Fmr. Miami-Dade Fire Chief: ‘I Have Never Seen A Collapse Like This’ 1

Fmr. Miami-Dade Fire Chief: ‘I Have Never Seen A Collapse Like This’


Dave Downey, former Miami-Dade Fire Chief and current Chair of Urban Search and Rescue for the International Fire Chief’s Association, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss the condo collapse in Surfside, FL. He discusses the extensive training and experience of firefighters on the scene who are risking their lives to locate survivors and, and says of the collapse, “In 40 years in the fire service, I have never seen a collapse like this.”
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  1. There it is at last, questions are starting to point toward what I’ve suspect as the likely cause. Undermining of the geology below; the porous Florida limestone bedrock and or the sand, likely due to rising sea levels caused by climate change. TBD. We’ll see.

    1. In 1990 a safety report on this building stated that it was sinking. It should have been demolished years ago.

    1. Isn’t that usually associated with earthquakes? Florida’s far from any fault lines. However sinkholes are extremely common here

    2. @Prettypinkdork yes it is but, I did say “some form” meaning settling into a loose sandy base. As I do not know the proper term to describe it.

    3. @Prettypinkdork Also rusting rebar near the waters edge may have played a part of the collapse.

  2. Having worked in construction for 50 years, I’ll bet my soul that this tragedy is a result of 40 years of republicans deregulation! This should’ve never happened! Thanks republicans for more American deaths!

    1. I am not sure what area of construction you have been in for 40 years but regardless, I am sure you know that each city has building codes and each city has building inspectors, now sometimes those inspectors are corrupt and that needs to be investigated. But the building codes are not decided by Republicans or Democrats.
      Now, it may turn out that someone cut corners, and if so, they should be fully punished but as someone with 40 years of experience I am sure you are aware that seawater contains magnesium sulfate which reacts with the calcium hydroxide in cement and creates calcium sulfate.

      Magnesium sulfate in seawater will also react with hydrated calcium aluminate and makes calcium sulpho aluminate. These chemical reactions can weaken porous concrete enough to get to the rebar and cause structural damage.
      Seaside cities simply cannot afford to have policies that don’t address these issues whether they are Republicans or Democrats. Best policy is to wait for an investigation.

    2. Yup dont blame the dems old red state. Looks like your mayor is pocketing money tip over look inspectors and derelict builders

  3. In recovery mode they use bigger machinery…but that group against the size of the pile is sooooo crazy

  4. Get used to it chief, Mother Nature is taking her wetlands back. This won’t be the last collapse on your shores.

    1. That’s what I think, too. There must be underground water seeping in from the rising seas, undermining the foundations and soon they will all come tumbling down…I would Not live in a highrise in Florida, it’s all mainly swampland and shoreline.

    1. EXACTLY!! I don’t know details about how this happened but many wealthy construction companies pay inspectors to let things go. Deregulations are dangerous. Again, no details as to why this happened in Florida.
      Horrible situation. Those poor people.

  5. I will be very surprised if there are any survivors, the way it fell, one floor flattened on top another, leaves very few pockets. I am still hoping for at a few people. It is just horrible and heartbreaking.

  6. Parts of Florida are sinking, pair that up with shoddy inspections you get a disaster. One tenant reported that the parking lot and building had increasing cracks in it so there you go.

  7. News headline today: “The 2018 report raises the question of whether water penetration and corrosion played a role in Thursday’s collapse, a potential issue raised by other outside experts.”

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