on their shoulders.

    2. Start writing letters to the DOJ and representatives. They need to be pushed, otherwise it will just be swept under the rug.

    3. @Stephen Dickson Thank you, I did so 4 days ago and I’m talking to my friends and family to follow suit.

  1. personally i believe that making sure he never runs again is not enough. i know this is the end goal but is unfair. he must be taken to court.



  2. What does this tell you about the enablers defending him or closing the eyes 👀 not denouncing it all?

    1. Right?! The guy is a fraud and he is being allowed to openly continue to defraud American citizens whether they are conscious of it or not. This loser has been ripping people off since his own dawn of time. Its pretty off the hook what money can buy. What kinds of a message does this send to the American people? That we can treat entire populations any old way and get away with it as long as we have enough money? Why has he continued to get off the hook? This question is posed to justify and validate his cult. “If DT really did that they would have arrested him by now and he NEVER would have become a President”….yes they justify the lack of accountability as a way to continue the false narrative. DT has ripped people off with his Trump School, and put SO many people in terrible positions, all the while to keep up his fraud. And where is all the money coming from that is supporting him now? New York, I saw a business man making a comment that he was from money and was giving large amounts. Through most likely various QAnon/Spiritual “non-profits”. They all band together through the churches. Donations. The KKK has a huge financial backing. Too bad White people are getting washed away, by the sounds of the census. We are America. We are the MELTING POT. Some came here and did despicable things and there must be reparations for those actions. It simply needs reparation and the truth to be told. Hidden and erased files must be opened for families of enslaved people. We want the truth. Otherwise we don’t stand a chance on this planet. If entire governments are going to be running away from the truth of history, the planet TRULY does not stand a chance. So. DT should be held accountable, but I also believe the case has to be airtight with no holes. All the pawns are moving behind closed doors and I feel like I can see the inner workings of this thing. DT will be the cause of the new UNITED States of America because he represents all that we are NOT. HIs story is no longer relevant. This is not a patriarchy and we are all going to stand up for women and children and Black, Brown, RED and Yellow. We are going to stand together as a people. Nobody at this point can continue to live in illusions, fake systems, systems of oppression. NO no. Enough is enough. Fifty years ago we went to our farmers who farmed their lands. They had been there for generations. Every year we ordered our turkeys for holidays. Rockwell has many paintings of early America. There is no denying what most Americans wanted either. FREEDOM. Freedom of religion for ALL. Freedom from the taxing of England (Boston Tea Party). Come on now. Donald Trump is the personification of all the lies America has told itself and its time now to unlock the records, make them available and lets start healing this nation! I will say it again as I have thousands of times: everything starts with the seed in the soil. ALL of our very existence. ALL of our FOOD. US. Therefore, it is time to start addressing the systemic issues and adjust the laws to make decisions about sentencing and what is going to give someone 6 months or a lifetime sentence. It is time to stop allowing cities and towns to keep some type of balance. If people want to live in gated communities together, go for it. But keeping PUBLIC cities and towns exclusively White, only showing homes to certain people, only referring loans to banks if the buyers are White….no more. No NO NO more. The solution is in the home supporting working class families and regulation on space exploration until we know full well it is safe to do so before polluting the Universe. Interesting times for this country. I want to go home. Would my country take me back? Maybe. Welcome to the new census whereby we see people declaring their own truths…the fact being that mixed race identification has gone up 275% in ten short years! This is a very good sign that this is a melting pot. But land ownership is no longer an option for anyone really. Not most Americans. I can’t even buy a farm to take care of my family but Bill Gates can. He can feed the corporation called Mcdonald’s and make money off making people sick with fast food and selling his (probably) lab grown potatoes. I think there needs to be so much to be worked on but let’s get this terrorist, eh? Make DT and his conspiracists accountable. Just make it good and tight! Due process people.. its called a Democracy.

    1. Some in the establishment may hate tRump, but he’s still a part of the elite and they protect their own against the rest of us peons. They get away with it on a daily basis and we let them. The only person of note to be arrested for the 2008 crash was Madoff and that was because he ripped off the rich. Not one CEO or corporate board or bank was held accountable for ruining the economy and people’s lives, because our lives do not matter. They were rewarded with bail outs which went straight into golden parachutes and stock buybacks. Democracy is dead, welcome to the Plutocracy that has been taking over for decades. Our votes don’t matter because we continue to put their people into power. We are both the victims and the culprits in this fiasco that is America.

    2. Trump acted like he was the CEO of a corporation trying not to be relieved of his position by creating alliances. He never understood that a U.S. president has a specific job description and list of things that are required and things that aren’t part of the job. That is completely different from whether or not one might agree with Conservative politics that he espoused.

    3. They’re just gathering up all the information that they need and all the evidence that they’re going to need to put this SOB in prison

    4. @RCW Designs I agree he just wants to pocket that money so the more he drags on his lie the more money these morons are putting in his pocket

    1. @Jeff So tell me. What’s it like living in Siberia eating rat stew and cockroach salad and wiping your Butt with the stack of old Pravdas and the rubles you get from trolling? Why can’t Putin keep track of his trolls?

    2. @mary cauffield No. okay? 😁 By the way, happy Reinstatement Day! What time should we tune in to watch the big event?

    1. @cheryl begue Why hasn’t anybody been charged with Insurrection? Not to mention why are they still holding those on solitary? It’s been 7 months since Jan 6th. What happened to the Constitution and speedy trial?



  3. Anything Don does wouldn’t surprise me. He stiffed my father out of thousands of dollars. Throw him in jail he’s a crook

    1. @K8 B New York was ready to arrest him and then he became the president so they couldn’t do it then because you’re not allowed to arrest a sitting president until the end of his term which is now so I wish New York would hurry up and throw his butt in prison

    2. He’s stiffed a lot of people!! Banks too!! That’s why only Russian banks will do business with him!! That’s also why NY was glad to see him go to Florida!! He’s stiffing all those people at the villages as we speak!!

    3. @Tammy Brothers That makes more sense. They even promised trump time which they never got, although half of this is kushner using daddy’s name so him too

    4. @Robert Brookes The people that believe in him aren’t smart enough to read or comprehend!! There like DUMP!!

    1. @thom wessels do think CNN is the only station that carries this news? Try looking it up you will find it elsewhere

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis Uhh, sorry that I ACTUALLY have to explain this to you…..
      but I use CNN as the OPPOSITE of news, Einstein. Sorry life dealt you the ‘slow card’…

    3. @thom wessels First of all I think you must be talking about Trump having Alzheimer’s yes that is correct I have had many patients that has Alzheimer’s and Trump has every single one of them that is on that list but secondly you shouldn’t be calling people that have Alzheimer’s calling them brain-dead that is so disrespectful and cruel to even say but I mean I may not like Trump but I would never say that he is brain-dead from his Alzheimer’s

    1. @Marie Wilson Feels like that, I know. I want to think that this is tricky because Garland has to use our strict Constitutional playbook to bring a sleazy fraudster con man to justice. An actual President of our country did all of this and his GOP backers are lying right along with him.

    2. @Happy Day Here’s the roadmap A-G Garland and it ain’t that difficult. The A-G already has multiple instances of obstruction of justice in the Mueller Report. Arrest & charge him for those, hold him under house arrest and remove him from all his social media outlets. Next stage is to push the Jan. 6th investigation to the front burner and eventually charge him for treason.
      Please start working for We The People. Call me if you need any help on where to start.

    3. Start writing letters to the DOJ and representatives. They need to be pushed, otherwise it will just be swept under the rug.

    4. Garland has no power since he is an illegitimate AG. Biden would’ve been sent packing already had there been a decent Vice President, one that nobody in America likes or wants.

  4. I don’t understand how anyone in their right mind would meet or do a call with Trump without recording it for the sake of recording evidence of his 100% certain criminal acts.

  5. Bottom line: he’s still a free man, not arrested, not charged, earning tens of millions from his constituents for his personal benefit. Why?

    1. @icin4d – all that is made up. 😆 🤣 😂
      Do the research or shut up. Ok? Didn’t I say no lying?

    2. @Scott Harrison Wow, go get your TDS (Twump Delusional Supporter) checked out. You are in critical denial. But thanks for supporting MSNBC’s site with your trolling. lol

  6. shouldn’t surprise anyone – this is how he bullied and swindled his way in all his crooked NY real estate dealings for decades.

    1. Thank you Jeanette! Absolute truth; all his life he’s been a liar,cheater, plus responsible for numerous business failures.

    2. And I bet that’s how he bullied people when he was in elementary school and middle school and high school and college

    3. @Tammy Brothers That’s exactly right!! He was a bully all through school!! He was kicked out of private school in elementary school!! His parents sent him to military school and he was thrown out of there also for being a bully!! He has no education!! He’s a thug thru and thru!!

  7. The Hatch Act??? Really George, you’re gonna bring up the Hatch Act rules that your wife didn’t care to follow .

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