Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Matt Gaetz Is ‘His Own Worst Enemy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Matt Gaetz Is ‘His Own Worst Enemy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


The New York Times reports that Congressman Matt Gaetz asked Donald Trump for a blanket pre-emptive pardon for himself and congressional allies. “What does that mean? ‘I want a pass, Mr. President, for all crimes I have ever committed in my life’ – and that is quite an ask,” says fmr. federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner. “You don’t ask for a presidential pardon unless you need a presidential pardon.” Aired on 04/07/2021.
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Fmr. Federal Prosecutor: Matt Gaetz Is ‘His Own Worst Enemy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Alan Childs yeah kinda like that mythical missing long form.
      Why dont yall go find that now. Been over a decade. Lazy bums.

    2. @DKatt Katt the evidence was too strong. Donald did try to bury it…but barr refused–went ahead with it and resigned bc he didnt want the blowback.

  1. Since the allegations surfaced Matt Gaetz has been crying himself to sleep on Mike Lindell’s pillow.

    1. @poopYou’re being a hypocrite which is typical of you people because if I said something like that towards your side, I’d be shat on. Also I’m not a Republican, you boomer shitlib. Every single time with you morons. Are you that politically illterate that your definition of a right winger for you is only exclusive to an American political party?

      I’m sorry but not every right winger supports Israel or wars in Middle Eastern countries

    2. @Gandhi the Great Oh please. They’re all crying together. Stop defending conservatives. They are just as bad or worse than Liberals, but none of them are totally good. Remember the holy and most powerful Trump saying there are good people on both sides? Including the KKK…. Well, there are bad people on both sides. But you people will never admit that. Conservatives are bullied, but Liberals are devils in your minds. I hate your minds. Despicable….

    3. @Leonie Romanes Cuomo literally murdered the elderly by sending Covid patients to nursing homes and before that sexually harassed many Women on his staff so wtf are you talking about?

    4. @iheartisel not a liberal, definitely not a boomer. Looks like you’re wrong again and again. And no one here is talking about wars. You infer a lot from a few sentences. You’re pointing fingers as well making yourself a hypocrite too.

    5. @iheartisel you know what? You ain’t worth my time, so just stop messaging me cause I ain’t interested in fighting with you.

    1. It’s crazy how trump seems to not have even helped is biggest loudest and most powerful supporters. Yet bubba at the plant thinks trump cares about his job lol

    2. At this point he’s not changing feet…..he’s got both feet well & truly stuck in his mouth!!!

  2. Why dont we just eliminate this “pardon”business..the law should be the same for everyone. Maybe it should even be more strict for politicians and presidents!

    1. @Jeff Kingin
      You don’t have a clue, the President having the right pardon is Guaranteed by the United States Constitution.
      Pull up “Article 2: Section 2 clause 1”

    2. @9 Haunted Days
      That can never happen, a Presidential pardon is a Political process it is not a Judicial process, care of the United States Supreme Court, the Courts have ZERO authority over it and it is Guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

    3. @Richie Tattersall richie, baby, please try reading my comments before even suggesting anything to me. I’m for the Presidential Pardon Power, unconditionally.

    4. @Jeff Kingin The idea that presidential pardons are an act of mercy ignores the reality of what presidential pardons have done. I recall the case of Bill Clinton pardoning Marc Rich. The GOP raked Clinton over the coals for it, but Rich’s lawyer was Scooter Libby and the GOP wanted him pardoned but used the actual pardon to demonize Clinton. All of tRUMP’s pardons were of his co-conspirators, much like what Red Ink Reagan did in Iran/Contra.

    5. It MUST be more strict for politicians. To many of them have long forgotten, or dismiss, their oath to office – to serve the country. Arrogant, entitled and not in touch with the very country they take advantage of on a daily basis. Voting matters – the one right the GOP has tried very hard to eliminate.

    1. @Andre Desrosiers yeah no normal human would disagree with you. But let’s not lie the media has its own agenda

    2. @Andre Desrosiers Cuomo is accused of mild flirting, which might be annoying but is not illegal. Gaetz is accused of sexual intercourse with a minor, which is a felony.

    3. @hjalmar poelzig Yes. My point was toward the possibility of other more abhorrent revelations, of factual, not alleged, but without a reasonable doubt, guilt. I was also trying to make a point that typically, majority Democrats don’t loyally accept unacceptable behavior from our own.
      Concerning Cuomo’s flirtations, his position requires none of that kind of banter. Some of us expect professionalism from our elected officials at all times on the job at least.
      I’m not going to put myself in a hypocratic position by calling out republicans and not Democrats concerning wrong doing. Besides, neither has been charged with anything. Allegations so far Thanks for sharing your position.

  3. Matt Gaetz was wanting to get that “security blanket (pardon)” from Trump but Trump didn’t give him one.

    1. He wasn’t dirty enough at the time .Trump likes them raunchy hes just now getting there alittle to late

    1. We all know Trump Cultisr were asking for pardond, even Trump himself wanted to pardon himself lmao, the creeps swinging off Trumps testiclez like Gaetz are not aboce ir, theyre all about Trump and his corruption

  4. Am I the only one that can imagine Matt Gaetz standing on a stool in the 18 hundreds, selling Snake-Oil…?

  5. A pardon , for Matt Gaetz , Means he was guilty , Supreme court says so ! not even trumps lawyers could save Matt Gaetz !!!

    1. @toob maniac lmao. This nut knows more than the ussc….gotcha!

      You shoulda been on donald’s election challenge legal team.
      Ah well, missed chances. Just like them prideboys missed out on catching pence to hang him….they were close though! It’s the thought that counts right?

      You need a break from the internet and your alt reality promoting entertainment based news shows.

      Let us know when ya finally find that mythical missing long form. Been over a decade.
      Evidence must not be yall’s strong point. Maybe it’ll trickle down in a few more decades.

    2. No evidence that he even asked for a pardon, it’s all made up. You all are fools if you can’t see this is a hit job. He asked for nothing.

    3. @Kiamichi Ozarks sound’s like your talking re fox news … that’s all made up , as fox have clearly stated that it’s just opinion not fact , in a court of LAW !

  6. If people keep offering Gaetz microphones and just allow him to talk, he’ll eventually get to the point where he is simply showing people the pictures of him doing terrible things to an underage child.
    He is literally that stupid.

    1. Dan i:
      All the FBI has to do to get dirt on Gaetz is to just listen to him run his mouth and implicate himself in whatever. That won’t be hard to do, lol.

    1. Yep. Stopped the video so I could copy/paste that into a facebook comment. It’s beautiful.

    1. @Kenosis Seriously, he looks like adult Eddie Munster or Bevis & Butthead bobblehead…wow

    2. That’s like Sun Tzu meets Yoda levels of wisdom. Remember Matt :Move like water!!! Understand this, and you will know how to conquer the universe!

  7. “One month ago today
    I was happy as a lark,
    But now I go for walks
    To the movies, maybe to the park”

  8. When I was an addict, I used to justify it in RIDICULOUS ways. These men are ADDICTED to power.

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