Fmr. Cuomo Adviser: 'What A Disgraceful Way Of Conducting Yourself' 1

Fmr. Cuomo Adviser: ‘What A Disgraceful Way Of Conducting Yourself’


Susan Del Percio, who worked as an adviser to Andrew Cuomo, reacts with Andrea Mitchell to the governor's resignation following a report from the New York State Attorney General that alleged he sexually harassed multiple women, ahead of potential impeachment proceedings that might have seen him removed from office.

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    1. @Connie Dean nope! Qanon is quite possibly one of the dumbest things in the world next to blm and Antifa. I also don’t like Trump and hope he never runs again.

    2. @FAFO People here think if you disagree with them that you are a far right voter. People here are so blind to anyone who is a moderate. Trump and Cuomo are both innocent until proven guilty because we live in America. Most here seem to want America to become Iran. Cuomo certainly sounds like a total dirt bag but let’s see how all of this turns out and if the woman are credible. I think most of them are, maybe all of them, but Cuomo deserves to present his side. Trump appears to be innocent of most of the charges leveled at him here, but we’ll see

  1. Political fights aren’t often legal!!! Anyone can say anything politically. He has every right to defend himself, just as women have every right to defend themselves. Hopefully, when this all goes to court, under oath and with proven evidence, then all will be resolved.

  2. Cuomo saw the look of disappointment, anger
    and loss of respect in his daughters eyes.
    and resigned.
    Pity he still believes he did nothing wrong.

  3. If he is saying that he isn’t guilty, why would he show remorse. 🤔 Not defending or accusing, just saying. If he does think the “victims” are victims he isn’t shaming.

  4. Full individuals who keep on mentioning Trump and every sentence for real you don’t you just have an accountability already I mean he’s the man who actually put the guys in nursing homes so like how that is your compare that the truck yes I have big other things you know I believe that other democrats should be investigated also not just him

  5. And his political legacy will be he was forced to resign in disgrace. What happens after are for the courts to decide.

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