Fmr. GOP Rep.: Marjorie Taylor Greene Playing With The Base A Lot Better Than Liz Cheney | MTP Daily


  1. She’s being paid, obviously, to pursue this agenda on the behalf of Trump. Trump’s not paying her – but somebody is! She is stupid but she’s being supported by people who are helping her to push this agenda!!! Marjorie is the GOP now.

    1. @Tom Jones Are you including Mr Biden in that comment Sir??? I am not suggesting that you have to like his Policies..BUT has the man even had time to Sleep or Eat since he stepped into this catastrophe zone? It is wrong to label all Politicians as being lazy or incompetent.. Surely Mr Biden deserves to have time to show his merit.

    1. Sorry someone will have to circle back on that. “Poor kids are just as smart and bright as white kids”- Joe Biden

  2. “Stupid like a Fox” the DUMBEST saying EVER!! And this Denver guy is a FORMER because people learned hes PRETTY SLOW!!!

    1. appearing foolish or strange but actually very clever “Crazy like a fox” you have to be in the real world to say real world things.

    2. He paraphrased the saying “crazy like a fox.” Why would you find that “the dumbest saying ever?” And why would 12 people agree with you?

    1. Amen Miss. They call the Squad Radicals… Good grief if the Dems ever Appointed someone like This Greene woman..they would never hear the end of it.. She is whacko.

    1. That’s like letting the freaks at the carnival run the show. That’s when they get to take
      revenge on all the normal people who paid to see them as they are.

    2. Telling the MAGAZombies what they want to hear. Exactly how Baby Cheesus became their Toddler Messiah.

  3. It least he admits it is all about attention but he smiles while tearing the country apart. Get rid of all of them.

  4. Do anything, say anything and stands for anything. So that way you know exactly what to expect – anything.

  5. The woman is literally going to be removed from the chamber one of these days. Physically taken out of the building, either by the boys in blue or the men in white.

    1. I doubt she would be removed. The Republicans have increasingly normalized aberrant behaviors from both their members and their constituents. These politicians aren’t leaders, they’re panderers.

  6. Do you suppose they call it the base, just because it is so very base?
    I think the Democrats have diversity instead of a very base base

  7. MTG said, during her campaign, that a conspiracy theory like Q was something a smart girl like her would use to her advantage.

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