Fmr. Astronaut On Branson's Historic Flight: 'It's A Really Big Deal' 1

Fmr. Astronaut On Branson’s Historic Flight: ‘It’s A Really Big Deal’

NBC's Tom Costello and former NASA astronaut, Dr. Mae Jemison, joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss billionaire Richard Branson's historic Virgin Galactic flight into space Sunday and how it will impact the future of space tourism as others like Jeff Bezos jump into the space race.

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Fmr. Astronaut On Branson's Historic Flight: 'It's A Really Big Deal'


    1. This is a major breakthrough for mankind.

      Before Brandon’s amazing invention it used to cost $3,000 to fly on the jumbo jet that gave you 30 seconds of weighlessness. Now you can pay $250,000 to go even higher and experience weightlessness.

    2. @Lampan 87 yippee. So Richard’s breakthrough for mankind is that he figured out how to travel into space.

      Flying real real high sounds fun, but it’s still an extravagant waste of money for a trivial and vain pleasure cruise which contributes nothing to anything.

  1. If we launch people to space from the space port will we accept other lifeforms from other planets to land at the space port?

  2. It’s sort of amusing the way everyone is acting like this Branson guy just made some sort of breakthrough. As if this marks some advancement in human enterprise or endeavors. He managed to invent an even more expensive version of that airplane that mimics weightlessness by doing parabolic ascents and descents.

    One small step for man. One giant leap for billionaire-kind.

    1. No bro . This actually travels into space. The one that mimics weightlessness doesn’t mimic it, it just loses altitude to create zero gravity.

    2. @N Hoff so you can taste the difference between weightlessness as you freefall inside earth’s atmosphere, and when you freefall outside of it?

      Big whoop, Branson figured out how to get into outerspace more than 50 years late.

  3. I’m all for sending the billionaires into outer space. Letting them come back might be a different story.

  4. “It’s a really big deal” ????? Wow, “dr.” Jemison, Biden and his voters went to the same college!

    1. At least Biden voters are smart enough to know who won the legitimate election. What science is, and that windmills don’t “cause cancer.”

  5. This is not space travel, it is only a step beyond what test pilots have been doing for 60+ years.

  6. Steven Hawking went up in 2007, and Matt Groening & David Cohen (Futurama, Simpsons, etc.) went up a decade ago.

    Branson? Big deal.

  7. ” Bu-bu-but they’re rides only for rich people!”
    Yeah, just like the first intercontinental luxury cruise liners. Or air travel. I’m sure people cried their eyes out over that back then too. Fast-forward a hundred or so years, now millions of people can easily scrape up enough money to risk catching a norovirus on a miniature city-at-sea or happily cram themselves into pressurized aluminium tubes traveling at hundreds of miles an hour through the air to go visit cousins five countries away. I don’t get where all the saltiness is coming from.

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