Fmr. GOP Rep: Nancy Pelosi Has The ‘Power To Rattle Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Fmr. GOP Rep: Nancy Pelosi Has The ‘Power To Rattle Donald Trump’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. gfunk6 conned by Trump being a Russian agent? Conned by the fake polls? Conned into socialism like Venezuela? Conned into letting in “peaceful” refugees like Germany? Conned into giving up their guns before NAZI Germany?

    2. I know! I mainly clicked on this to read the comments and I am pleasantly surprised to see how many people find this laughable.

    3. Joseph Dale your dignity would be up for sale too if you had it. Tell Pootin I said hi. 😂😂😂😂

    1. @John Appice Mostly they show video’s of tRump incriminating himself and lying about everything any time he opens his mouth.

    2. I’m amazed how the Roman Catholic Ecclesiastical Provinces can even exist in the U.S. as they’re always in the commission of a crime… including the U.S. Jurisdiction traitor who kissed the hand of the Pope flat out in public too. Talk about always in the commission of a crime traitors that aid and abet the enemies of the State. I’m sure they’ve mass murdered most the mentally competent they can’t enslave with the latest round of AI and other Electromagnetic Spectrum wired and wireless more-so devices that brain wash, cult program and mind control the masses into blatant homosexual, neuter or whatever sexual deviant sodomy behaviors led on by blatant spoiled rotten idiots females, neuters and/or gays. Seems like the U.S. is turning into the ultimate rich Mexico where it’s like the goal is to re-write the U.S. Constitution like in Mexico to have an official religion that is guess when now… it ain’t Jesuit or Maltese…???

    3. shane kennedy You should tell Trump and his cultists about the FALSE accusations. There’s a long list of accusations against Democrats that they are happy not to use your standard. But Trump has been convicted, his university and charity the two most recent.

  1. 🤔exactly power, fools & idiots forgot they are there to work for We the People, not the other way around. For those that only seek power,
    will lose everything😉

    1. Because trump supporters are triggered snowflakes who swarm any video like this to down vote it like little children. They seem to think it means something. And they ignore that going to MSNBC and CNN videos financially supports them.

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