Fmr Defense Sec. On Why Its Necessary To Have Jan 6 Commission 1

Fmr Defense Sec. On Why Its Necessary To Have Jan 6 Commission


Former Defense Secretary and former Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-Neb., joins Morning Joe to discuss why he says the country deserves a commission to investigate the January 6 insurrection.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Fmr Defense Sec. On Why Its Necessary To Have Jan 6 Commission


    1. @reality
      Fascist and left? Doesn’t fit.
      Pls educate yourself before making a fool of yourself.

    2. Detritiv0re if you want to debate from a point of authority it means your arguments don’t hold weight. Facts aren’t different because of your age.

    3. @reality no, you have that wrong, it is the American people vs the fascist right.

    1. A little torture goes a long way! Perhaps a bit of extreme rendition. You know, a taste of their own medicine. Ship them off to Guantonimo!

  1. Shameful, even more shameful that they were bold enough to thumb their noses at the people they purportedly represent. What a disgrace. Furthermore their machinations are obvious to everyone.

    1. cboy5oc. Yes, I agree. Shameful. But keep in mind those six Reps who behave decently. Most of them are experienced politicians. And on the whole, they have been consistent in their stance. So that is something. I am not a Reps fan, in any way, but it must be acknowledged that those people demonstrated principle and a respect for the rule of law. And they carry weight and ballast. Much more than their shameless colleagues, like Ted Cruz, Rubio, Hawley, MTG and others. Why should you and I care? Because, IMHV, regardless of our own political views, it matters, for democracy’s sake, to have worthy opponents. i.e. people from both sides who have principles and stick to them. I may be wrong, but it is my view that the fact that these people expressed their stances, is way more worthy than the shameful expectorations of too many of their supposed colleagues. Time will tell. Indeed the manipulation is obvious. And frankly pathetic in its deviousness. But this is political maneuvering at its worst. So, just keep in mind that at least those GOP representatives managed to keep their wits about. I am not aware of their specific circumstances. They may be retiring soon or not up to reelection, which may mean they are able to demonstrate some courage. I do not know. It is up to people like you, and others, to read the signs. The very best of luck and the best to you and your loved ones.

  2. People have to stop saying they dont understand why they dont vote for the commission . There are many republican conspirators in congress.. Thats why.

    1. Exactly, there are people in the house that were in contact with the insurrectionists before, during and after the violence stopped. This is an ongoing coup by the republican party and McConnell and Mccarthy know whats happening so they will say and do nothing in case it’s successful. Biden needs to get Manchin and Sinema in line so they can stop McConnells filibuster and pass federal laws to stop these local traitorous republicans.

    2. But we have to prove exactly who of the 44 who you say did something, did something. Who were the congressmen who gave tours the day before. If proof is what we need we must get it and use facts….. Facts are the way to corner and trap the lying spinning actors who blame the imaginary democrat for everything. We should be contesting the count, the census count.

  3. Republicans haven’t figured out who’s running the show yet. They should ask Ms,Sicknik? Then again, that would just be a waste of her time? Thank you Ms.Sicknik.

    1. Fascist Democrats haven’t figured out that their political party has been bought and paid for by Russia and China and Ukraine.

    1. She is 100% incorrect.
      Typical they don’t do no work they just say what they think they want to

    1. Are you really that stupid the GOP in the conservative stick up for the police in the military the Democrat party tears them down and accuses him of crimes when they’re doing their job grow up you child.

    2. @Pohaku Mana
      How can you say that a whole bunch of white liberals haven’t even told you what black is yet how can you figure out if orange is black.
      Do you remember you’re supposed to listen to all those white liberals.
      The ones that Russia gave millions of dollars to China gave millions and millions and millions of dollars to.

  4. America is a total joke. In Germany, there would be an investigation into all the individual participants, and a parallel investigation into their connections by federal police. Members of Congress (our Bundestag and Bundesrat) who refuse to cooperate would lose their immunity. And it would be the same in any other European nation. Get your act together.

    1. GERMANY was forced to legislate all kinds of LAWs to protect the German people from another Hitler.
      American Democracy is under attack
      from GOP fascists….

    1. Oh some common sense … Same thing for crooked politicians who don’t want I.D.s to vote right ? Or no border fence to stop drugs and criminal activities. So should we investigate Biden and his cronies that allow this?

  5. Of course they wouldn’t want their crimes investigated and will go out of their way to prevent a commission from happening. It’s like asking to fox to arrest himself for killing the chickens.

    1. @Kay Yes. Mo Brooks, Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar would be totally absolved of accusations from Ali Aleander that they helped him plan/attend Jan 6th. Mitch is not feeling it so obstruct to prevent. Yes, good thing that can’t stop the truth.

  6. Senators are also capital rioters,only difference is that they are still in power and no one will do anything about it!!!! GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!

    1. Only a completely mentally deficient person would say something like what you just said just because you’re fascist pig news stations play it out like it was some kind of a insurrection those are the same people that said they were mostly peaceful protest all summer and all winter while your cities burn in the civilians were murdered in the streets.
      Why don’t you go and get some education you obviously need it or maybe you can’t even get educated.

    2. Don’t be complacent!

      Put pressure on those that work FOR US! Call your senators and congressmen.

      We are watching a second civil war in real time. Our country is polarized. Most republicans believe that THEY ARE THE ONLY PARTY.

    3. @Gary Mars yeah it’s the news network that is fascist, not the party that sent a mob into to the capital building.

  7. We need to know how many received PPP loans that FUNDED their trips and others to commit this and make them PAY it all BACK!

    1. Yeah and we should make the Democrats pay back all the money for their fake and guess investigation against Donald Trump and Russia.

    2. Alot of them did receive these loans, and apparently have ties to the higher ups! Real small business got squat!

  8. When someone named *Max Boot* is speaking out against right-wing activities, people should probably pay attention

  9. I don’t understand why this is even a voting issue. They were attacked , investigate already.

    1. Pretty sure they’re twisting the grievance again, Republicans want the footage released so likely it’s being avoided. Think about it Everyone in charge is a dem so who’s to say no.

    2. Manchin and Sinema need to agree to void or at least waive for specific bills the filibuster: for BOTH the creation of the January 6 Commission AND for FEDERAL voter rights protections and election integrity and security protections. Joe, ask Manchin and Sinema if they do not understand the obvious plan of the GOP to gerrymander their way into power — hold and acquire more power — in 2022 and then use the new state laws to have GOP controlled state houses seize control of elections, void the choices of voters and send their own loyalists to the Electoral College.

    1. His former wife Ivana said that when she was married to him he would read Mein Kampf constantly which doesn’t surprise me because it was by Adolf Hitler. What did surprise me is that he actually has the ability to read

  10. I agree with Mrs. Sicknick. “They don’t care.” They vote for their futures, not our country’s future. They are eating away at our Republic. It is shameful! We won’t forget.

    1. A pattern of this unfolds before our very eyes. These low life GOP members enjoy spitting on our democracy.

    2. You liberals must have a mental disorder almost 2 years of our city’s burning and you believe these fascist pig that it was mostly peaceful protest one unarmed 100% unarmed gathering in the capital that the capital police opened the gates and wave them in and you call it an insurrection you guys have a mental disorder go to a doctor get some help.

    3. @Gary Mars whataboutism and random word salad.

      Wouldn’t fascists hate all forms of protest? Do you not understand what fascism is?

      Also, insurrectionists in the capitol were NOT unarmed.

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