1. @Winston Smith Just because a member votes for a war doesn’t necessarily mean they wholeheartedly want it. Ah those little nuances of life and the ability to identify and understand them. You can too, son, you can too, in time, kiddo. 😉

    2. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise Ah, yes. The nuance of the tolerant and compassionate Left where 90 percent of all comments are blaming Trump and accusing others of being Russian trolls. Sad to say it, but zealotry and cultish groupthink is not likely to go away without serious help. Stay safe. And remember… Putin is watching. Always.

    3. @Nunya Business They should. Absolutely. If we’re talking about going after Bush and Cheney for pushing the war, I’d be all for it. Instead, Obama did nothing to them. Or the torturers for that matter. Same with Trump. He won’t be going to prison and may even run for president again. I’m 100 percent in favor of holding people responsible. What I’m not in favor of are liberals smugly blaming W or Trump and doing nothing about bringing them to justice.

    1. @Winston Smith im not dem or rep im german.. Just telling you facts, if you don’t like them change your country’s future behavior instead of wining about lost elections all the time with no evidence.. Snowflakes

    2. @Andethidial bubabibub I supported Bernie- an anti war voice. I did try to change my country’s future behavior, but the liberal hawks voted for Biden. I don’t see why anger at 600K Iraqi deaths and trillions of dollars spent and thousands of Americans lost makes me a snowflake. Idk, maybe calling people who are anti-war ‘snowflakes’ is a German thing….

  1. The war was bad, the LIVES lost to many. Why are we going on with this, PEOPLE in America are going hungry and have no idea how they will live. THE WAR IS OVER WHITE AMERICA JUST LET IT GO.

  2. Sorry, but that was a complete setup to make junior bush look so innocent – he knew exactly what was happening in my opinion – I immediately said he knows – seriously my immediate reaction

    1. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise I repeat, I am not a traitor …. AND I have a brain, so, NO. I am NOT a KKKoolaid drinking cultist.

    2. @I am jacks complete lack of surprise You don’t have to be a trump supporter to see the glaring issues with the facts surrounding 9/11. Just do some research

  3. I have no respect for any of the Bush family at whatsoever they are liars as much as almost as bad as Trump and that’s all I got to say about that

  4. Bush needn’t have bothered seeking safety in a schoolroom, flight 93 was never heading for the White House. And Bush had been told America was under attack long before he went to Florida to polish up his reading skills.

  5. He was thinking: I have Bin Laden brother at my ranch in Texas, how I’m going to move him knowing the protocols said I have to order a flight restriction for all aircrafts ?

    1. @quan Brooklyn kid Afraid of the simple facts, tough guy? Are you a liar, a troll, or just too stupid to Google the facts?

  6. Boy. It looks like he got America Security under control with that look. Right there is why we spent 20 or more years in both Iraq & Afghanistan. Calmly? That stupidity your looking at. What’s this woman thinking. Japan bombed Pearl Harbor. Did we act Calmly.

    1. Consider the Iraq War and the GFC, don’t you think Bush should be ranked at the bottom?

      All the other contenders (Hoover, Buchanan, Trump…) faced inherited problems or problems beyond their control.

    1. Right? Rumsfeld said on tv the day before that trillions of dollars was missing. It couldn’t be tracked after 9/11, and nothing more was said about it. Kinda fishy

  7. Many individuals have asserted that there were profit motives for the *Bush-Cheney Administration to invade Iraq in 2003 🤔.*

  8. He wanted Bush to make sound decisions. The world has seen the results of it. I wonder how much worse the bad decisions of Bush could have been.

  9. I would have loved to heard this story. MSNBC’s sound crew needs to mute Mitchell’s mic when guests are speaking. Her dry-mouth lip smacking is always louder than the guests’ voices. The sound is nauseating!!!

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