Fmr. Marine Captain: Service Members Killed In Kabul Attack Didn’t Die ‘In Vain’ 1

Fmr. Marine Captain: Service Members Killed In Kabul Attack Didn’t Die ‘In Vain’


President Biden defends his decision to pull troops out of Afghanistan after at least 13 U.S. service members and dozens of Afghan civilians are killed outside Kabul’s airport. National security expert Joe Cirincione and Marine veterans Timothy Kudo and Adam Weinstein, both of whom served in Afghanistan, join Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss.
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  1. The issue at the moment is why there was no plan of retrieval. Why was the Military pulled out before the citizens.

    1. Do you mean why all 20 plus million Afghanis were not pulled out of their own country? That’s gonna be a big load of plane flights and furthermore many of them could be Taliban.

    2. @Karen Baxter You know nothing about Afghanistan, the war and the people who have a bull’s eye on their backs because they were translators, maintenance staffers, cultural ambassadors. Do you think if a foreign military force enters a country they magically know how to navigate in a country they never set foot on? Do you relly think ‘googeling it’ does cut it?

  2. Thank you for calling out McMaster! And the ridiculous ‘magical thinking’ Americans tend to have. O’Donnell has been great on this issue.

  3. . MEDIA , if you really want to “pull the curtain back” then you need to
    go back to the Reagan/Thatcher era when the USA/UK
    mobalised/armed/financed the Taliban in Pakistan /Afghanistan and sent
    them into Afghanistan to fight the Russian soldiers there – indeed YOU
    labled them as Freedom Fighters (included Bin Laden!) . . indeed your
    “short memory” is the reason folks call you “fake news” . .

  4. Supreme Court hands the Biden Administration a major setback, by reinstating Trumps remain in Mexico policy. Way2go SCOTUS.

  5. The “disinformation, partisan, hyper-attack mode” *IS NOT* “Washington these days.” It’s the *RETHUGLICANS* these days. Let’s never forget that.

    1. 13 American marines are dead trying protect their brothers there is no excuse for this negotiations with terrorists

    2. What would you democrats have without virtue signaling, race baiting and patronizing, wokeness, climate fear mongering, quid pro quo votes from illegal immigration seeking citizenship…

    3. ” If your enemy doesnt have $85 Billion in US weaponry and equipment, just give it to them ”
      ~ *Sun Joe* -The Art of Dementia

  6. So dam funny to watch the media do damage controls for this president . Lol ! The president of the United States is total incompetent .

    1. You’re such a big mouth! Remind me a single president among the last 3 who dared do what Joe Biden has done. You can’t call someone incompetent if you are a chicken yourself

  7. 74 soldiers were killed in Afghanistan from 2017 to 2020. Where was the outrage and where were the calls for resignations and impeachments by Republicans then?

    1. @Sam Martin Are you capable of telling the truth? It’s not all Blackwater and defense contractors in Afghanistan. They are there, but helping to get Americans out doing with your potato hero can’t do.

    2. @Sam Martin NO ONE is making this a political issue. Reporting the truth about what’s happening and the fake news is ignoring is being HONEST with the American public. Democrats always do the EXACT OPPOSITE, just like they politicized the Kung flu to rig an election.

    3. @Lolstalgic Democrats are far worse. It’s not even close. Every single story is racist, sexist, Islamophobic, homobphobic, transphobic…all politicized according to their stupid identity politics which comes straight from Marxist Saul Alinsky and his “Rules for Radicals” (which praises Satan as the first radical) and handbook for all commie community organizers like Ovomit.

  8. ” If your enemy doesnt have $85 Billion in US weaponry and equipment, just give it to them ”
    ~ *Sun Joe* -The Art of Dementia

    1. According to Jim Hanson, Security Studies Group President as interviewed on Tucker Carlson last night, Thursday, August 26th, Biden agreed with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar to: 1) give them a clear path to Kabul…2) give them the country…3) ground the Afghan air force…4) shut down Bagram Air Force Base and…5) allow their leader, Mullah Baradar to fly back from Doha, Qatar on a C-17 full of Qatari cash. The Obiden gave Taliban security at the Kabul airport a list of Americans and American allies who were still there and needed to be evacuated. A drunken fifth-grader could have done a better job.

      In return, Taliban were supposed to allow us to leave peacefully…the same Taliban we still trust with security around the airport.

      Hanson’s theory is that Biden didn’t want fighting to start, giving the military establishment a reason to stay and keep fighting a war they don’t want to end.

      Way to go Potato Joe.

    1. Huh? Oh right we’re the bad guys. Yeah destroy our way of life ….duhhhh I like living in cave are crapping on ground

  9. Welcome to den of the lotus eaters. Please direct me to the flowers, then I too will believe this BS.

  10. In my humble opinion, the afghan civilians were overlooked and underestimated for the past decade. There are so many afghan civilians that had and have always sympathized with the Islamism radicals but never exposed them selves during the war. Many of those civilians lately switch jerseys once the Taliban took over major cities and recruited more members to support. Even some members of the Afghan military joined the Taliban at the last minute when they realized they were overwhelmingly outnumbered. Now that half the country of Afghanistan has realized their life is in immanent danger, all of a sudden they want to leave their country. In my humble opinion, if I was an afghan, I would have tried to leave they country many months or years ago.

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